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On this day in music history: June 4, 1984 - “The Glamorous Life”, the debut album by Sheila E. is released. Produced by Sheila and The Starr Company (aka Prince), it is recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA from December 27, 1983 - April 4, 1984. The first album by the Oakland, CA born and raised singer/percussionist comes about after Prince (who has known Escovedo since 1978) asks if she’s interested in making an album. She agrees, first collaborating on the song “Erotic City” with the artist (released as the B-side of “Let’s Go Crazy”) the same week that work on her album begins. The first tracks recorded are the title track and “Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar” in late 1983. The basic tracks for “The Belle Of St. Mark”, “Oliver’s House” and “Shortberry Strawcake are recorded in January of 1984. "Noon Rendevous” is the last track recorded in mid-February of 1984. Five of the six aforementioned tracks are originally intended for the album Prince is producing for Apollonia 6, but reassigns them to Sheila instead. Prince takes Escovedo into the studio in April of 1984, recording her vocal and percussion tracks in just four days. Now complete, Prince plays the finished album for his management, who in turn secure Sheila E. a contract with Warner Bros. Records. An immediate success, the album spins off three singles including the title track (#7 Pop, #9 R&B) and “The Belle Of St. Mark” (#34 Pop, #68 R&B). “The Glamorous Life” peaks at number seven on the Billboard R&B album chart, number twenty eight on the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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Bonnie!Empire Bonnie Harem Week | Day 7, Let Family Ring

Bennett Family AU: The Bennett-Hopkins are your regular, typical family. No magic, no vampires, no death beckoning at every bend of the road. They weather the trials and dramas of the everyday human life, but mostly they’re just… happy.


List of Victims at the Pentagon (Not Including Flight 77) #NeverForget #Sept11 #Pentagon

SPC Craig S. Amundson, USA
YN3 Melissa Rose Barnes, USN
MSG Max J. Beilke, Retired
IT2 Kris Romeo Bishundat, USN
Carrie R. Blagburn
COL Canfield D. Boone, ARNG
Donna M. Bowen
Allen P. Boyle
ET3 Christopher L. Burford, USN
ET3 Daniel M. Caballero, USN
SFC Jose O. Calderon-Olmedo, USA
Angelene C. Carter
Sharon A. Carver
SFC John J. Chada, USA, Retired
Rosa Maria Chapa
Julian T. Cooper
LCDR Eric A. Cranford, USN
Ada M. Davis
CAPT Gerald F. DeConto, USN
LTC Jerry D. Dickerson, USA
IT1 Johnnie Doctor, Jr., USN
CAPT Robert E. Dolan, Jr., USN
CDR William H. Donovan, USN
CDR Patrick Dunn, USN
AG1 Edward T. Earhart, USN
LCDR Robert R. Elseth, USNR
SK3 Jamie L. Fallon, USN
Amelia V. Fields
Gerald P. Fisher
AG2 Matthew M. Flocco, USN
Sandra N. Foster
CAPT Lawrence D. Getzfred, USN
Cortez Ghee
Brenda C. Gibson
COL Ronald F. Golinski, USA, Retired
Diane Hale-McKinzy
Carolyn B. Halmon
Sheila M.S. Hein
ET1 Ronald J. Hemenway, USN
MAJ Wallace Cole Hogan, Jr., USA
SSG Jimmie I. Holley, USA, Retired
Angela M. Houtz
Brady Kay Howell
Peggie M. Hurt
LTC Stephen N. Hyland, Jr., USA
Lt Col Robert J. Hymel, USAF, Retired
SGM Lacey B. Ivory, USA
LTC Dennis M. Johnson, USA
Judith L. Jones
Brenda Kegler
LT Michael S. Lamana, USN
David W. Laychak
Samantha L. Lightbourn-Allen
MAJ Stephen V. Long, USA
James T. Lynch, Jr.
Terence M. Lynch
OS2 Nehamon Lyons IV, USN
Shelley A. Marshall
Teresa M. Martin
Ada L. Mason-Acker
LTC Dean E. Mattson, USA
LTG Timothy J. Maude, USA
Robert J. Maxwell
Molly L. McKenzie
Patricia E. Mickley
MAJ Ronald D. Milam, USA
Gerard P. Moran, Jr.
Odessa V. Morris
ET1 Brian A. Moss, USN
Teddington H. Moy
LCDR Patrick J. Murphy, USNR
Khang Ngoc Nguyen
DM2 Michael A. Noeth, USN
Ruben S. Ornedo
Diana B. Padro
LT Jonas M. Panik, USNR
MAJ Clifford L. Patterson, Jr., USA
LT Darin H. Pontell, USNR
Scott Powell
CAPT Jack D. Punches, USN, Retired
AW1 Joseph J. Pycior, Jr., USN
Deborah A. Ramsaur
Rhonda Sue Rasmussen
IT1 Marsha D. Ratchford, USN
Martha M. Reszke
Cecelia E. (Lawson) Richard
Edward V. Rowenhorst
Judy Rowlett
SGM Robert E. Russell, USA, Retired
CW4 William R. Ruth, ARNG
Charles E. Sabin, Sr.
Marjorie C. Salamone
COL David M. Scales, USA
CDR Robert A. Schlegel, USN
Janice M. Scott
LTC Michael L. Selves, USA, Retired
Marian H. Serva
CDR Dan F. Shanower, USN
Antionette M. Sherman
Diane M. Simmons
Cheryle D. Sincock
ITC Gregg H. Smallwood, USN
LTC Gary F. Smith, USA, Retired
Patricia J. Statz
Edna L. Stephens
SGM Larry L. Strickland, USA
LTC Kip P. Taylor, USA
Sandra C. Taylor
LTC Karl W. Teepe, USA, Retired
SGT Tamara C. Thurman, USA
LCDR Otis V. Tolbert, USN
SSG Willie Q. Troy, USA, Retired
LCDR Ronald J. Vauk, USNR
LTC Karen J. Wagner, USA
Meta L. (Fuller) Waller
SPC Chin Sun Pak Wells, USA
SSG Maudlyn A. White, USA
Sandra L. White
Ernest M. Willcher
LCDR David L. Williams, USN
MAJ Dwayne Williams, USA
RMC Marvin Roger Woods, USN, Retired
IT2 Kevin W. Yokum, USN
ITC Donald M. Young, USN
Edmond G. Young, Jr.
Lisa L. Young

**Note: USA: USArmy. USN: USNavy

Sheila Copps (b. 1952) served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada between 1993 and 1997. She was also a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, and supported a number of causes related to welfare and human rights.

Another position she held was Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship. She supported the legalization of marijuana, environmental protection, minority rights and women’s legal rights.

im pretty sure my roommate B and I are in a lowkey nice-fight over bagels. i know that he likes plain bagels so thats what i buy when i go to the store. but he knows that i like everything bagels so thats what he buys when he goes to the store and let me just say i am eating an everything bagel right now and it tastes like defeat.

we are never going to run out of bagels when its his turn to shop again.