I am in shock at how many people are actually upset that Michael doesn’t want to dye his hair anymore. Like this boy dyed and dyed his hair so much to keep his “persona” to the point where he is literally insecure about it. He gets actual anxiety when people ask the next color because in the back of his mind he’s over the whole hair thing. It’s not your hair. It’s Michaels. The aftermath of dying your hair is so damaging and Michael knew that but he did it to keep us happy. Have you thought about Michaels happiness and the way he views himself? He’s never been confident in the first place and bashing him on something he doesn’t want to do anymore is ridiculous. It’s the end of his “hair era”, big deal. Michael has so many beautiful qualities about him including his natural hair.


Florals, doughnuts and coffee…dream combination!

sound check highlights: sheffield

songs played
Long Way Home
Catch Fire

  • ashton joked about michael going bald
  • a fan gave michael a pikachu shirt
  • “your package looks good today” - Michael to Ashton
  • michael “stripped”
  • they played sexy and i know it
  • “if you could do something that you wouldn’t get caught doing, what would it be?”
    5sos: we can’t say that out loud
    michael: be a good girl
    ashton: brick the house of the preist i bought my first car off of because the engine fell off when calum and i were in the car
  • “what colour will you dye your hair next, michael?”
    michael: im gonna give it a break and go back to my natural color because it’s really badly damaged and thin now
  • michael also said his hair gets him down & it stresses him out when people ask when he’ll dye it next
  • they confirmed that Long Way Home isn’t on the setlist and they won’t be playing it
  • “what do you whisper about on stage?”
    ashton: are there any grandmas in the audience