sheila's brush


Sadly, I did not win the lottery last night. But something darned near as good happened.

I’m now two for two losing something at the dog park then getting it back the next day.

Recently it was Carson. He ran off and spent a cool night outside in the wild. The next day someone found him and we got him back.

Yesterday I planned to brush Oliver while we were at the park. Birds in my birdhouse score some nice insulation for winter when I brush Oliver at home but it still leaves a mess in the grass or snow. So sometimes I use a remote place in the huge park for some brushing. Somewhere along the way I dropped my brush. That made me sad because it’s super effective on Oliver. He actually likes being brushed. I hate losing stuff and Sheila laughed mercilessly at my expense. Just ‘cause a guy has a favorite dog hair brush…

Sheila and I retraced our steps but had no luck finding the brush. I’m not even sure she was looking considering all the jokes she cracked.

This morning I went to the park with a neighbor. Yeah, like I’m letting Sheila have another day mocking me. As my neighbor and I put leashes on our dogs to leave the park I looked up and there was my brush!

Someone found it and hung it from the branch of a bush. Next to it was a glove and a single dog tag. That must be the lost and found bush.

Sheila is out shopping and spending money. I texted her that nice picture. It was merely so she didn’t buy a new brush while shopping and spending money.