On My Shopping List: November 2011

I know I am not supposed to do any extra shopping or stray from my Fall 2011 list BUT I found a few extra items at really great discounts so… I cheated just a little.  Check out my November finds.

Alexander Wang’s Intarsia Sheer Sweater in Blush

Sheila Fajl Rose Quartz Pear Shaped Ring

Ben Amun Swarovski Resin Cuff 

Regine Woods by avelloahavah featuring 18 karat gold jewelry

Brier Rose but with locs to midback

W/ a huge ‘fro and size 14= Régine Woods


Cross Between Love Jones And Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist with my own side of angst, because what’s the world without angst?

Régine Woods is a 22 yr old singer and guitar/violin/banjo player making folksy rock punk blues jazz hip hop with her friend A’lyce and various other friends. She’s not a hipster ~quite~ but is very indie and Afro-conscious. She meets Brier Rose, (then 19) an extremely introverted/shy/socially awkward but beautiful and sweet guy at a gig and they hit it off over shared taste in music and differing theories about where afrofuturism should take the Black community.

Régine isn’t exactly the biggest extrovert either, so they both have to work at communication and understanding one another (like, who is going to call the other first after they meet=a three day wait, a series of awkward text messages that seem dismissive but are actually desperate, and finally being able to meet the next wknd and straighten out all the misunderstand/miscommunication). Also, Brier does come with some heavy baggage. He was abused until he was sixteen and sent to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousins, where he stays now and goes to community college. And Régine is a cutter and she misses her dad, who died when she was twelve and has a strained relationship with the rest of her family. In addition, Intimacy problems, fear of other’s generosity, trust issues, etc. on both of their parts.