Call the Midwife Series 3 Episode 8 Synopsis

Here is the synopsis for episode 8 from the BBC Media Centre.

Jenny visits the home of first-time mum, Jeanette, and the two women strike up an instant rapport. Jeanette needs frequent visits during the labour and a friendship begins to grow between Jenny and Jeanette’s cousin, Philip.

Jeanette struggles to cope with her labour pains and Jenny herself is also exhausted. She asks Philip to call Nonnatus House to ask for gas and air to be brought, and also a new midwife. Jenny is upset that this is the first time she has been unable to see through a labour and begins to ponder her future as a midwife.

Meanwhile, Chummy discovers that Lady Browne has discharged herself from hospital and despairs over her mother’s illness. Tensions grow again as Lady Browne begins to rally after her surgery and this makes Chummy less than keen to visit her again. However, after finding her in great distress, PC Noakes decides to take Lady Browne to the only place he knows she’ll be looked after properly – their home. As the days pass and Lady Browne’s illness worsens, Chummy focuses on what she can do for her mother, as a nurse, together with the help of everyone at Nonnatus House.

Shelagh and Dr Turner are dealing with the fallout of the revelation of Dr Turner’s nervous breakdown which came to light during their adoption interview. They receive a letter informing them that they have been accepted as adoptive parents and they have been placed on a waiting list pending the advent of a suitable baby. They are surprised and overwhelmed by the news as it comes at a time when their relationship feels very fragile.

Jenny is played by Jessica Raine, Jeanette by Michelle Duncan, Philip by Stephen Ashfield, Chummy by Miranda Hart, Lady Browne by Cheryl Campbell, PC Noakes by Ben Caplan, Shelagh by Laura Main and Dr Turner by Stephen McGann

Oh my god a curve ball has been thrown with regards to my favourite couple. I just hope this gets a fourth series. It has to especially if it ends with a cliffhanger.

I wonder if Philip is the Philip she marries. Jenny married a Philip Worth. Might be a interesting way to bring him into it and like Alec in the last series he was brought in in the last episode.