Sab bhikaari hain. Sab ko mangna parta hai. Koi ishq mangta hai, koi duniya mangta hai, aur jo yeh sab kuch nahi mangta, woh khwahish ka khatam hona mangta hai.


Translation: Everyone’s a beggar. Everyone asks for something. Some ask for love, some ask for the world and its pleasures, and those that don’t ask for either, ask to not have desires.

“ Mummy! Maine uss se kaha, Main bhi tum se muhabbat karti hun. Har cheez se ziada Muhabbat. Uss ne kaha mujhe iss ki parwah nahin.

Agar main Allah se ye kehti toh kia woh bhi yahi jawaab deta ?

Maine uss se kaha, Maine kon c ghalti ki hai ? Uss ne kaha, Main nahin jaanta.

Main Allah se yeh poochti toh kia woh mere sawaal ka jawaab naa deta ?

Maine uss se kaha, Maine pichlay 3 saal mai tumhare liye kia nahin kiya ? Uss ne kaha, Mujhay uski parwah nahin.

Agar main Allah k liye kuch karti toh kia Allah ko bhi parwah naa hoti ?

Maine uss se kaha, Maine pichlay 3 saal waise zindagi guzaari jaisi tum chaahty thay. Uss ne kaha, Main kia karun?

Agar main 3 saal Allah ki marzi k Mutaabiq zindagi guzarti toh kia Allah ye kehta ?

Maine uss se kaha, Tum mujhay btao main kia karun k tum khush ho jao, Mujhse muhabbat karny lago. Uss ne kaha, Mujhay tumhari zarurat he nahin hai. Mujhay tumhari koi baat, koi cheez khush nahin kar sakti.

Main Allah se ye kehti toh kia woh bhi yehi kehta ?

Mummy Allah or Insaan main yehi farq hai. Allah thokkar nahin maarta aur insaan bas thokar hee marta hai. ”

— Umera Ahmed, Shehr-e-Zaat

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What is your opinion on lsa? Honestly I feel as if Paksitan is so blinded by beauty that they forget that actors actually need to know how to act and have talent. Mahira has not given a good performance since Shehr e Zaat, she makes horrible faces when crying which was what she pretty much did in Raees, and Maya cannot act at all, yet they keep winning because their followers are too busy looking at how they look instead of how they act.

all pakistani awards shows are basically pakistani weddings. all show and no depth. I have to agree with you if you’re popular (not gifted/talented) then you end up winning all the awards.

The downfall of this you’re not creating new famous celebrities you’re reusing old stars continuously and eventually you’ll have no one left because the audience will get bored. Also, you’re not creating opportunities to show newer and younger celebrities or hard working celebrities that you appreciate them. 

for fans who favor famous celebrities and get really happy when their fav wins are so delirious and naive. when actresses/actors such as Faisal Qureshi, Sania Saeed, Saba Qamar etc. aren’t winning, you know its all biased and pointless. 

Tujhe banaya hai uss ne toh kya tujhay chor de ga? Kabhi maa mailay main bachay ki ungli chorti hai? Agar choot bhi jaye toh bacha itna beqaraar nahi hota jitni maa hoti hai. Phir Allah insaan ko kaise chor sakta hai? Tujhe kaise chor sakta hai? Uss ki nazar main jo aik baar aa jata hai hamesha rehta hai

Translation: Do you really think He’d leave you alone after creating you? Have you ever seen a mother let go of her child’s finger at an amusement park? Even if they do separate, the child doesn’t become as restless as the mother. So then how can Allah leave someone? How can He forget you? Once He has set His gaze upon you, you will forever remain in His sight.

Shehr E Zaat, Umera Ahmed

ab teri yaad se wehshat nahi hoti mujhko
zakhm khulte hain aziyat nahi hoti mujhko

ab koi aaye,chala jaye main khush rehta hon ab kisi shaks ki aadat nahi hoti mujhko

aesa badla hon tere shehr ka paani pee kar
jhoot boloon to nadamat nahi hoti mujhko

hai amaanat mein khayaanat,so kisi ki khatir
koi marta hai to hairat nahi hoti mujhko

itna masroof hoon jeene ki hawas mein Mohsin
saans lene ki b fursat nahi hoti mujhko …

Androon Shehr. (Inner City, Lahore)

I always loved to go to Androon Shehr. I remember my nano used to live there, homes there had their roofs connected and we kids would skip those roofs and would go as far as we could. Those were the days!

Daughter: Mama, do you know what a man is to a woman?
Mother: Why are you asking about this?
Daughter: Do you know what a man is to a woman? He is a door. The job of a door is to either lead to the right path or block the path. This door blocked my path. Not only mine, but all woman’s paths. They don’t let us get ahead. They’ve never let us get ahead. And the woman…she never even tries to open the door. She just sits at the doorstep and kisses it and makes prostration to it. Then why should the door lead the way?
Mother: Why are you talking like this?
Daughter: Do you know what a woman is? She’s a vine, and man is the wall. All her life, the vine tries to find a wall so that she can climb up and can be seen. The vine can only climb up as far as the wall is high. The vine thinks that if there isn’t a wall, she isn’t anything. She gets stepped on under people’s feet so she becomes dependent on the wall. She covers it and decorates and beautifies it with her flowers. When she dries up she still sticks to the wall. Like a lizard [meant as an insult].
Mother: Don’t think about these things!
Daughter: See how the wall benefits from all this? The vine covers and decorates and beautifies him. But the wall only supports. Only supports.
—  Pakistani Drama Shehr-e-Zaat written by Umera Ahmed