shelby blathers

Vegan Problems

having to talk like

“after I showered with vegan shampoo and vegan soap, I ate my vegan cereal with vegan milk, put on my vegan makeup, grabbed my vegan shoes and got into my boyfriend’s car (with vegan seat covers) and went shopping for vegan things, and then that night we went out to eat and I had a delicious vegan burger" 

just so people won’t go ”_____ isn’t vegan! CAUGHT you!“ every three seconds

bisexuals get a lot of shit for bringing up their sexuality ~unnecessarily~ but like

the gay and lesbian communities get all these easy, natural little ways of bringing up their sexualities when they want to

you can tell someone you’re a lesbian as soon as they ask if you’ve got a boyfriend (“Nah, I’m a lesbian”)

you can tell someone you’re gay as soon as they ask you if you think some actress/coworker/etc is attractive (“I’m not into girls, I only date guys”)

it can be a lot more difficult for bisexuals to work their sexuality into a conversation naturally, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed to express ourselves

National Coming Out Day is around the corner (Oct 11) and I just wanted to bring up a few points:

  • don’t ‘come out’ as straight for laughs
  • don’t 'come out’ as an ally
  • don’t do anything that trivializes the nerve-wracking, life-changing event of coming out
  • don’t pressure anyone to come out if they’re not ready
  • don’t out someone without their permission
  • don’t invalidate anyone’s sexuality or gender expression
  • don’t act like it’s “no big deal” if someone decides to come out