sheila the dog


My sister-in-law’s dog, Sheila, got out of a friend’s yard today (September 22nd at around 2:00PM pst) in BEAVERTON-ALOHA area in OREGON while we are all visiting family in Nevada.

She is extremely passive and very shy, but recognizes her name.

All her return information, including how to reach us, is located on her collar.

Please, if you think you might have found her, let me know immediately.

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for sharing and reblogging this information, my sister in-law and her husband found Sheila today, on 10/3!

It’s a weekend thing. Sheila and I take the dogs to the airport dog park. Afterward we go to our favorite bakery for doughnuts.

The dogs literally start drooling as we get near the bakery. Trust me when I say you don’t ever want to ride in the back seat of my filthy Camry.

Today I went inside to buy. Sheila waited outside with all three dogs. Yeah, Carson was there too, just not in this picture.

The bakery recently changed owners. It’s less cluttered inside now. The walls seem cleaner though that just might be a new coat of white paint. Some wall hangings are gone. There had been a chalk board listing coffee prices. Sheila said they’re remodeling. Maybe that board will be back. I like seeing all the bakery product names are still on handwritten cards.

Credit cards are now accepted though checks are still accepted. The cash register no longer mechanically prints receipts on rolls of paper. It was replaced by an iPad. The baked goods remain the same good quality and they also have cherry doughnuts now.

Some old business could stand improvements or modern features. Others are perfect the way they are, with decades-old recipes and fixtures as well as lots and lots of character that can’t be purchased with any size small-business loan.

I hope this place doesn’t lose its character.