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Voice Actor Auditions For Galactic Grimm. By, Phantom Glitch Podcasts.

Creatures from the deepest fantasy kingdoms embark into the final frontier on the SC (space cruiser) Wyvern. Also humans but we have been there. Most fantasy creatures are not from earth but inspired myths in this narrative. Also, all creatures in this are non binary unless otherwise specified though their preferred pronouns will be listed. Alright, here are the available parts. Each character has a small blurb about them before the audition lines. If you would like to audition here is what you need to do. Email us at, Include your,


Tumblr URL

Do you have a discord/can you get one

Why you would like to be a part of this podcast.

Of course the Voice files If you are auditioning for more than one character please make sure you have put each voice file to the right one.

And please specify that you are auditioning for Galactic Grimm.

Also, if you cannot meet certain time constraints please take that into consideration before auditioning. The Audition lines are below the cut. Thanks, I hope to hear from you all!!!

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