I don't care if none of this is making sense, get over it!

Pierce The Veil were absolutely amazing! Holy shit. The confetti was great apart from when it stuck to my face because I was so sweaty -_-
Urgh I couldn’t stop crying during Bulls In The Bronx and Hold On Till May. I got separated from my friends and ended up a few rows from the front and I’m pretty sure I made eye contact with Jaime and Vic!
Hands Like Houses were so good, the lead singer was so adorable omg, Woe Is Me were absolutely mental, I was pretty sure I was going to die at one point…xD
We also met Matt Nicholls from BMTH after the gig and it was perfect I can’t even..

Let me tell you about my weekend...

This is going to be quite long because it’s been so great so sorry about that.

On Friday night (7/12/2012) I went to see Canterbury, Mallory Knox and Scholars at Sheffield Corporation (a venue that smelt of stale alcohol and piss. Yum). I had no idea what to expect from Scholars but they’re such an incredible live band. The amount of energy they put in was amazing and their front man  Sam was absolutely mental. He didn’t stop moving and his voice was flawless.

Mallory Knox were also incredible. I’d only listened to a few of their songs but I still didn’t feel out of it because they were so enjoyable to watch.

Now, Canterbury are my favourite band (and have been for a couple of years) and this was the first time I’d seen hem headline. I had BIG expectations. As soon as the first note of Heavy In The Day was played, everybody was cheering. During the second song (Something Better) Mike managed to break a string which was quite funny. So during the rest of the set the whole crowd was mental and sang along to every word. At some points Mike and Luke just stopped singing and smiled and let us do all the work. Lazy bastards.

After the show, I bought the last Scholars EP that they had and met Sam who was absolutely lovely. I also spoke to Mikey from Mallory Knox who was also lovely. Then I spoke to Sam and Joe from Mallory Knox for ages about their album and the possibility of Sam getting a mowhawk to compete with Mikey’s hair. Then security kicked everyone out so we all moved outside onto the street. Luke was absolutely freezing so I kept on hugging him and he was so bloody lovely. Then we moved onto Mike who burped. He got a few weird looks and went “What?! That’s ok here right? You do that down south and people give you death threats” which was pretty funny and he was also just as lovely as he was before but said that Leicester was going to be shit. Then I spoke to Dave and James from Mallory and yeah it was a fucking fantastic night.

Then! Yesterday (8/12/2012) I went to the Leicester 02 Academy 3 show (a venue that smelt of roses compared with Corp and that had a makeshift stage that wasn’t really a stage, it was tiny). My brother’s at university there so I was able to take him (he does like them, I didn’t just force him to go). I got to the show and I was like the 7th or 8th person in so I was able to be on the barrier for the whole gig which was ace.

Scholars were yet again brilliant. Sammy sang for about 15 seconds in my face which was slightly intimidating which really funny. He kept on laughing at me. He recognised me from the previous night which is why he did it.

Mallory were also fucking amazing again, the amount of times Mikey smiles during shows is adorable. James also gave me his plectrum which was ace.

Right, Canterbury! The atmosphere was even better than the previous night. Yet again everyone sang along to every word and jumped and yeah, Mike and Luke kept on smiling at me. And Mike broke another string. His red guitar isn’t doing too well. They were incredible again.

When they left the stage I stayed at the barrier for a bit and it was worth it because I managed to get my hands on one of two set lists and one of Luke’s plectrums.

Luke literally went from the stage to the floor to say hello to everyone. While someone else was talking to him, he looked at me, smiled and sup-nodded me. People kept on stealing him every time I rid to get to him so I moved on to Mike who was trying to get away from the lovely Jess who was ill. I said “I’m perfectly healthy” and he said “Well, then, come through and hug me and stand under my photo arm.” And then he signed my set list and we talked about how he was wrong about Leicester being shit. So, yeah, yet again Michael was lovely. I then went back to Luke who also signed my set list and hugged me. He was still really sweaty so I told him that and said “So you’re a lot warmer than last night?” he said yes and then told me off for calling him sweaty and said he wouldn’t hug me any more if I  carried on. Needless to say, I shut up.

I managed to grab James and Scott too last night which is something that I wasn’t able to do the previous night. I got to tell Scott that he’s the male Beyonce for someone. He seemed OK with it…

Yeah, so, my weekend was fucking brilliant and I want to relive it and I’ve also developed Mallory Knox and Scholars feels. Sigh.

If you’ve read this far, thank you, you must be very bored.