I’m actually just really angry because Sheila was basically testing the waters to see how we felt about Mickey Gate ™ and now they’ve seen the low numbers of people who actually watched the premier early, so of course they had to do something. She wanted to be both devil’s advocate and hero, and the only thing to get people to actually watch the season is the prospect of Mickey returning. And they all knew this. She knew this and obviously Noel knew too but I don’t really care about his part in this I’m just sad that they continue to pull this shit on fans and expect us to be grateful and happy…..but they get it anyway from the casual viewers, so really why fucking bother anymore you know? That’s what this feels like. It’s not for us. It’s for their image and reputation with everyone else. I hate it. And, I always thought it was really stupid to show the premier early because then you have to wait two weeks to see the next episode. Who does that?

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for jjba ask: 5, 14, 15, 35

5. Fave pose? - the dab one

14. Fave thing about the Jojo series? - kills one’s suspension of disbelief. only few times through the series i could be 100% sure what’s going to happen next & tbh i love the ‘wtf’ reaction becoming a norm. i love how araki uses & transforms genre tropes & cliches, i love the media references and borderine plagiatrism, i love all that random shit going down. atm jojo is the most caprivating piece of media both story- and art-wise. also, everybody’s hot and i’m weak 

15. Top 3 side characters? - Shinobu Kawajiri, Sheila E, Magenta Magenta  

35. A character you relate to? - speedweed, my boy oku, & any character ever w/ crush on jolyne lmao

Thank you for asking !

7x10 and Mickey’s story arc thingy

So, as I was saying:

Could it be an episode set entirely in prison (Could it be that Mickey’s not coming out of jail?)

I’m not saying that there’s absolutely no way this is going to happen, but it’s very unlikely, because if Mickey’s still in prison, there are only two types of scene possible:
1) Prison visits - and I doubt they will make another 6x01, they know they have to give us something new (plus the full name for 7x09!!!)
2) Mickey interacting with other inmates - and I doubt this will happen for the whole episode because it will be hard to connect it to the rest of the Gallagher scenes. If Mickey’s in the episode, he will have to interact with the Gallagher family. 

Further proof: Sheila reblogged a picture saying “Everything’s gonna be okay”. I don’t know how far that ‘everything’ extends, but I’m pretty sure it refers to Mickey’s storyline exclusively (so if everything’s gonna be okay, he’s gonna get out of jail. Plain and simple).

SSSSSO, since probably he gets out of jail, Is he gonna be in 7x10 only?
Well, if you ask me, HELL NO. 

He has a son, he has a wife who’s no longer his wife that has a relationship with another man and another woman with whom he definitely needs to have a talk, and has an ex-boyfriend-lifelong-soulmate who told him he’d wait for him to come out of prison who will probably be single at the time but with whom Mickey is probably gonna be mad, and fairly so, since he hasn’t visited him once in a year or so of prison. 

He has a lot going on, and the writers will never deal with all of this at once. 

This is why I’ve always been sure that he’d be coming back. His story wasn’t finished, and the writers all knew it. 

Now to the hard questions: 
If he’s in the last 3 episodes, what do you think his arc could be about?

So, someone has already told us that this Season is for New Beginnings. And if Mickey’s in it for real (and I think he is), this means that they want to give him a new beginning as well. 

Being in prison changes you, especially if you have someone who’s waiting on the other side - I’m not gonna specify who, because it could be Ian as much as it could be Yevgeny. When you come out, you want to make up for lost time. Maybe get your head on the right tracks. It may mean that Mickey’ll try to have an honest job for once. He definitely will want to be present in his son’s life - he already lost a year of his growth. He ain’t gonna miss anthing else. 

And then there’s Ian. 

We’ll have to wait to know how Ian will be doing around 7x10, but my guess is that Mickey’s return will fuck with his head a lot. I forsee a slow burn. I forsee Mickey letting Ian do all the work, because that’s what he deserves, a little. After all, Ian did break up with him - so it’s his job to go back to Mickey and be honest with him for once in his life.

Which will probably be the hardest because Ian is a runner. He runs away. Mickey, he stays. He learnt this much thanks to Ian too. So, Mickey will keep his distance and give Ian liberty of movement, which will definitely make Ian go crazy because this dude doesn’t know how to cope with his life and his feelings, it’s almost funny.

My guess? They will drag this little game on until the finale. Ian will have to make up his mind and realize that he doesn’t have to be afraid of being with Mickey, because Mickey sees him for who he is and loves him by accepting him and his disease. 

And, of course, Ian loves Mickey as well. Always did. And damn me if I’m not getting his three words this season finale. He owes us and Mickey.

So, maybe, just maybe, everything is really gonna be okay.

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The only thing I'm taking from that photo of Sheila and Noel is hot damn bb, Noel is looking good. That chest hair :P

He looks soooo good <33