sheila this is bruce

No One’s Son

“It’s going to hard to learn a great many things about me,” Jason said. “But I’ll give you one for free-“


Catherine sat down next to her toddler, gently pulling him onto her lap.

“Jay, daddy isn’t going to come home anymore…. It’s just you and me.”    


“Mama?” whispered the dark haired boy, shaking her too still shoulder. There were empty syringes on the floor, and a strange empty stare in Catherine’s eyes.  



Bruce smiled as he caught his ward’s quiet ‘yes!’ upon seeing his grade.

“Very good, I’m proud of you. Now come on, time to pack. The flight to Sarajevo leaves in two hours.”


“Well, I’m off now, be a good boy, do your homework, don’t stay up too late,” the nightmare smiled as it drew on its gloves. “Oh, and tell the big man I say- hello …”  

“br’ce….. sorr…”


The blonde haired woman gasped and trembled in his arms, her body bruised and bloody from the explosion.

“He tried… To save me… Such a good boy… must have really… loved his mother…”


Bruce stared in horror at what lay before him, then bent and carefully gathered the broken child into his arms.

“Jason, no…”


Ra’s al Ghul leaned down, to meet the eyes of the shaking teen.

“What have I done? Why, I’ve given you life….”


Jason turned away. “-I’m no one’s son.”

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#can’t we just start blaming the joker instead like everyone should already #it’s not like the joker ACCIDENTALLY hit him with a crowbar or ACCIDENTALLY got info from sheila or ACCIDENTALLY blew jason up #and jason sure as hell doesn’t deserve the blame #like it’s one thing if jason’s victim blaming himself bc he does in some stuff and it sucks #but he def doesn’t blame bruce #he shoulders that while also recognizing that the joker is the one??? who should be blamed #he doesnt even blame sheila like #????????????????? #the whole POINT of utrh is that jason doesn’t blame bruce for his death and he gets offended when bruce acts like thats what it is #hes mad at bruce for not just doing this ONE LAST THING for him to show he cares #hes mad at bruce for taking in ANOTHER ROBIN like nothing that happened mattered #like obviously these are borne of an incredibly flawed perspective but im js #if i went through the shit jason did and then eventually saw that it was basically like i never existed #i’d be pissed too