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13,41 pls

Here’s a little bit of fluff. With the Stones.

Prompts were:
13. “I could kiss you right now!”
41. “Have you lost your fucking mind?”

Stones T-shirt

I’d commented on his Stones t-shirt at a party.

“Have you ever seen them?” he asked me an hour later when I was in the kitchen making a drink.

“Who?” I made a face, completely forgetting about our previous encounter.

Harry laughed, pointing at his shirt. “The Rolling Stones.”

“Oh. No,” I shook my head. “Never got to.”

“Mmm, you should. Everyone needs to see them at least once.”

“Well…next time I have an extra hundred or so burning a hole in my pocket, I’ll buy a ticket.”

“Hey Carmen, are you making me one of those?” my best friend Sheila asked as she entered in the kitchen.

“What am I, designated bartender?” I scoffed.

“Of course! Now hook me up!”

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“What on earth possessed you to come here? To think this was a good idea?” I laugh, awkwardly scratching my elbow as I follow my friend inside this dodgy strip club. We’re looking at possible to-do’s for another friend of ours her bachelorette party, but as far as I’m concerned we haven’t gotten anywhere at all. 

“Come on, it’s the all too known cliché. Sophia lives for sappy clichés. This would be the best thing about the whole day.” Sheila wiggles her eyebrows in my direction as she walks further into the club. 

“I personally believe you’re getting a knock out of me feeling uncomfortable.” I groan, following behind her as I try to avert my gaze from half naked ladies serving drinks. “As if you don’t enjoy the finesse of a toned male figure.” She scolds me. All I can do is shrug my shoulders as I slide into the bar stool beside her. “Of course, but if I’m willing to pay to see one is a whole different ordeal.”

I see her lips purse and I can’t help but grin. I didn’t mind going to a strip club but I know Sheila would be blowing this way out of proportion. “Y/n, do me a favour and give it a chance before you completely blow this off, alright?” She turns to me and grasps my outstretched hand, squeezing it as she grants me with her puppy dog eyes. 

“Well, because you asked so nicely.” I laugh, clapping my hands together before beckoning a waiter over. “Rum coke. Double. Thank you.” I immediately mumble as she approaches us, making sure to make eye contact instead of staring at her voluptuous bosom. 

I see him right away. Slight darker skin tone, carbon black messy hair and an arrogant yet vibrant smile uncovering his pearly white teeth. He’s wearing nothing else than a pair of boxers, and I can’t help but imagine him alongside Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. He would fit right in - and I would’ve watched the shit out of that movie. 

He notices us and grins slyly, slowly swaying his hips as he moves closer towards us.

“Ladies.” He nods his head as he approaches, Sheila’s eyes growing three times their normal size - which is usually quite big already, might I add - as she gives the mystery male a very thorough once over. 

“What gives us the honour of having such nice ladies as you over this fine evening?” The male speaks as his eyes twinkle underneath the dim lighting, leaning against the freshly polished stage in front of us. 

“Seeing what you have to offer around here.” Sheila speaks without a hiccup, making the blush rise on my cheeks. “Our friend is getting married and we’re planning the bachelorette.” She adds, smirking before she throws me a look, showing the male I am also involved in her shenanigans. 

“Well I guess I’ll have to show you what we have to offer then. Calum Hood, lead dancer, if I can put it like that.” He chuckles and I think it’s my new favourite sound. If this were a movie, my eyes would be twinkling underneath the dim lighting of this rather filthy strip club, and he would be smirking down at me. Well, the last part was true.

“It’s mainly for my friend – we’re just the entourage.” I mumble, averting my gaze to the table in front of me where my drink had appeared – something I hadn’t even noticed happening.

“Well,” Calum slides onto the table, his muscular torso right in front of my wandering eyes, “We do offer an arrangement for bridal parties. It’s a private room, a few dancers if I’m not mistaken. Isn’t that expensive either.”

“What do you think? Sounds like something Sophia would be happy with.” Sheila turns to me, seeming unfazed by what was in front of us.

“Are you sure she’ll be happy with that? I mean…” I trail off, frowning and staring off into the distance. I hear Calum scoff and I glance at him through the corner of my eyes.

“Then I guess I’ll have to convince you, don’t I?” Calum mumbles before he raises to his feet. He disappears to the side of the stage, while the lights dim. A new tune starts playing and I momentarily jump in my seat when a harsh white spotlight appears right before our eyes.

Calum appears on stage and while he walks to the centre, he sways his hips to the beat of the music. It’s mesmerizing to watch how he immediately takes over the stage, owns it and seems to have fun up there. He is in his comfort zone and that makes watching him all the more enlightening.

I’m mesmerized by his movements. It’s sensual, almost freeing and a real pleasure for the eye. Now that I give it a second thought, I think this would be even better if he was wearing more clothing so he could take it off. Just the thought of him doing said clothing removal during the bachelorette party gets my cheeks all tainted pink and a weird, unnerving feeling to erupt in my stomach.

It ends too soon, in my opinion, and he wipes his forehead with the back of his hand as he retreats to the back of the stage where he came from.

“That’s just a little bit of what you could expect.” Calum sighs as he stops right in front of us again, sweat dripping from the side of his face as he smiles brightly towards us. I bite my inner cheek as I try to suppress the grin that’s growing onto my features, before I speak.

“Well then, are you available in the third week of August?” I smirk, batting my eyelashes as Calum lets out a loud laugh. “Then I guess you’ll see us again.” Sheila smiles as her fingers curl around my arm, hoisting me up to my feet. “But for now, we have to leave. We still have a lot of things to figure out, right Y/n?” Sheila gives me a pointed look, smirk half hidden by the bad lighting. I feel the blush creep onto my cheeks as I glance from Calum to my mate. “Uh, yeah, yeah you’re right.”

We bid our goodbyes and I can’t help but glance back once more over my shoulder, seeing Calum still staring at our retreating figures. The sun light is harsh on my skin and I shield my eyes, trying to figure out where we were again.

“We definitely need to come back here.” I chuckle, cheeks tainted a bright red as I avoid Sheila’s gaze. “Of course you think that now. ” She nudges me in my ribs and motions for me to follow her to our right, to our next destination.

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Chapter 1(part 1):New Places, New Faces

 Amelie’s POV 

 I got woken up around 6:30 am, by the blonde from yesterday.“Good Morning! I brought you your  schedule, and some clothes you can borrow!"She says happily. I nod groggily. She helpsz me out of bed and shoves me the clothes."I can only hope we’re the same bra size."She smiles. I walk into the small bathroom in the medbay. I shut the door and lock it. I dress in the clothes she gave me. She gave me a short high waist black skirt, a tight purple t-shirt, a clean pair of deep blue, underwear, a matching bra to top it off, and a pair of black flats. All surprisingly fit comfortably. My hair is down, so I’ll have to ask her for a hair tie. Overall I look pretty good, even if I look like a blueberry.  I walk out to see her talking with a guy. He has dark chocolate skin, and curly hair. He wears a black hoodie, black jeans, and black converse."May I have a hair tie?"I requested."Of course!"She chuckled. She pulled one off her wrist and handed it to me."Thanks…uhm"I mumbled the last part not knowing what her name is."Oh my, I never told you my name! I’m Angela!"Angela quipped out. I nod in acknowledgement to her statement. I look over at the guy that was in the room."Oh yeah, that’s Gabri-"She was cut off by the guy."I can introduce my self. I’m Gabriel Reyes, and I’ll be one of your guides here."He let out what I believe to be a growl at the last part."Oh okay. I’m Amelie Lacoix."I introduce myself. I held out my hand for him to shake and he takes it giving it light shake. Then someone bursts through the door."Sorry I’m late, I had to fix my hair."The guy grins. He wore a grey shirt, blue jeans, and the most revolting lime Nike sneakers. His accent was French, and I wonder how one of my own be a thing like that."Uh…Bonjour, I’m Amelie…"I introduce myself, sticking my hand out for him to shake."Ahhh, Bonjour je'ampelle Gerard."he introduces himself in French and takes my hand lightly in his own, planting a kiss on it. I make a face of disgust and pull my hand away rather quickly."Vas te faire encule , la con dégoûtant."I spit out venom at him. That was the 1st most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me, what a creep."Oh, mon cher. Vous me aimez assez tôt."He chided, those words sent the unpleasant kind of shivers down my spine. The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife."Oooooookay then. I have to head out, you two play nice. I don’t want to hear about Amelie being harassed during a fight."Angela chirps uncomfortably and struts out. 


The two boys and I are walking silently to homeroom, I feel eyes on me everywhere I go. Gabriel leads me up to the teacher, who is the monkey from before."Oh, Mr. Reyes. How can I help you?"The monkey asks."Hey Mr. Winston. The new chica, is here and we need to know where she sits."Gabriel explains."She sits next Jamison."Mr. Winston replies."Aw, guess we won’t be sitting together mon amour."Gerard winks. I just roll my eyes."Luckily you’ll be sitting at my table."Gabriel added. I nod and follow Gabriel to a table in the back. Two boys are sitting there already. One lanky looking one with spiky blonde hair and punky type outfit on, and across from him is fluffy boy with white hair in an undercut that’s pulled back in a ponytail in a sweater with a pig on it. Gabriel sits down next to fluffy, and I sit down next to spiky."Good'ay mate! I’m Jamison Fawkes, but you can just call me Jamie. The big guy right there is my boyfriend Mako Rutledge!"Spiky or Jamie boasts in an introduction."I’m Amelie."I mutter."Pleased to meet ya! So Amelie, who ya gonna sit with at lunch? Gabi, Mako, and I have this great place outside we hang out at during lunch, you should sit with us, cause you seem cool! So who’s your host? Is it Gabi? Has he shown you your dorm? Have you gotten a dormie-"Jamison’s rambling ended when Gabriel told him to shut up."I think I’ll take you up on that offer of sitting with you at lunch."I mused, this Jamison is pretty entertaining."Or. You can sit with me!"A voice butted in next to me. I internally groan, I see everyone at our table’s moods go down."What do you Retard?"I snarled."The names Gerard, mon amour~! And what I want is you! Why hang out with the imbeciles when you can hang out with moi?"He was determined set me off."I think she got your name right the first time."Mako butted in quietly."What did you say fatty?"Gerard teases. I furrow my brows. This man has a complete lack of human respect. I looked at Mako who was looking down at his thumbs. Jamie looked like he was about to explode. Before Jamie could say something, I took this opportunity."If I have lunch with you, will you leave them alone?"I even cringed at my offer, but I can’t stand bullies. Gerard had slimy little smirk that made me want to punch him so hard in the dick."Oui I’ll leave them alone. See you later,mon amour!” He sang as he walked away.“You didn’t just…"Gabriel looked at me wide eyed."I can’t stand people who act like that, but if he’s bullying people I’ll stop it at any cost."I stated."Sheila, your putting yourself through hell for Mako…CONSIDER US BEST FRIENDS!"Jamie yelled hugging me. I let out a small giggle. 


I’ve done my first 4 periods and now it’s lunch. I’m following Retard to the lunchroom. I get in line and get my food. I get a salad with bleu cheese dressing, apple slices, and chocolate milk. When I get to the cashier, I pull out my schedule to be scanned, but Retard beats me to it and pays for it."I could’ve bought it myself."I huff."I don’t get a merci?"He asks as I follow him to a table in the middle of the room. He sits down and unfortunately I sit next to him. I look around the table and see the rest of them are boys."Wow Gee, I didn’t know you liked blueberries that much!"One laughs. The others start to snicker."Hey now, she’s my girlfriend. So don’t be mean."He chuckled. My eyebrows crease, and my eye starts to twitch."G-Girlfriend?"I seethe. He places his dirty paw on my thigh and leans over and whispers in my ear."We wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen to your friends, right? Oh what a tragedy it would be if their new friend betrayed them."Gerard hisses. I nod, and start picking at my food. Glad I didn’t pay for it myself."Yeah, her skin is from a rare condition. It’s pretty boring."Gerard discussed. Him and his friends were chatting away while I was quiet and played with my food."Isn’t that right babe?"Gerard asks."Hm?"I hum in confusion. He sighed, and smack my arm quite hard, if I didn’t know better his dead body would have been on the table in 3 seconds."We asked you a question, dumbass. What’s your talent?"Gerard scoffed."I’m skilled in ballet, and combat…"I mumbled."So that means your flexible?"One of them catcalls."Why don’t you come over here and see?"I grin. He walks over and I stand up in front of him I grab my chocolate milk and pour it on his head.  He grabs my salad and dumps dressing and all on top of me, soon enough the entire tables in a food fight.

 Anyways, this leads other tables to join, I pick up a sandwich and throw it at the cheerleader who just threw a bowl of spaghetti at me when it hits someone who recognize to be the vice-principal. The room turns deathly silent as some turkey from the sandwich slides off her face."Who threw it."She asked. As someone who owns up to everything, I’ll have to own up to this one."Me."I admit in a solemn tone. She stomps over to me and grabs my arm and drags me out to the hallway."I want a story now. Tell me the truth and your punishment wont get worse."She ordered, I nod."I was sitting with Gerard and they asked me what my talents were, and I told them ballet and combat. One of them proceeded to catcall me and as out of anger I poured chocolate milk on his head and accidentally started a food fight."I described the whole scene."You are off the hook. Go to your dorm and clean up."She decides after a minute."Merci-beaucoup madame, but why?"I inquired."Boys will act like dogs, if they do not learn their lesson they will never learn at all."She concludes our chat. I head to my dorm, I was shown my dorm before school. My roommate is a brit named Lena. Angela had some clothing she bought online brought to my room, so I wouldn’t go naked for the time between now and when I go shopping.


 I’ve been hanging in my dorm with Lena, after going to my last to classes. She grabs her guitar and walks out saying she’s gonna go play in the courtyard and get some fresh air. I nod, and return to my book that I need to catch up on for English. 

 A/N:Sorry everything is so run on. I just had a blast of inspiration today and sat myself down and wrote for about an hour or two. I’ll try and post chapters often. My motto is "Don’t release a chapter until you’ve started the next, or else you’ll lose interest, ideas, and time and you’ll get hella lazy.” So I hope you all are liking the story! Cause I love writing this! Thanks for the love!




Chapter 1(part 2):


when you are so #blessed your friends indulge you and give you the AU you have always wanted. give me all the reylux and #tag your hux in white fam! 💕

Grand Admiral Hux & Kylo Ren: the lovely & talented @aicosu 
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Why Lelouch is Alive

A 7 yr late theory by Sylar

Lelouch is, in fact, alive.  I don’t care if the writers came out today with a definitive answer as to his fate. He’s alive dammit.


The laws of how Geass works are actually rather explicit.
By examining the events of the series, contextual clues, and understanding how the damn magic eyeball works, you have no option but to accept that Lelouch survived the end of Code Geass and, is, in fact, alive and well. 


That is, the CODE users of the Geass world.

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The weather in germany is now like I love it, colder, darker and much wind - there are allready many falling leaves.
Sammys loves a lot to play in them.
And a few days ago we tooked the chance to go on a bike tour with one of my best friends, Spoony and Sheila, the three dogs where walking so good at the bike and we had much fun.
Sammy played a lot with Spoony and Sheila was finally the first time off-leash in the end (the rest on tracking leash, it was really tricky because Sheila keeps running around us) and she did so well, good girl.
I am so happy she is with my friend now.
The only thing is that Sheila is a rough player so Sammy told her twice that he dislikes it but otherwise they really like each other.


Skylar Neese (top photo) was stabbed to death by her supposed best friends, Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy on July 5th, 2012. Skylar’s remains were found six months later after Rachel confessed. They convinced Skylar to sneak out in the middle of the night with them to ride around town and smoke marijuana. Skylar had recently fallen out with the both of them, but a series of texts between the three of them that night convinced her to ride along. They decided to drive down a familiar road where they smoke. Little did Skylar know,  Shelia and Rachel each had a kitchen knife concealed under their clothes and paper towels, bleach, clean clothes, and a shovel in the trunk. The girls stepped out of the car for a smoke but Shelia’s lighter didn’t work, so Skylar went to retrieve her lighter from the car. As soon as Skylar turned her back, Rachel began counting to three—and the two girls began stabbing Skylar.  Skylar attempted to run but didn’t make it very far until Rachel tackled her to the ground and continued to stab her. At some point, Skylar managed to grab the knife from Rachel and left a three-inch gash just above her right ankle. After stabbing her fifty times, they finally stopped. The only thing Skylar could say was “why?” over and over again. They dragged Skylar’s body to the side of the road where they tried to bury her near a creek, but the soil was too rocky so instead they covered her body with rocks and fallen branches. The disposal of Skylar’s body took around three hours. 

During her confession on January 2013, Rachel told authorities that they had planned the murder while in science class and the plan was to take her out to the woods, count to three and stab her until she was dead.

On March 30, 2013, about a month before she was arrested for Skylar’s murder, Sheila tweeted this: “we really did go on three.”

Stitchmas in July (2017 update)

Hello everyone,

I apologize wholeheartedly for not doing this event this year during July. This was partially due to the fact that this event was originally created to be during the hiatus while we were waiting for the next season; this summer, we were fortunate enough to have season 3 all the way into August. My other main reason was that I had a plethora of personal issues going on this summer, and was not able to focus on my own content, let alone this event.


If people are still interested in an event like this, this year’s could be remodeled into being a Stitchmas in September, since that fits right in with the timing of the hiatus. I’m sure there are so many content creators who want to create their own version of what happens after that heartbreaking finale, or those who want to make something completely different. No matter what it is, I and the rest of this fandom would love to see it!

If you are interested in this, please just like, reblog, and/or reply to this post just to let me know! I would be happy to arrange this event this month, and I would be incredibly happy to host it again!



so like,,, some harvest moon (+rune factory/stardew valley, those types of games) red vs blue au role ideas……………

donut- the farmer/rancher, of course. he canonically grew up on a farm in iowa and im never letting that go. he’s probably more the role of the “main character” who moves to town to escape city life or return to his roots or whatever after reading an ad in the paper about a farm up for sale. no one wants it because it sucks, and the town of blood gulch Also Sucks. the mayor greets him when he arrives, but also thinks donut “must be crazy to move to a shithole town like this.”

sarge- runs blacksmith shop with lopez. he stays out front more often and takes care of the customer service part when he’s not working on tools. no one really likes having to get their tools worked on because no one really likes the endless struggle that is trying to get through a conversation with sarge and ending with him actually agreeing to do the upgrade you came in for (no, sarge, they do not want their hammer to have turrets or their watering can to have spikes. just a simple silver upgrade, thanks). sarge also dabbles in inventing down in the blacksmith’s basement… some people like to joke that lopez is sarge’s first creation of artificial life and that’s why he’s so “anti-social,” but that can’t possibly be true… right?

lopez- a skilled blacksmith who works with sarge, but he’s hard to socialize with because he’s almost always behind a locked door in the back, working on stuff and avoiding annoying customers. you have to befriend him or sarge to gain access to that room, but it’s not an easy feat. people often compare him to a robot.

simmons- snarky librarian who acts like he knows everything, but people are pretty sure he’s bluffing half the time.

grif- innkeeper with his sister. He’s sort of in charge of cooking, but is really slow because he’s either “on break” or eats half the order and has to start over. 

kaikaina- innkeeper with her brother. She talks to the customers more and handles the management aspect (thank you s15 for giving us business driven kai, more or less. Love her.) she keeps the atmosphere Fun and Cool, and attracts a lot of new customers one way or another. the inn has a small grocery store selection, and sells a few cooking ingredients. kai may or may not be one of the main conspirators about the whole lopez-is-a-robot theory.

doc- town doctor.. no one likes going to see him because his methods are a bit… inefficient (here eat this blue grass herb to help your broken arm) (I mean this new medication hasn’t technically been given the green light but HEY you get to be the guinea pig :)!) (Heatstroke? have some orange juice!) (frostbite? have you tried orange juice?)

church- the mayor! what the fuck? He’s not a kid or anything, but he seems kinda young. Apparently, he stepped up to the role after the last mayor passed from an aspirin incident, so they say… he used to run the ranch/animal shop with tucker, and still lives there and helps out when he’s not doing “mayor things.”  Tucker’s pretty sure he’s really off taking a nap, bothering tex, or “checking on the new farmer. you know. to see how he’s adjusting or whatever”.

tucker- runs the main ranch and animal shop, sometimes with church when church isn’t off pretending to be doing “mayor things”.  he absolutely makes cock jokes about the roosters when given an opening, and unfortunately for his customers, he’s the only one in town that sells poultry. oh well… at least the new farmer doesn’t seem to mind as much.

junior- That One Child who lives in town and helps out his dad with the chickens

Caboose- picks up the daily shipments and also does deliveries. sometimes helps out at the carpenter’s shop. Self-proclaimed best friend of the mayor.  

tex- runs the carpentry workshop with sheila. she’s also the best horse racer in town, having won first place at every horse race for the past 5 years in town. sometimes she’s out of town competing at other races, and caboose will come help sheila with extra work in her absence.

shiela- runs the carpentry workshop with tex and sometimes caboose.

….Vic- most people don’t really talk about vic. or to him. they like to pretend he’s not there, if they can help it, but he’s the only person that sells seeds in the entire town, so avoiding only goes so far. donut frequents his little seed shack quite often, and tries to convince him to expand his selection to a seed shop/florist combo. over time, donut would probably pick up a part time job there working with flower arrangements, until vic decides he wants to retire and travel the world or whatever, and has donut take over his business as the florist/seed shop owner. some people see this change of management as an improvement, while others still keep their distance.