sheila connolly

my 72 year old nana (Sheila Connolly) has been missing since Friday night, oct. 16th. she drives a 2010 red Ford Fusion, and under her right front headlight there’s a little damage to the car because someone hit her there, she is from Massachusetts but has gotten lost before in other states of New England but was found because my mom has a tracker on her phone, but she didn’t have her phone the whole day yesterday so we have no idea where she may be. if you are from Massachusetts or the mass area and you see someone that resembles her please message me or call the local police because her name and photo has been sent out through the whole state. she has longer hair now that goes past her ears and it’s all white, she has dementia and was last seen wearing denim jeans that stopped above her ankles, and a denim short sleeved button up shirt with a pink shirt under it and white sneakers. she also has black tape around one side of her glasses because they broke.