Had an amazing photo adventure with some new friends the other day <3 Wearing SheIn top & Makemechic pants
Photo: Ryan Eiser
Retouching: Me

outfits according to the zodiac personalities

Aries: blue floral dress // haute mess t-shirt [♡] // black leather jacket
Taurus: black bodyfit dress // white lace blouse // dark red leather jacket
Gemini: light pink maxi dress // black t-shirt // grey leather jacket
Cancer: light red dress // three colored t-shirt // white leather jacket [♡]
Leo: pink ruffle off the shoulder dress // pink blouse [♡] // beige leather jacket
Virgo: burgundy dress // open front black shirt  // brown leather jacket
Libra: dark blue dress // navy blue lace blouse // black leather jacket
Scorpio: white lace dress [♡]  // black ruffle blouse // brown luxury jacket
Sagittarius: pink floral dress // stripped t-shirt // black formal jacket
Capricorn: peach bodycon dress // apricot blouse // brown leather jacket
Aquarius: pink dress [♡] // open shoulder grey shirt // biker leather jacket
Pisces: floral white dress // pink chiffon cami [♡] // light red leather jacket [♡]

Here I’m wearing a beautiful dress from Shein & “True Burgundy” Whipped Stain Gloss by Studio Gear Cosmetics 💋