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no-name | samascara wanted ada and her girl friend *sitting in a tree, k i s s-*, anyway cute artist girlfriend antics and lovely domesticity [wc: 2001]

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@sceawere’s head canon that Alfie and Polly are really good friends and bond over Tommy being a lil bitch got me thinking.
I have this headcanon that Alfie is really good friends with all the women in the Shelby family because you know that Esme and Ada are card carrying members of the ‘Tommy Shelby ain’t shit’ club.
Like Alfie brings them up in meetings trying to be nice and ask them how their bloody wife/aunt/sister is and they just think that he’s threatening them.
The Shelby “rocks for common sense” brothers finally figure it out one Christmas when Alfie send the three of them a bottle of whiskey each with the card saying something like 'you deserve this for putting up with that boys bullshit’.
And everyone else in the room is like 'hang about mate what the fuck’.
All the while between the three of them they’re just discussing what they sent him for hanakuz, and wondering if he’d like a floral or landscape thank you card.
Realistically in probs gonna write a Drabble about this.!

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