shelby club

tell me all about it | alfie + polly

Built on my headcanon that Alfie and Polly are now best friends and also founding members of the ‘Tommy Shelby ain’t shit’ club

also kinda part of the ‘ar maidin’ verse?

Alfie jolted from sleep at the sound of the phone, flinging his head up from where he’d been napping against his arm on the desk. He pulled it off the stand as quick as he could get his foggy brain to process the movement, looking up to check whether it had woken you too. You were scowling and adjusting on the sofa but didn’t seem to have roused fully.

The muffled sound from the phone reminded him that there was someone on the other end of it and he turned it towards his ear from where he’d had it hovering in mid air.


“Did I wake you?”

He swiped a hand over his face. While the lamp was the only light on in the entire building, his tender eyes hadn’t adjusted yet and it seemed like staring into the sun.


“Sorry, love”

“No, no. Don’t you worry. Shouldn’t be sleeping here anyway”

“Thought if I rang the office you’d either be awake there to answer it or at home asleep and I wouldn’t be bothering you”

“You ain’t bothering me. What’s happening?”

“Just wanted to check in. How is she?”


Polly laughed down the phone and Alfie smiled sleepily at the sound.

“You’ll get used to it. It’s the cold, gets in her lungs, bless her. Should have heard her as a baby, I’ve never heard such a sound come from something that small”

Alfie hummed in response, leaning back in the chair.

“How’s things at your end?”

“Tommy’s causing havoc as usual”

“Oh well, that’s Thomas for you”


“How you put up with that the whole time – you deserve a medal, you do. I’d give you mine but it’s buried in a corpse somewhere so”

He could practically hear Polly rolling her eyes as he spoke.

“Go on, then. What’s he done now. Tell me all about it”

“Alfie, I tell you, one of these bloody days-“