This lovely cat lives in the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. He’s got a huge bushy tail and gets all sorts of plants stuck in it. He tried to remove some just before the last 2 photos and ended up with a mouthful of his own hair!

i did it y’all. i handed in my dissertation today!! i’m done my masters degree!!!!!! my dissertation title is: Racial Dis-Identification & Reshaping White Identity. it’s basically about why white people like Rachel Dolezal (also white people who claim to have descended from Cherokee princesses) feel the need to try to dilute or disguise their white privilege and how harmful that is to oppressed groups. i also outline what i think is necessary for a positive (read: anti-racist, anti-colonialist, anti-oppressive) white identity. it ended up being about 10K words but once it’s marked and returned i will post it somewhere if anyone wants to read it!!

Hello world! I thought I’d save this post for my blog until I was 100% certain where I was going, and that’s the University of Sheffield! It’s my insurance choice, but I’m so so so excited to be studying at such a great uni. For Bristol, I had to get A*AA, and I ended up with ABB. I finally got my A in English Lit which I was over the moon about and I also got a B in Maths (my results for A2 were all awful, but my high A from AS just about saved it, I panicked waaaaay too much this year when I got in the room!). My Art was moderated down to a B, so I’m appealing that as I was predicted to get a high A/A* and was on track for the entire year. Anyway, either way, I’m off to Sheffield, and I’m not disappointed about anything bar the downgrading of my art. I have an education for the next 3 years at a brilliant university and I can’t wait!

Feel free to message me if you’re a student at Sheffield, or you’re also going to be starting in September!

I hope everyone else got what they wanted, and if not, I hope you’re still content and balanced. It may be hard to see through disappointment initially, but in the end you’ll soar. All my love x

No water in the water fountain, June 21 2015.

More pictures of the Old Town Hall.

Water Fountain - tUnE-yArDs