shehla chatoor fashion


ALL THE RAJ by Shehla Chatoor - F/W Collection 2015 from Nadir Firoz Khan


Shehla Chatoor, All the Raj, Fall/Winter 2015 (X)

“With a playful nod to the grandeur of  Sub-continental royalty and subtle style influences left by the British, the vintage- revivalist collection which also includes in-house hand-crafted shoes, clutches and traditional jewelry harks back to the majestic British Raj and juxtaposes this regal aesthetic with a contemporary twist for the modern bride.  The silhouettes, embellishment and colour palette are a thoughtful union between the dreamy classicism of the Raj’s vintage costumes and the influences of an enveloping European culture which together create both timeless and Boho-edgy pieces which are also a sincere ode to craftsmen.”


Shehla Chatoor’s “All the Raj” fashion film is giving me all kinds of feels.