Delicious starring Louise Brealey - buy on DVD and iTunes

Delicious, the brand new comedy drama starring Louise Brealey and produced by composer Michael Price, is now available on DVD, and iTunes digital download on Monday June 30 2014.

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In addition, tickets are still available to attend the premiere with cast and crew on Thursday July 3 2014 at the Curzon Soho on Shaftesbury Avenue in London. We’ll be there on the night ourselves, so hope to see many of you there!


Following his mother’s death, aspiring French cook Jacques Fournier (Nico Rogner; Looking For Simon, Seraphine) arrives in London convinced that renown and irascible British chef Victor (Adrian Scarborough; Les Misérables, The King’s Speech) is the father he never knew. Jacques locates Victor’s restaurant and pleads with him for an opportunity to work in his kitchen. Having proven his culinary skills, Jacques sets up home and soon happens on his eccentric neighbours: the feisty septuagenarian Patti (Sheila Hancock; The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas), and the sad, waif-like Stella (Louise Brealey; Sherlock, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) who shows little interest in Jacques and even less in eating food.

Intrigued by and attracted to Stella, Jacques plans to tempt her with his fine cuisine but is caught red handed stealing the necessary costly ingredients from the restaurant. When confronted by a furious Victor, Jacques is forced to confess his true motive for coming to London. But Victor laughs off the assertion that he might be Jacques’ father and shows him the door; cruelly denouncing his mother as a loose woman known for having many lovers.

His world shattered, Jacques returns home only to discover Stella unconscious following a binge on junk food, booze and pills. Recognising a fellow lost soul, Jacques refuses to leave Stella’s side until she consumes something. He sets them both a challenge: for him to prepare her a feast so delicate and alluring that she cannot resist. But in the mental struggle that follows, Stella’s eating disorder may prove just too much for love to overcome and for Jacques and Stella’s dysfunctional romance to survive.

OH MY GOOOOD, Louise Brealey is so beautiful!! 

Helen A was intended to be a caricature of then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Hancock stated that she “hate[d] Mrs Thatcher with a deep and venomous passion”. In 2010, Sylvester McCoy told the Sunday Times: “Our feeling was that Margaret Thatcher was far more terrifying than any monster the Doctor had encountered”. The Doctor’s calls on the drones to down their tools and revolt was intended as a reference to the 1984-1985 miners’ strike.