I was tagged for six selfies of 2017 by @planethealth

I won’t tag anyone else but I thought it would be fun to do. I wanted to do 3 regular and 3 from shows I was in. This is partially because I took a lot less selfies, partially because these shows were important to me for different reasons, and partially because I’m really proud of the range of roles I played this year. (Emma in J&H, Sheila in Hair, Yitzhak in Hedwig)

Maria Reynolds from Hamilton
by Rebecca
requested by @sheila-franklins

Extraverted Feeling (Fe)
“Me? I loved him.”
Maria is a seductress who ends up drawing in Alexander just after meeting him. She is quickly able to take advantage of his current situation and ends up sleeping with him. Throughout their affair, she is always able to keep him coming back through her emotions. When Alexander confronts her with the letter from her husband James, she ends up becoming extremely emotional. Her cries and begging end up causing Alexander to come back to her, which is a success in Maria’s eyes.

Introverted Intuition (Ni)
“If you pay, you can stay!”
Maria, even if she doesn’t show it outwardly, is always looking toward the future. She is shown to have the goal of always having Alexander in her life, begging him to pay her husband so that he can stay. She might appear superficial at first glance, but she can see deeper implications in her relationship with Alexander. In the beginning of the show, the line “Me? I loved him” is spoken by Eliza, Angelica, and presumably Maria. Thus it can be inferred that throughout their affair she has developed deep feelings for him and their relationship.

Extraverted Sensing (Se)
“How can you say no to this?”
No one can forget that the scandal written in the Reynolds Pamphlet was a sex scandal. Maria, as a seductress, is shown to enjoy her sensual side and isn’t afraid to act in the moment. She doesn’t waste time when it comes to seducing Alexander for the first time, inviting him to bed without a second thought. She is not reckless, as she always has a goal in sight, but at the same time she is also capable of making decisions on a whim as long such decisions fit in with her goals.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)
“Suddenly he’s up and gone. I don’t have the means to go on.”
Maria struggles to remain on her own and act individually, as she does not use personal logic to get her through her life. From the first moment she meets Alexander, she claims that she cannot continue by herself. She doesn’t use logic to get her through problems, resorting to outbursts of emotion when matters such as the letter from James Reynolds appears. She typically relies on others to go through life and cannot stay by herself as she has not gained control over her inner logic.

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Megan Reinking (u/s Sheila) - Easy to Be Hard - Hair

As one journey ends, another begins...

Spring Awakening closes this weekend. Ilse was and still is my dream role and I will never forget the experience of being able to stand in the spotlight and sing Blue Wind to an auditorium full of people. This has been a magical time in my life and I’m sad that it’s ending.

A couple of my friends from Spring were auditioning for Hair at my school. I had never worked with the theatre here but I wanted to work with these friends again and get into some more theatre. This morning I found out I was cast as Sheila. This is the first time that I will ever play a lead in a musical.

I’m so excited about Hair, but so sad that Spring is closing.

Life is weird.


Sheila Franklin/I Believe in Love- From the musical Hair

I hated this show so much, but I still love all of the music from it.  to bad it had no story :/