You die at seventeen
in your first love’s arms
and find it cruel that
in this world, Shakespeare
takes Juliet first.

You die at seventeen
and learn that there is no
epilogue after page 6,205
because there are no words
to be said from the mute.

You die at seventeen
and involuntarily fill your lungs
with tight packed dirt until
you are no longer breathing
air but earth.

You die at seventeen
and your roots grow from both
ends and when you start
to rot at the core, they cut
you back down to the stem.

You die at seventeen
because Shakespeare takes
Juliet first, so you plant
your own seeds and labor
yourself into birth.

—  silver phoenix // S.M.

But I don’t understand! I don’t understand how this all happens, how we go through this. I mean, I knew her and now she’s…there’s just a body. And I don’t understand why she just can’t get back in it and not be dead anymore. It’s stupid! It’s mortal! And it’s stupid! And [Scott]’s crying and not talking, and I was having fruit punch and I thought, “Well, [Allison] will never have any more fruit punch, ever, and she’ll never have eggs, or yawn, or brush her hair, not ever.” And no one will explain to me why!

i knew him. toothpick legs
and sweat-sticky summers
and a heart so big it crushed his ribs.

i know him. my brain sticks
on his name every time i pass it by.
i know him as well as i know myself.

i knew him.
the mission is
in forgetting him.

i know him.
i’m not giving up
on him again.

i knew him,
but i wish i didn’t.

he didn’t know me,
but i wish he did.

i knew him, and he awakened something in me.

i know him, and someday soon, he’ll know me too.
—  R.K., this i know, this i knew

derek x lydia, 1,584 words, contains spoilers for teen wolf 3x16 illuminate. 

based on this post i made earlier.

Lydia’s only just finished rolling her eyes at Aiden when she notices it. There’s something behind her, almost watching her. Before she can call for Scott the feeling dissipates, and she looks around the room, trying to spot whoever it was, but they’re gone.

Instead, her eyes light on someone else: Derek Hale.

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feed me, spark me up,
a creature in my bloodstream chews me up,
so i can
feel something

kenzi might only be human but she’s learnt a thing or two about defending herself against the fae. so when dyson, a werewolf who sold his love to the norn, drunkenly attacks her when she’s making her usual delivery to trick, she handles it. it figures, really, that she ends up falling in love with him.