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Updates from Sheila’s periscope last night!!
-Sierra will be back for s8
-Trevor most likely as well (this confuses me since I thought Elliot said he didn’t want to come back?)
-filming does NOT start in may. Starts in early summer. I see this as a good thing though: gives cam and Noel more time to finish up their current projects
- they have not written a single word yet, only discussed.
- Mickey has been talked about.
- “we love mickey”
- Sheila doesn’t know if she likes Trevor and Ian together, likes Trevor as a character
- possible fiona and Chad relationship
- “Ian always missed Mickey”
Source: @hhrrypotter and @masi_p89 on twitter as I didn’t actually watch myself.

Oh Dear God!!
You guys, I don’t think I can make it through another THREE FUCKING YEARS!
I honestly don’t.


fangirl challenge - [1/10] tv shows: shamless

“I’m the one he’s chosen to spend his life with. You’re just one lucky sperm.”

Today, in the "Shameless" fandom ...

OMFG. Cameron can’t see Ian and Mickey getting over each other any time soon.

OMFG. Sheila’s in the Gallagher house.

OMFG. Debbie is us! (And, I recognize the guy whom plays her BF, but can’t figure where from.)

OMFG. They found Sushi!


Shameless » Nana Gallagher Had an Affair (1x10)

I wanna know what I have to do to adopt my toddler brother and possibly my other siblings as well, and raise them as my own.”

Stop. Read.

Rape victims don’t need to always feel safe/in charge for the remainder of their lives. Some times we even like being challenged by the ones we love, especially when our previous dynamic with them was always push-pull, and especially when they were also victimized by our assault. Treating each other with kid-gloves can ruin the relationship. I’d know. … No, like seriously, I’d try to sue the show over intellectual property of my life or some shit if I didn’t love it so much.

Did I make you feel uncomfortable? Good. Maybe you’ll stop and think before you try to ‘correct’ some one whom might have more experience with the situation than you do (and, if you have been there, I’m here to talk if you want some one whom gets it). I’ve earned the right to be an authority on this. If I can talk about it, you can hear me out, and consider that you could be wrong.

Ian is pushing (or manipulating) Mickey, but, while Mickey suffered more, it was Ian whom lost more autonomy on that day, and he deserves to fight for it back.

Mickey didn’t kiss Ian on the roof, he waited at least a day after Ian practically dared him to, but I knew he was going to do it in that episode as soon as the dare was made. Mickey pushes Ian’s public kiss away, but I knew that he was going to pull him back in when he realized that he was in a safe place, and Ian’s ready with his mouth open. … Yeah, by the way, their hands grabbed the others’ neck at the same time. They kissed each other. I feel like I’m the only one whom noticed this. … He was always going to suck Ian off. Granted, if Ian wasn’t so cold and, therefore, inspiring desperation, Mickey’s hesitation time might’ve been longer than five seconds.

Ian was just cold. If it were a true ultimatum, he would’ve told Mickey to leave after Mickey told him to fuck off, but he doesn’t because he’s waiting. He knows what Mickey’s like. He knew they’d be making out in Fairy Tails any second as soon as Mickey pushed him away. You could see in his face and, like I said, how he was ready for it.

An ultimatum implies that you’re willing to give some thing up. Why is he learning Russian (when Mickey’s not even bothering)? Why is he wanting more from Mickey? Why is he currently outright elated that Mickey’s care-freely living with him in either house? Why does he smile when Mickey blocks him from getting money? Why is he getting them invites to parties as a couple? Why is he kissing Mickey for being protective? Why does he have fucking moon-eyes when Mickey’s being proud trash about beer? He’s in this.

Some one made a perfect GIFSet of Mickey feigning indifference towards Ian with Lip, Mandy, and Ian (using the blowjob scene), but showing honest devotion with Brian by saying “together,” and the following was my reaction.

THIS was why the blowjob scene was necessary. Mickey does not talk to the people whom know him. He acts. He’ll be verbally honest to a stranger because an action might not be understood.

“Those fingers go any where near that cock …”. Subtext: That’s my cock. I claimed it last night! … Ian wanted him to stake a claim and he did. Ian got his autonomy back and Mickey got to back on track with Ian after being derailed by Terry.

End of.

Sheila keeps telling us to “keep the faith” and you shit on one moment she wrote that some one whom has been there thinks you’re getting wrong?

Just. Stop.


Cant wait to catch up with the Gallagher’s and see, how Fiona handles Jimmy-Steve-Jack, Frank & Sheila, Carl & Debbie, Lip & whoever, Kevin & V as new parents…….who am I kidding, show me the Gallavichs first! Ian, Mickey & their son Yevgeny.