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Alfred angles himself so he can stir the diced pancetta, sizzling away in the pan, and watch Jason at the same time.   “You’ve never shared the particulars of your…missing years.”

“Yeah.”  The rhythmic thunk thunk of the knife against the wood falters. “The missing years.”

“I wish you would.”

Or, the one where Alfred drags the tale of Jason’s death and resurrection out of him piece by horrifying piece.

No One’s Son

“It’s going to hard to learn a great many things about me,” Jason said. “But I’ll give you one for free-“


Catherine sat down next to her toddler, gently pulling him onto her lap.

“Jay, daddy isn’t going to come home anymore…. It’s just you and me.”    


“Mama?” whispered the dark haired boy, shaking her too still shoulder. There were empty syringes on the floor, and a strange empty stare in Catherine’s eyes.  



Bruce smiled as he caught his ward’s quiet ‘yes!’ upon seeing his grade.

“Very good, I’m proud of you. Now come on, time to pack. The flight to Sarajevo leaves in two hours.”


“Well, I’m off now, be a good boy, do your homework, don’t stay up too late,” the nightmare smiled as it drew on its gloves. “Oh, and tell the big man I say- hello …”  

“br’ce….. sorr…”


The blonde haired woman gasped and trembled in his arms, her body bruised and bloody from the explosion.

“He tried… To save me… Such a good boy… must have really… loved his mother…”


Bruce stared in horror at what lay before him, then bent and carefully gathered the broken child into his arms.

“Jason, no…”


Ra’s al Ghul leaned down, to meet the eyes of the shaking teen.

“What have I done? Why, I’ve given you life….”


Jason turned away. “-I’m no one’s son.”

Seven Items Your Character Would Have In their Pocket

tagged by @frenziedgem1 tyvm i get to go into a new oc because I swear I already made one for Cullen somewheeerreeee

So here’s what’s in Mel Rivera’s pockets

  1. Spare screws for her machete, Sheila. All that hackin’ and wackin’ and slashin’ doesn’t come without some wear and tear amirite? You can imagine the damn blade coming apart in the middle of a feral swarm would get a little hectic. Its held together by 200 y/o screws; give her a break! Gotta have some spares.
  2. Extra mags for her 10mm pistol, Bruce (yes her weapons are named Bruce and Sheila because she uses them at the same time, usually. Any Aussies reading should get this) for obvious reasons.
  3. A thin, mini screwdriver she uses to repair her weapons, put together random junk she finds into nifty creations (in which her steel-tipped combat boots are the hammer), and as a staple in her lockpicking kit.
  4. In relation to the above: bobby pins. More for just picking the locks that separate her from goodies, she refuses to get her hair cut (trust issues. plus, you try cutting your own hair with a pair of rusty, dull scissors or a knife in the same condition), leaving it tied back in a messy-ass bun. There are always rogue strands she has to pin back.
  5. Polaroids of peaceful looking places she looks at to keep calm, reciting what she remembers of them - their smells, the people, animals, textures, climate.
  6. Her Brotherhood dog-tags. Given free-reign to come and go from base, sometimes she’s gone for long periods of time. On the off chance not everyone standing guard at the gates remembers her, she’s got that proof. She doesn’t like wearing them openly. They’ve already led to altercations in major settlements and she’d rather not draw that kind of attention again since it doesn’t bode well for her life expectancy.
  7. Doube-edged razor blades in a leather pouch. Having a hulking machete strapped to your leg is useful, but sometimes a huge blade just isn’t necessary… and annoying.
Scheherazade - Chapter 6 - Cerusee - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

He’s gotten Jason calmed down, crouching over the table and a cup of steaming hot tea.  Now that Jason has regained some semblance of equilibrium, his eyes keep flicking towards the door, and Alfred can tell he’s thinking about making a break for it.  And perhaps he ought to let him run away again, ought not to press too hard again—but damn it, no, he needs to know, and he won’t chance Jason vanishing for weeks again, when Alfred knows he’s hurting.

He lays a hand against the table, and Jason looks up at him.  He says, “Master Jason, I think it’s time for you to tell me about Sheila Haywood.”


Disclaimer: Batman and associated characters are the creative property of DC Comics.
Warnings: Angst, injury, language, near death
Rating: T
Prompt: ( ephemeraltea​​ ) Fic prompt: if Jason had survived and the events immediately following.

A/N: Tea, this holds the record of the longest amount of time it has taken me to fill a prompt. I am SOOOO sorry. It has been over a year now since you gave this to me. You were on your previous account! That’s how terrible of a friend I am. You all should throw me under the bus in shame.
But in case you don’t want to do that, I’ll fill out this prompt now! Just for you! And anyone else who feels the need to have angst via Jason Todd feels. Which, c’mon. That’s everyone.

“Robin, respond!”

The motor was roaring, the dry wind of the desert whipping at his exposed face. The motorbike he stole wasn’t nearly quick enough. He reached up enough to roughly smack the side of his cowl, clearing the fuzz from the radio receiver only briefly.

“Robin! Respond to me!” 

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that post definitely fricked up bc tumblr hates me BUT i’m gonna repaste my tags because im sure as heck not typing those out again

#can’t we just start blaming the joker instead like everyone should already #it’s not like the joker ACCIDENTALLY hit him with a crowbar or ACCIDENTALLY got info from sheila or ACCIDENTALLY blew jason up #and jason sure as hell doesn’t deserve the blame #like it’s one thing if jason’s victim blaming himself bc he does in some stuff and it sucks #but he def doesn’t blame bruce #he shoulders that while also recognizing that the joker is the one??? who should be blamed #he doesnt even blame sheila like #????????????????? #the whole POINT of utrh is that jason doesn’t blame bruce for his death and he gets offended when bruce acts like thats what it is #hes mad at bruce for not just doing this ONE LAST THING for him to show he cares #hes mad at bruce for taking in ANOTHER ROBIN like nothing that happened mattered #like obviously these are borne of an incredibly flawed perspective but im js #if i went through the shit jason did and then eventually saw that it was basically like i never existed #i’d be pissed too

i really think a lot of the problems jason has with the rest of the family could be solved with a short conversation

like, we know talia had spies in gotham to keep tabs, so she probably knows that dick wasn’t at jason’s funeral. and when she was training him, she probably told him, in the same way she told him about tim

but little does jason know that it’s not that dick didn’t want to be there, it’s that he was in SPACE with the titans and bruce never called him to say “hey dick your little brother’s dead the funeral’s on tuesday bye”

he knows tim replaced him but what no one told him is how tim admired him and wanted to make him proud, and didn’t become robin to be the new jason todd, but because bruce was going to get himself killed

(i mean c’mon guys tim used to talk to jason’s memorial)

and, idk, stephanie in general?? like, jason would be/is pissed that bruce got another street kid killed, made another member of the dead robins club, and never gave her a memorial. dick moves, bruce. but maybe it would help if jason knew that bruce did care for her, but thought she was too much like jason - which is canon btw. acting like robin!jason isn’t always a bad thing, but bruce thought she was going to die just like jason, and he’d have to bury another kid, and he freaked out

of course this wouldn’t completely cure jason of his murderous rage thing he’s got going on, but i think he’d feel better knowing that not everyone believes that he was the “bad robin”

on the flip side, no one knows that jason went in the warehouse to save his mother. bruce has probably figured it out, but dick and babs and everyone else? from the way people talk about how impulsive and dangerous jason was, they probably think he just wanted to beat up the joker. no one except bruce knows that jason, almost beaten to death, still tried to save his mother - the lady who betrayed him to the joker!- in his last moments

EDIT: just realized that shit, not even bruce knows that sheila haywood gave jason to the joker. sheila didn’t tell bruce when she was dying, and jason hasn’t spoken about it, at least not on-panel

so yeah man, idk, i just want the batfamily to sit down and have some group therapy

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The truth is still out there, according to the new trailer for The X-Files revival. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back as Mulder and Scully for the six-episode miniseries, which will premiere on January 24 on Fox.

Other returning cast members include Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner), William B. Davis (The Smoking Man), Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes), Sheila Larken (Margaret Scully), and Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund (The Lone Gunmen).

The show will also feature newcomers Joel McHale, Annet Mahendrureturn, Robbie Amell, Lauren Ambrose, Kumail Nanjiani and Rhys Darby.

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Creepie swam around in the ocean once more all alone, but something seemed odd with Creepie this time. She did not have any kind of diving gear on herself and instead had a tail instead of legs. Since it was summer, every time Creepie went diving with no diving gear, she could become a mermaid for as long as her tail did not get dry.

“New swim gear?” a figure behind her asked, and a shadow gave way to the slate-blue skin of a familiar shark. “What’s with the tail, sheila?” Bruce inquired with a chuckle.

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Rachel wanted to take a swim in the water and see if she can find any seashells so she went into the bottom of the Ocean which probably has a lot of Seashells down there right? then she saw Bruce "Oh hello there Bruce!! its nice to see you again!" she said happily

“Rachel!” the shark beamed as he turned around, noticing the familiar face. “How’ve ye been, lil’ sheila! Glad I didn’t scare ye like last time,” Bruce chuckled. 

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( the symbol thingy won't show up, but I'll finally try one of these memes for Karen (red-headed-aussie). For the hugs? <:3)

Send a ✮ & I’ll generate a number ( platonic edition )

23. Sleepy hug

Maybe it was his own fault for not giving the time to actually sleep. But as the human swam closer towards him and Bruce opened his pectoral fins to give an embrace, his mind wandered somewhere else as he held her; slowly feeling himself- and Karen in the tow- sink slowly below the surface. The great white snapped from his thoughts after he felt the human girl struggle and immediately, flicked his caudal fin again, raising Karen’s head above the water. 

“Ah! Sorry ‘bout that, sheila!” Bruce said after a great deal of profuse apologies. He blinked, shaking his head in a vain attempt to stay awake and focused.