Ani-Jam 2012.

This con was definitely full of different experiences. Some were fun and some where not fun, just going to be honest! I actually wasn’t -too- fond of the venue this year and there was stress within our group that I wasn’t too happy with either BUT regardless of all that I still have good memories from it and I had a lot of fun being in our Fire Nation costumes. Our cosplay panel we held did really well and I’m proud of my group for being there with me. Thank you to all who came up to me and gave me hugs or just said hi! I really do like meeting new people and I met some pretty cool people this time. Anyway, that’s all I’ll say. I hope to see some of you at AOD (Animation on Display) 2013! That’s my next con, unless I can afford PMX :D

I've purchased 3 new games in the past two months..

I need some more friends to play with. D ;

PSN: SheikChan 

Funny thing. A while back I was on Playstation Home and this guy saw my user name and said “Whoa, SheikChan?! Are you the real SheikChan?” I said “Um, yes..?”

“I didn’t know you used playstationHome!”

“Yeah, this is my second year. I don’t believe I know you?”

“Oh. I’ve followed you on youtube for about two years now! It’s nice to meet you!”

Needless to say, he was surprised at how ‘nice’ and 'humble’ I was. I guess he didn’t think 'someone like me’ would just be chill with strangers? I told him I’m just a normal person who happens to cosplay and be a little popular on youtube….(I’m really not much -__-;) It was funny though!


Hi Everyone~ It’s me, Sheik Chan!

I’ve been doing pretty good just very with college , two jobs and a club I’m in at school. I haven’t been working on costumes though, it seems whenever I DO have free time I’m on IMVU or playing a game. I know, it’s horrible and I need to stop! I really do want to. I want to be motivated again and feel excited to make costumes. I’ve felt so lazy about it. I get sort of motivated but then I grow lazy and sit back at my laptop. It’s bad. ; /

Anyway! Just thought I’d share a tiny update. Thank you to all my new followers~