Over the years with my sisterlocks I’ve had a lot of trial and errors and I have researched and documented..and even though I have been a consultant for as long as I’ve had my sisterlocks, I never offered full service simply because I wasn’t formally trained to do so. What I would do however is visit didfferent salons and get my colouring… cutting and treatment done. This I would always do before I recommend them to my clients who had similar needs. I would even make sure to sell them sisterlocks products to use on my clients. What was clear from my experiences and my clients complaints was the fact that not everyone could care for sisterlocks well…for example when we say to cosmetologists that we don’t use grease and pomades in our hair as a daily care option, plus the sisterlocks shampoo cleans the hair.. therefore we don’t need aggressive agitation. It is mind boggling to them because as far as they are concerned it’s locks so it must be scrubbed. Then you get up use. from the shampoo basin knowing a couple locks were damaged because of the dirt demon exorcism scrub you got from the acrylic wearing shampoo girl. By 2011 I decided to add to all the knowledge I had gained so i could put it to good use. I got trained and became a certified cosmetologist.This was interesting as there is nothing in the cosmetology curriculum for black haircare without chemical alteration. So the program was tailored by a specialist who taught me cutting, colouring and treatment of natural hair. Then I opened an all natural space that specializes in SISTERLOCKS. That is how Adzua Natural Spa was born. #sisterlocks #womenwithlocks #locstyles #locqueen #loclivin #naturalhaircare #locspiration #locnation #locjourney #sumlocks #4theluvoflocks #iamlocd #islandnaturals #naturallyfierce #shegivesface #igers #picoftheday #naturalhairdaily #Longhair