Could not have said it better myself. Guys, I promise you the gross feeling of sitting on the toilet forever after eating junk food because your system doesn’t like it just isn’t worth it. Cheat once in a while because you deserve it. But don’t throw away your gains to go back to eating whatever you want all the time. That’s like throwing away the only body you have. Eat clean, train mean, look lean.

4 weeks guys. Dedicate yourself for even ONE and I promise you will see a change. It might not be drastic, or the end result you want, but it will be a CHANGE. And change is change no matter how small. The key is the let the little improvements build on themselves until they come together to form a transformation. I am still pushing and pushing. This is a bit of an off weekend for me as my mom is in the hospital, so I will probably not spend much time at the gym or prepping food and cooking my tilapia. But NO EXCUSES. I choose the salad bar and black coffee at the hospital cafeteria when I really just want a bagel. But don’t get me wrong guys, it’s okay to cheat every now and then. We aren’t machines, and we need to listen to ourselves! One cheatt isn’t going to reverse your progress or make you a thousand pounds overweight!

I’ve had a really bad week. I over trained and completely killed my body. Don’t do it guys it’s not worth the setback. I had to take days off from working out and my clean eating. I woke up this morning and went back to training, and have been feeling discouraged. Against my desire, I lifted up my shirt to look at my stomach and realized, setbacks are just setbacks. I’ve still made progress and am back on track. I compared myself with myself to give me that extra push I needed. Don’t get mad at yourself for messing up! We aren’t robots and we aren’t perfect. Just expect the best you can from yourself and remind yourself of where you started and how far you’ve come.

I swear this was not made to offend ANYONE, but lets he honest. This definitely makes me cringe a little bit whenever I go to work hard. One of the best ways to tell if you’ve gotten a good workout in is how you look when you’re done. I would always look the same, and I would read the whole “if you still look cute after a workout you didn’t work hard enough” and be like PSH YEAH OKAY. The thing is….it’s so true. When I’m done now, I’m dripping in sweat, my hair is drenched and I’m bright red. I literally look repulsive and I love it. So aim to walk out disgusting! Because you will work that much harder:)

I think one of the best possible outcomes of a breakup is turning it into something beneficial. Losing the guy Ive loved for two years was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. Watching it be so much easier for him, now that’s the toughest. But the healthiest thing you can do is put all of those emotions into something to better yourself! In my case, I put it all into training. Bad day? Sad? Work all of that out! At the end of your workout, you will feel so much stronger and powerful. You will be able to hold your head up high and remember why you’re worth it. Just because one boy breaks up with you doesn’t mean you will end up alone! So do this for yourself, and somebody who actually appreciates you will come along, I promise:)