Would you like to see a Nintendo Switch game that features Sheik?

“Within the development team, too, there have been talks about how it might be cool to have a game that features Sheik as a protagonist. It’s having maybe a Zelda spin-off with Sheik as a protagonist, for example, I don’t think that’s an impossibility.” said Shigeru Miyamoto


During the treehouse live at E3 2016, when asked about Zelda spin offs Eiji Aonuma briefly mentioned talk among his staff about a Sheik game. 

So I lost my fuckin marbles and thought it’d be interesting to conceptualize a story about where the title of Sheik came from and what it means. Perhaps a story that takes place just at the tail end of the sheikah people’s mass genocide.

This is SUUUUPER self indulgent.


ZELDA Modern AU.

So I’ve never really wrote fanfictions, mainly because I’m too busy to write a whole story with proper grammar. But I like thinking about them.

Zelda, teenage daughter of a very controlling family, struggles with their gender identity. Scared to talk about this issues with their boyfriend, Ganondorf, and their father, Daphnes, they turns to their overprotective best friend Midna and their aunt Impa for help and guidance. Disguised as Sheik, Zelda meet a mysterious boy Link. AAAAND This is as far as I’ve gotten.