I don't care if none of this is making sense, get over it!

Pierce The Veil were absolutely amazing! Holy shit. The confetti was great apart from when it stuck to my face because I was so sweaty -_-
Urgh I couldn’t stop crying during Bulls In The Bronx and Hold On Till May. I got separated from my friends and ended up a few rows from the front and I’m pretty sure I made eye contact with Jaime and Vic!
Hands Like Houses were so good, the lead singer was so adorable omg, Woe Is Me were absolutely mental, I was pretty sure I was going to die at one point…xD
We also met Matt Nicholls from BMTH after the gig and it was perfect I can’t even..

Canterbury was brilliant!

I’d been waiting out in the snow for Canterbury since half 5! There was only like 12 of us waiting at first and at about 6 the band came brought us out tea and chocolate! Full on legends. I got their setlist, a signed poster, had a photo with Luke & got him to sign my ticket. And the singer (Thomas Jenkins, I think it is) from Straight Lines signed my CD :D Also Proxies and Straight Lines are VERY good bands :D