And obviously:

Va-va-voooooooom being *by far* the most important part. 

Oh Ronnie.  Look at you with your happy little face and your actual awareness  of Estelle’s situation and your SURPRISE! I can haz shadow-fingers and your entirely evidence based belief (as far as you know thanks for nothing horrible Edwin) that Estelle wants to be your apple sometimes too! Your conversation should be totally shudderific – I prefer females to emails, I mean, what even is that?!? –  but no, it’s all just as hilariously ridiculous as you are, inside and out.


There are simple souls and there are complicated souls. I wonder what kind Dillon is?

Ha, ha, NO, I really don’t wonder like AT ALL. I would even say that despite being about five years older than Danny Oldsen, I’d say Dillon more than gives Danny a run for his money in terms of sweet innocent adorable ridiculousness.

(Although when it comes to Danny maybe run isn’t quite the right word. Or on the other hand maybe it totally is.)

Helen A was intended to be a caricature of then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Hancock stated that she “hate[d] Mrs Thatcher with a deep and venomous passion”. In 2010, Sylvester McCoy told the Sunday Times: “Our feeling was that Margaret Thatcher was far more terrifying than any monster the Doctor had encountered”. The Doctor’s calls on the drones to down their tools and revolt was intended as a reference to the 1984-1985 miners’ strike.