It is true that military-issued ammo is not permitted to be kept at home except for in the homes of rapid response members. What Mr. Shekler fails to mention is that citizens can buy personal ammunition at shooting ranges. Although all the ammunition is supposed to be expended at the range, this rule is barely known and rarely obeyed. Even if the rule was well known, unless the citizens are forced to pass through scanners while leaving the range, ammunition could still be easily taken from the ranges.

Breaking into a house would be a severely bad choice if every house had an assault rifle with a very high chance of ammunition being readily available nearby. For the record, it’s an actual assault rifle because the rifle issued to Swiss citizens is an SG 550, which is chambered for an intermediate cartridge and capable of selective fire. A very fine assault rifle at that.

The “assault rifle” that most Americans own is merely a semi-auto rifle, capable of exactly that: semi-auto fire.