sa-m-b  asked:

Hey, your blog is awesome! I really need some help in my story. Two of my characters (both girls and complete opposites) dislike each other, though they start getting along as the story reaches it's end. Do you have anything that can help me on characters who dislike each other?

Think about the last time you disliked someone. Why? Did you show your dislike? Did they give you the wrong impression? What kind of people do you usually dislike and why?

Emotions like liking or disliking a person are common. We just do it sometimes without realizing it. When you have two characters and they dislike each other, then you need to figure out why and how they show their dislike (body language, speech, thoughts in case of certain POV’s).

It also depends on what happens through the story. Do they have to work together on something despite how they feel about each other? You need to ask yourself these questions in order to find out how they dynamic will be like, or you could write it and see where it takes you, keeping in mind the characterization of both characters. But mostly, use your own experience and imagination.