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Some of my favorite work from my own IG posts.
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I went to find a dress for my birthday meal and I couldn’t fit in a single thing, my arms/shoulders were too wide to even get the dress over me to my waist…. I’m already over it.

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Wildest Dreams Part 5. Training *Clean Version*

Part 5/? I hope you enjoy!

Jennifer was at the facility for a few days, she had a several days off from work in a row and she was up to date with her school work so she took this opportunity to get to know her team mates a bit better and train. It was true that she didn’t need as much training as the others to do what she did best but she still needed to get into shape, especially with the threat that they could be sent off on a mission at any moment. Nat, who was aiding Jen in her training, had just been sent away with Clint on an undercover mission in Romania so she was left to train by herself. She didn’t mind though, the peace and quiet of just her and the punch bag, not having to keep her focus on trying not to hurt the Black Widow with the extent of her powers which were still a secret to many others, though pretty much everyone was still yet to see the other side of her. Beating the heavy bag that hung above her head she thought of what had happened over the last few weeks, taking all the little bits of angst and frustration out on the hard pillow. Her work, the fight with her cousin, Bucky. As if her thoughts could be heard out loud it was that moment that Barnes began to walk down that corridor, stopping to look in the room with the door opened ajar after heard beating of a punch bag but no grunts or groans from anyone hitting it.

“I thought I taught you to hit harder than that.” He spoke softly, stepping into the bright room and crossing his arms over his chest as he watched Jenny move. Assuming that because she was silent and seemed to be enjoying the session somewhat that she wasn’t putting much effort into her training. Jen stopped what she was doing and stared at the much taller man whose eyes in that very moment were trailing her thoughts. Without thinking she suddenly did a roundhouse kick on the bag, the force of which caused it to split in half and fly off to the other side of the room, hitting the wall with a thud.

“Something like that?” She asked, her voice laced with sarcasm as she copied his pose, blowing a strand of hair off her forehead. Bucky stood in shock, his eyes glancing over to the now destroyed punch bag that laid the other side of the room. He didn’t know what to say, he surely couldn’t have taught her that all those years ago, what had she been doing for 7 years. Jen turned around, moving to pile of brand new bags and pulled one along with ease, hooking it up ready to begin again. “Was there something you needed?” She asked before taking a swing.

“I err- have you been avoiding me? It just seems like we haven’t really seen each other since you know, we met again…” He said, stammering a little as he got his words out. Jen stopped what she was doing and ran a hand through her hair.

“I’ve been avoiding your apology. Avoiding you having to explain why in the last 7 years you never came to find me, for trying to save me, for making me…this!” She explained, leaning against the bag of sand hanging above her.

“You don’t think I tried? Jenny, they wiped me, froze me every chance they got and still your face was the one thing that came flooding back. And then there was Steve and he rescued me, I never up on you.” Bucky said, the guilt and sorrow laced in his voice for all the pain he had caused the young girl, knowing that she would probably never forgive him. “I just want to know you. I know you’re angry-“

“Angry!? You don’t know the definition of angry, not after what I’ve been through.” Jennifer interrupted, moving closer towards her ally, her fists clenched at her sides as she mentally tried to calm herself. Although she was in full control over her alter ego sometimes her rage did get the better of her, she wasn’t ready to let her free just yet.

“I’m sorry!” Bucky shouted, turning around and pushing Jen up against the wall, he only wanted her to know that he wasn’t the same man he was several years ago, he had changed, for the better and she was going to see that. The two stared into each other’s eyes, hearts racing, a tingling feeling on their fingertips. This was just like how it used to be, though back then it was part of training, this was fuelled by pent up frustration and years of longing. Without blinking the two lunged for one another, their lips meeting instantly, a feeling of warmth rushing through them. This felt right, this was where they belonged. Bucky moved to hold Jen’s arms above her head, pushing her closer to the wall as his tongue traced her lower lip. Jennifer pushed herself as close to him as she could, after 7 years of dreaming about this moment she wanted to make the most of it. They pulled apart after a few minutes, panting as Bucky leant down to rest his head on the much shorter girls’. He wanted to be completely honest with her, he wanted them to know each other and be closer than they ever were before. “I’ve been sort of seeing someone..” He panted, Jen’s heart breaking a little more than it already was, the words she never wanted to hear him say but she already knew to be true. She looked down, his words repeating over and over again in her head before realization hit her.

“Nat.” She breathed, she couldn’t utter a word of this to Bruce. If he was to find out it would kill him, he would leave again and then who knows when he would return. Bucky felt another way of guilt, maybe he shouldn’t have told her, especially when the risk of her telling anyone else. She took a deep breath in before looking up into his icy blue eyes. “If we’re being honest I’m kind of seeing someone too, I mean it’s nothing official, we’re just friends really who do stuff but-“ Jennifer was cut off by Bucky attaching his lips to hers once more his tongue sliding against hers as she relaxed into him. His hands let her arms free as they grazed down her sides before wrapping themselves around her tiny waist, hoisting her up against the wall, Jennifer’s arms and legs instantly wrapping themselves around him as she pulled his hair softly. Holding up the young lady with his metal arm Bucky moved his other hand down to the hem of her T-Shirt, lifting it up and pulling it over her head and tossing it to the floor before pushing her harder against the wall. Jennifer moaned into his mouth, her own hands rushing to push his own shirt over his head. Pulling apart they rested their head on each other’s, panting as they hands traced each other’s bodies, Jen’s bra being removed in the process.

“You were in the army right?” She panted, her hands tugging at Bucky’s long brown hair, a smirk appearing on his face.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell.” He replied, claiming her lips as his own again,  their bodies finally entwining as one. The pair breathed heavily after they finished, leaning against each other for support as they both tried to regain their breath. Jennifer pushed back the solider’ sweaty hear and smiled, looking into his icy blue eye with her bright blue ones. This is what she always wanted, what she had been dreaming about for years past. Slowly the pain untangled and got dressed, trying to look less dishevelled than they already did.

“So that was…” Barnes began, playing with the green tinged ends of Jen’s wavy hair as she pulled up her work out pants. Turning around she smirked at the much older man, stretching up on her tiptoes to peck his lips.

“It was something.” She smiled as he rubbed his nose against hers. A sigh escaping her mouth as she was bought back to reality by her phone ringing, shaking her head she walked over to the table where she left it. “Bruce is almost done here and we’re driving back to the city, I better go shower and pack my things but uh-we should talk sometime…maybe.” She said, a stutter coming on towards the end as her shyness overtook her. They really didn’t know each other anymore, well, she had read up on him but he knew nothing about her…they were almost strangers. 

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(I am currently taking one shot and imagine requests, to find out more just follow the link here.)

To read more of ‘Wildest Dreams’ all parts can be found here.

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I do appologise for the lack of posting recently, sadly my 15 year old cat passed away on Monday and I am both devestated and heartbroken, I will endeavour to do my best to post new chapters of Wildest Dreams but please bare with me. Plus, I am off to see Civil War tomorrow night so hopefully it cheers me up and encourages me to write to take my mind off things.

Thank you xo

Have been stalking this #1993 #deadstock #marvelcomics #shehulk hat for months seller was a total dick but months later I haggled with him enough to get it for 70$ (from 160$)💕💕💕💕 #score ,she hulk is what got me into comic books , and if I felt most relatable to any character it would be her I love every part of her story 💕 she doesn’t get enough credit xo , I re read her comics over and Over again, she’s smart,sexy, loves the gentlemen💕,and hulks the fuck out when she is angry ? P.s to clear all these hulk kissing she hulk pics up, *idiots it’s her cousin not her man ! Read the story!! Or ask me I’ll fill u in sometime 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ #personalcollection 👽👽👽 #finallymine #americanneedle #embroidery

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Haven’t been sleeping all that well lately. Alot going on in life. But can’t let that stop you. Sometimes you just have to say “screw you” and carry on.
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Some times you do work for a client and you just don’t want to mail it out cause you fell in love with it lol…. It happens #365daysofdrawing #blackmanga #blackanime #blackart #black #art #artist #artlife #gallery #artoftheday #anime #manga #drawing #instaart #masterpiece #copics #copicmarkers #jaytoon #dope #fresh #bronx #harlem #Melanin #hardestartist #shehulk #shehulksmash #harlequin #dccomics #marvel #marvelcomics

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The best thing about batman is that there are a lot of cool ass woman villians in his universe (Also Batgirl and the lesbian Batwoman) and as a little girl whenever I watched batman I hoped that Id see Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and the extra rare appearance of Batwoman in that episode. Or even a really cool one shot girl villian. Im really only interested in female characters in comics. Ive only ever been interested in female driven superhero stories. I skip over many of these white dude superhero movies. Havent watched iron man. Superman. Captain America, The Avengers or any of the new Spiderman movies (Liked the Avengers though.) I used to read She-hulk when I was like 9 years old (and my little lesbian 9 year old self was attracted to her too). They try to make comics more girly to attract female readers, or they just stick with the same old hetero cis white man lead and say that thats what sells…. all they really need to attract female readers…..50% of the population BTW… is to have actual women superhero/vllian leads with their own comics. Cause I remember being a kid and being in the comic store searching for a girl superhero and only finding one that wasnt in a bikini and not so sexuallized… She-hulk (That stuff made me uncomfortable as a kid and I still pass over the comics with a woman in a warrior bikini)

Wildest Dreams Part 7. Unleash the Savage

Part 7/? I hope you enjoy!

The drive to the Avengers Facility seemed particularly longer that day than usual, most likely because Jen had avoided stepping foot in it following the awkward run in with Natasha and Bucky in the streets of New York the month before, but Tony had insisted she come since he hadn’t seen her in so long and a few of the others would be there, giving them the perfect chance to get to know each other some more. Though he had promised her that both the people she was trying to avoid wouldn’t be there, that they were on a mission somewhere which put her at ease somewhat. Bruce parked their car in the garage as Jen grabbed her handbag and the pair made their way inside into the kitchen, where the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filled the facility, they had assumed that was where everyone would be and they were correct. Tony walked over to the cousins, greeting them with friendly hugs and inviting them to sit around the kitchen island with everyone else who had already begun tucking into the cookies that had just left the oven. Taking a seat next the Wanda, whom she had a lot of catching up to do with following their text messages, she grabbed one too from the plate, accepting a cool glass of milk from Sam who was pouring some out for everyone.

“These are really good.” Jenny commented after taking her first bite, she was still shy around all these new people and trying to make conversation seemed like the best way of helping her to fit in.

“Why thank you Miss Walters.” Vision replied, in his spare time he tried his best to ‘fit in’ with his team mates, taking a liking to cooking as it was something everyone appreciated and he seemed to have a knack for, something he must have got from Jarvis. The new team took this as a good opportunity to get to know each other a bit better, discussing likes and dislikes and how they knew everyone whilst the original members stood and watched. This was also one of the rare opportunities that Thor could make it to see his team, probably another reason Tony insisted she was here Jenny thought. The only members of the new group that were missing were Scott and Buck, though both had good reason to be absent. Jennifer enjoyed this rare opportunity to be herself, though when she was asked why she was picked to join the team she was a little stumped to think of an excuse, though luckily she didn’t have to as the discussion was interrupted by the arrival of the Black Widow and Winter Solider. A lump formed in the girls throat as she looked over at the pair, hadn’t Stark promised that they wouldn’t be here? But before the young lady could question it the sound of metal coming down screeched from all around them, a lockdown alarm blaring through the many speakers in the facility.

“What’s going on Tony?” Steve asked, just as confused as everyone else. He too was lead to believe this was just a friendly get together, not a prison experiment. The Iron Man folded his arms over his chest and turned to face the Captain to explain himself.

“It’s been months since we bought in the new recruits to expand the Avengers programme and so far they have done nothing together. How are they going to know how to work as a team if there’s a situation where we can’t be there and it’s up to them. They can train all they like on their own but if they haven’t worked as a team we can’t risk sending any of them into the field. So I’ve created a simulation for group training.” Tony explained, everyone seemed to understand and agree though Bruce and Jen were angry, Jen still didn’t feel that she was ready to expose herself to everyone yet but she was trapped, in no position to protest. Especially when they look on their leaders face showed that he agreed.

“New recruits, suit up.” He commanded as he followed Tony in pursuit of the simulation room.

“Wait, I haven’t got any gear.” Jennifer announced as she stood at the back of the beeline before a brown paper bag was tossed to her by Natasha, who seemed to already be aware of the situation.

“Don’t worry, I took care of that for you.” She said with a smirk as the group continued to move through the halls. Peeking into the back Jen quietly groaned, she was going to look like a clown. As the new team changed they were all issued with ear pieces so they could stay in contact and follow instructions if necessary, when everyone was ready they met in the hallway outside of the simulation room they would be put in. Jennifer was ridiculously embarrassed about the bright purple dress that she had been given to wear, that was several sizes too big for her and caused her to trip when she walked, though the Falcon and Hawkeye took great humour out of it. The new recruits were instructed to walk down the stairs that lead to the simulation room whilst the original Avengers would be waiting in a room that overlooked them, with a one way window, watching their every move. Jen stayed to herself as they were immersed in the simulation, it appeared to look as though they were in a city and for the moment they were alone. Walking around she folded her arms over her chest, keeping to herself, that was until someone had spotted her.

“You’ve been avoiding me again.” Turning around she came face to face with Bucky, who too seemed to be avoiding the fight against the simulation enemies. Taking a deep breath Jen nodded, looking up into his icy blue eyes.

“Yeah, I have…” She replied before averting her gaze to the floor, having a conversation with him wasn’t something she wanted everyone else to hear, especially with all they had to talk about. The tension between them could even be felt by the Avengers that were in a completely different room, Bruce didn’t like it one bit. Tony’s hands moved over several buttons and he leant down to his microphone.

“Rhodey? Can you hear me?” He asked, eyes flicking up to the window to see if he could see his partner.

“Yes sir.” Rhodey responded, waving up to the window as she stood by Scarlet Witch, Flacon and Vision who were taking down the enemies.

“Mission is ago, just shoot her and you’ll be fine. I’ve configured your suit to send out air blasts, it’ll feel like someone is pushing her.” He commanded, watching War Machine aim his cannon at Walters.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Both Bruce and Steve demanded at the same time, a look of concern appearing on everyone’s faces, even Natasha’s, as the first blast hit Jen, pushing her forward into Bucky’s chest, who thankfully caught her in his arms. Jennifer thanked the soldier before turning around and taking a step forward, giving the man in the iron suit a questionable look before she turned around and began to walk away.

“She needs to be ready, that girl can do all the training she likes but if we don’t get the other woman soon we won’t know what we’re working with.” Tony replied to his team, before ordering Rhodey to give another blast.

“She’s not ready, we’ve got to get her out of there!” Bruce shouted back, running to the table to try and figure out what buttons would let him communicate with his cousin but he was pushed away and held back by Tony, ordering another blast, Jennifer falling to the floor this time.

“They don’t know that she’s a Hulk, Tony, none of them do!” Natasha shouted, getting worried for the young girl, let alone everyone else who was trapped in a small room with a rage monster.

“Oh shit…” Stark muttered, realising what he could have just provoked before pushing buttons on the control panel. “Abort mission, Jim, abort mission!” He shouted, though little did he know that hi voice was communicating with everyone in the room. Jen was in the process of getting off the floor when she heard Tony’s announcement. All of this was just so he could unleash her, so be it. Smirking she stood up, her small stature growing taller, her muscles growing, her skin turning green. Running towards War Machine she screamed, knocking him to the floor and  ripping his suit apart, pulling of the damned cannon and tossing it towards the window where everyone else stood watching, cracking the glass, making Tony jump.

“Are you happy now?!” the She Hulk shouted, her arms outstretched as the other new recruits stood in shock and awe. Her dress was now ripped to shreds, there was always a positive to the situation, she never had to wear that godawful thing again. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes, embracing her greener self, moving out of the way so Rhodey could get out of the remaints of his suit, Wanda’s proud laughing heard from the other side of the room as she clapped, everyone forgetting about the simulation creatures that were attacking. A laugh escaped the green goddesses lips before remembering who was stood behind her, slowing moving to face the man that caused her transformation the smile left her face, Jen’s shyness coming through as the smile left her face and she bolted out the room, running away from everyone. Looking up at the smashed window Bucky followed in suit, though he didn’t realize her cousin had already beat him in finding her. After a lot of running around he finally managed to get to the one place he thought she would be, a hole in the window and shredded metal confirmed his suspicions. There leaning across the balcony was She Hulk, wind blowing her dark green hair away from her face.

“So you really are something.” He spoke softly, walking towards the green lady, standing next to her and leaning across the balcony too. A small smile appeared on her face as she turned to look at the man.

“All thanks to you…don’t say sorry, we’re happy. Just some people don’t like the green.” She joked, the time for explanation would come soon but right now she was just relieved that she didn’t have to hide anymore. Relieved that she was finally accepted. “Bruce has just gone to fetch me some clothes so I can switch off.” Barnes nodded and looked at his hands, and then onto the orange sunset.

“So what do they call you? You have the Amazing Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk.” He asked, his eyes glancing over to her. Sighing the She Hulk moved from the balcony, folding her arms over her chest for warmth.

“The Savage She Hulk.” She announced, a look of sadness in her eyes before Bucky walked towards her, placing his metal hand on her shoulder, pushing her closer to him.

“I think she’s Sensational.” He said, looking into her bright blue eyes, pushing a strand of green hair behind her ear. “You’re still the most beautiful girl in the world.” A cough from Bruce interrupted the pair and Amazonian looking woman walked towards her cousin who wrapped her in a blanket, allowing her to de-Hulk out of sights from everyone. Pulling the blanket closer around herself Jen turned her head to look back at Bucky.

“See you around James.” She said, smiling as she walked away. A weight had been lifted from her shoulders, she could finally be free, be herself. It felt good.

(I am currently taking one shot and imagine requests, to find out more just follow the link here.)

To read more of ‘Wildest Dreams’ all parts can be found here.

Because looking like She-Hulk far outweighs looking like Barbie.

Picture was taken back in January. Sad to see just how much was lost for the months of slacking. Luckily I’ve had 3 months of going at it again. Cannot wait to update this picture.

Photo by @samortal

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