FrIday Follow-up to Turnadette Tuesday

CtM Episode 3x04

Hey all! I’m not going to do this every week, but I realized that my “Glimpses” chapter is probably going to be late this time because I have family commitments. So, because these little essays/thoughts are much easier for me to write quickly than fics,  I thought I’d share another thought I had about this episode (that’s going to be a factor in my chapter).

This is the earlier scene where Patrick is blaming himself for Alec’s death and Shelagh tries to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault. I’ve seen this used as an example of their talking past each other before (and actually viewed it this way myself), but thinking about what i was going to write, I realized something–Shelagh (possibly accidentally) ended up saying just the right thing here. He’s all distraught and preoccupied, and she brings up her own struggles, which is actually what gets his attention and pulls him out of his personal guilt trip. Then, the very next scene we see them in is the choir practice where all three Turners seem to be working together very well, and Patrick isn’t self-pitying anymore and is all about supporting Shelagh when she leads the practice.

So, it seems like bringing up her own issue was just what was needed to bring Patrick out of his own angst and lead to the encouragement moment at the choir practice that I talked about earlier this week.

These two aren’t super great at communicating yet in series 3, but their hearts are in the right place and they are trying. The healthy relationship of series 4 is a direct result of working through early difficult moments like this, I think. Great marriages take work.

I hope to have the “Glimpses” chapter posted over the weekend, and it looks now like it will be from Shelagh’s perspective.

Call The Midwife Series 4 Challenge!

Now that CTM is coming back, what are your best, sweetest, wildest, most heart-desired speculations on what we’ll see?

I’ll start off…
In the 2014 Christmas Special, the Turners will get their adopted baby…just as Shelagh gets ill with a stomach bug. Which turns out to be morning sickness! Many episodes dealing with all this – concerns about carrying a baby to term, funny & exasperating moments juggling a new baby, a family and pregnancy. THEN, a 2nd Baby Turnadette! So 2 kids only 8 months apart!,

What’s YOUR favorite future storyline?