After Horizon (Kaidan's POV)

What the hell was she thinking, coming back into his life after two years, as if nothing had happened?

She had no right. Not after everything she had done. Two years he had thought she was dead. She had no right to expect anything after she had left him, betrayed him with Cerberus.

 She had no right to be so beautiful that even after everything he felt butterflies in his stomach.

 She had no right to confuse him after he finally thought he might be moving on.

 She had no right to make him fall in love all over again, with just one look.

Prompt: if it's not to much trouble could you do a josh woodard/alex shelnutt. where alex is sick and josh takes care of him

Title: A good way to recover

Pairing: josh woodard/alex shelnutt (ADTR)

Josh heard aggressive coughing that sounded like a dying moose, Coming from upstairs.

He quickly Got the tray and headed upstairs.

He open the door to see his boyfriend, Completely covered, by blankets and empty tissue boxes.

“Hey baba, I got you some medicine hot lemon tea for your throw and some soup” Just said handing the pills and tea to Alex.

Alex ground but happily accepted the tea and pills he quickly swallowed the pills and drink some tea, “thanks, Joshy I would kiss you but I think I would barf on you” Alex groaned out.

“Eww that was disgusting, Please don’t” josh stated but somehow he find it sweet enough that Alex wouldn’t do it, He and handed Alex his soup and went over to the dresser to get someone.

Josh carefully got out Sammy, And brought him over to Alex.

Alex smile seeing his pet, He bring his super down and held out a hand for Sammy to climb on.

“Hey bud, I’m getting better thanks to your mommy” Alex said sarcastically looking up at Josh.

Josh grabbed the remote and hit Alex upside the head with it he lay down next to his boyfriend, Josh grabbed his arms and wrapped around as he turned on the TV and snuggled into his boyfriend, As Sammy stayed on Alex’s stomach.

Alex smiled and rested his head against josh’s head, “In all seriousness thank you baby for taking care of me”

“Well I’m addicted to your kisses so get better already”

“It’s completely understandable I’m a -” Alex started coughing he was dying again.

Josh handed him some water and made him get some rest.

The Josh/Alex End

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