I finally finished my hooves! Technically they were done yesterday but by the time the gloss was dry it was too dark for photos. They’re really hard to photograph accurately too. They’re more vibrant in person (oh and the pink on the bottom of the hooves in the second pic is reflection off my clothes…they’re really shiny.)I’m surprised how solid the Liquitex varnish is too. I was expecting the bottom pieces to chip really fast but they haven’t. 

Awesome blue hooves were made by Shelbelly! (she has white ones for sale at the moment! Go get em!)

Now I just need a head and body to go with them…*sigh*

Shelbelly has been reporting people to companies for owning recasts and the companies didn’t even give a shit. Those people are still ordering from the companies years later. I hope it made her feel dumb for doing it. I bet the company reps were surprised how petty and vindictive these people are.



From elegant shaman to bestial warrior the Karnak horns will crown your head as a warning to all of your true nature.

Karnak horns are one of my favourite designs so far, and I will have them in standard Bone Brown and Midnight Black, as well as a few specials, at both Melbourne Comic Con and Adelaide AvCon.

$110 a standard pair.

Photo by Slippery Photography, model the lovely Miss Twisted

One of my newer designs, and one I have been supper excited to release!
Let me introuduce you to Fenrir ears, bring out your beastly side.

Fenrir ears are currently standard in Black as shown here, and I’m working on other colours, as well as some specials.

Stock will be limited due to being a new design, but I will have Black, as well as some other colours at both Melbourne Comic Con and Adelaide AvCon.

$85 a standard pair.

Photo by Slippery Photography, model the lovely Miss Twisted

So plans change, and our cosplay plans had to shift around a little. This means I’m hoping to have the puck horn re-sculpt ready by Melb Comic Con, and AvCon!
Shown here is the old puck, and new puck. Beyond the hight ad curve… Its all changed. But hopefully for the better!

I should be getting the clay master into its first round of moulds this weekend.

Goodbye Etsy  (for now?)

So my Etsy store is now officially CLOSED. 

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to close down my ‘Shelbelly’ shop, my entire Etsy account will likely also be closed, and a new one created closer to me re-opening a web-store. 

I’m revamping my stuff, and though my artist name remains, I’m going to be gaining a shop name. Its likely around March or a little later my Etsy will return under the fresh new name of Tentacle Spine! (this is also the name my convention stalls will fall under soon too.)

So stay tuned, things are getting closer to having more teasers thrown your way as I get ready for the first conventions of the year in March!

BJD stuff coming back?!

This is also probably an opportune time to mention also that my sculpting direction will now no longer involve BJD’s unless for my own personal collection, any BJD stuff I make from now on will be for friends or myself only.

Any BJD items I previously sold have all had their moulds destroyed, and will not be returning, any left over stock I have will likely be destroyed, or held onto for my own personal collection.


So, with pony-con barely 4 weeks away, i’m going to put my etsy store on vacation at the end of the week, and wont be opening it back up until early Feb!

So if you’ve been eyeing anything off in my etsy store. And want it before feburary, this weeks your chance!

After pony con, i will also have some new items for the store! As always, new designs will be shown first at the convention, then after i can start to show and list as i get stock again.

Also after ponycon. I have exciting news. I’ll be embarking on a huge scale commission, consisting of over 32 peices, and not pony or bjd related! More info to come on this after pony con…..