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Got7 Reaction #20 - Their crush builds a fort for them to spend the day in

anon asked: Got7 reaction to going to visit their friend(crush) but they surprise them by building a fort to spend all day in. Thank u 💕

Mark: This man would be like a kid again! He rarely is wild like the other members typically are, but this time with you he’ll let himself go and let his inner child come out for a night.

Be prepared for a lot of Nerf gun fighting and Marks high-pitched laughing when a dart sticks to your forehead.

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Jaebum: We know that sometimes Jaebum gets into those childish moods where he’s just freaking crazy. This is definitely one of those times because when he sees the fort… pretend that you’re Mark in the gif xD

He’s beyond exited to be able to let go with all the stress he’s had with the comeback. His inner childish side will come out but at the end of the night, he’s still a man so when your childish wrestling over the last piece of pizza gets out of hand, things may still get a little heated between you two. Even though you didn’t mean for it to happen, it would always seem to end that way.

Like I said, Jaebum is a child at heart but he is still a grown ass man with an inappropriate mind.

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I’d like to write poetry about how adventure by your side would be- the cool ocean breeze at our fingertips and the misty mountains at our backs. I’d like to write about tent camping, fires that won’t start and hiking that leaves us hot and sweaty. Instead, I’ll write about the less exciting, more realistic version of us. You are my good mornings filled with lazy smiles, heavy eyes and bags that hang like sad tired curtains. I’ll write about our awful messy buns, bad breath and mumbled hellos. I want days filled with you in the most boring and simplistic way. I want coffee breath, fighting over the bathroom sink, and hurried kisses before heading to work. I want mid-day lunch breaks where all I can think of is if I turned off the coffee pot and straightener that morning. I’ll anxiously call you and before even saying hello. I’ll call and immediately say “babe do you remember if the straightener is off?” you’ll pause for a moment and laugh at how forgetful I have always been; but you’ll always reassure me that you somehow remembered. I want rainy days with you where we are so tempted to play hooky and lay in bed all day. I want rainy days when sad music plays in rhythm to the raindrops falling on our windowsill. I want the cold bitter grey that reminds us life isn’t always bright and sunny. I want the days where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and maybe you will too, we’ll bicker like an old married couple and argue over who must take out the trash and feed our animals. I want those small arguments where we get so caught up in the moment we don’t realize we’re being dramatic. I want to fight over small things like hair tie brands and what type of make-up works better. I want to laugh with you after those fights when we finally realize it’s okay to have differences, but 5 minutes later we will continue bickering about something new. When I’m driving, you’ll tell me to stop being so reckless and we’ll flip through the radio stations faster than the speed of my ADHD. I’ll sing along to the lamest songs and you’ll always make fun of me, just like you always have. I want the fights and arguments over which video game we’ll end up playing. “Don’t mod your character that way, you’ll fuck us up when we get to the higher ranks” I can already picture gaming with you in twenty years when we’re both 40 and old but still screaming like the crazy kids we were at 22 and 23. I want days that drag on and never seem to end because I know you’re the one I’m going to come home to. I want the delirious laughter at 2am when we’ve stayed up way too late planning our next big trip together and somehow ended up building a bed-sheet fort in our living room. I want to cook French toast for you when its 1:30 am and you’re already ready for bed but the craving just won’t go away. I want clumsy kitchen dates where we both end up fighting over who is going to prep the vegetables and who will clean up the mess we’ve begun making. I want dates to the animal shelter with your hand in mine. I will never be ashamed of you in public, no matter where we live. If our home is in the deep south or the heart of San Francisco I will always hold your hand if you want me to. I want coffee dates where we forget that we’re with each other because we’re both so overwhelmed with work and school. I want days that seem to stretch forever and the days that seem as short as a few hours. I want it all. The good days where you feel beautiful but also all of the days where you want to hide away from the world and shut everything out, even me. I want a place to call home with you, but if we don’t have that I hope you know you’ll always be my home. Sure, adventure sounds nice but even if we lived the most simplistic little life everything with you is always an adventure. Let’s scale a mountain…. Of paper work and over due bills, lets cry together when things get hard, and lets never go to bed angry. Let’s go camping across the world, or just in our backyard. Let’s backpack through foreign countries or just stay at home and watch movies about backpacking. I don’t need an extravagant life filled with endless travel, I need you by my side and I promise that you will always be a big enough adventure for me.
—  I will stand by your side through anything
Angel - a drabble

Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: The angel needed his own angel sometimes

Word Count: 744

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It’s no secret that Park Jimin was a sweet and caring angel. He’d check the stage before performances to make sure everything was safe. He’d ask all the members if they needed anything like food or snacks before he thought about what he wanted himself. He’d be the shoulder to lean on or that ear to lend whenever a member wanted to get something of their chest. And he wasn’t just caring for the members of BTS. He was like that with everyone, you included of course. 

But whenever he seemed like he was in need of help, he was always too shy to ask. So that’s why you weren’t surprised when Taehyung had texted you in the middle of day to keep an eye on your boyfriend when he got home,

[Taehyung]: Y/N, I think Chim has a cold

[Y/N]: What? Tell him to come home

[Taehyung]: I tried, but he’s being stubborn again. He keeps saying he’s alright.

You had sighed because you knew that there was no way to convince Jimin to come home from practice early. 

A few hours went by and you killed the time by anxiously channel surfing and constantly checking your phone for any messages from the boys or Jimin. Relief only overwhelmed you when you heard the front door open and shut, but worry once again took over when you saw the state Jimin was in. 

He clearly wasn’t alright. 

His nose was red, his face was flush, he looked so drained. The way he walked was so sluggish and he looked like he was going to collapse at any moment. He definitely was running a fever as well. Despite that, you couldn’t help but smile as he attempted to make his way over to you to give you the usual peck on the cheek whenever he got home,

“J-Jagi I…I…I’m…ACHOO!” He sneezed before he could make it half way to where you were. Immediately you stood up, handed him a tissue from a nearby tissue box and led him to the bathroom,

“Go take a shower and go right to bed after, okay?” Jimin weakly nodded and followed your command while you went to the kitchen to heat up some of the porridge you made him earlier in the evening. Sure enough, after a little while, you found Jimin snuggled in your bed underneath a mountain of blankets. 

Carefully, without trying to spill anything, you set down the tray of food on the night stand next to your bed. In it, under the fluffy fort of sheets, was your very sick and fever ridden boyfriend. 

“Jiminie?” You pinched a small bit of the blanket, pulling it away ever so slightly so that you could uncover his face. He didn’t speak, just hummed softly, to acknowledge your presence,

“You gotta get up and eat something.” He slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust to the bright fluorescent light from the ceiling lamp.

“Okay.” His voice was hoarse and could barely be heard, probably because he must have lost it a while ago. You helped him sit up against the headboard. 

You turned to the food, scooped a spoonful from the bowl and brought it to Jimin’s lips. 

“Jagiya, I can feed my…” Before he could finish his statement, you shoved the porridge into his mouth,

“Jimin, you always take care of me and the other members…I knew you wouldn’t let them help you during practice today, so at least let me take care of you now.” 

He would have protested, but his mouth was stuffed with porridge and your insistent glare was quite intimidating. You spoon fed him until the entire bowl was spotless. Just as you set the bowl back on the tray, you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you into the sheets,

“Yah, Jiminie…I gotta wash the dishes…” He snuggled his face against your back,

“They can wait…” Very quickly, you admitted defeat to Jimin’s superior adorableness and adjusted yourself so that you were now under the covers with him more comfortably. Jimin’s breathing seemed to slow and relax now that you were in his arms, 



“Thanks for being such an angel.” You smiled with content against his chest, his warm breath hitting the top of your head. 

You didn’t even care if he got you sick because at least then, you two would be able to care for each other like the little angels you both were.

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All About Her

Summary: Mickey talks to Ian about his mother on Mother’s Day. Ian decides to help Mickey honor her.

Word Count: 1034

Notes: Such an adorable request!

Mickey was watching as Ian’s eyes fluttered open. Normally Ian was up and out of bed way before Mickey opened his eyes, so it was nice to be up first for once. Ian was so beautiful to look at.

When the redhead realized his husband was awake, he raised his eyebrows. “Morning,” he mumbled. “You’re up early.” He pulled him in for a kiss, not caring about the morning breath.

Once their lips separate, Mickey put his hands on Ian’s chest. “You know it’s Mother’s Day?” He asked.

Ian nodded. “I know,” he raised an eyebrow again. The only time Mickey would ever speak about Mother’s Day was if it was about Svetlana, Fiona, or Debbie, and they all already celebrate so why was he talking about it?

Mickey chuckled lightly. “I ever tell you about my mom?” He asked.

Ian shook his head. “No,” he responded. Mickey always avoided all talk about his mother, so this was a big surprise. From the love he heard in his husband’s voice though, Ian could tell Mickey wanted to talk about it. “Tell me all about her.”

Mickey smiled— genuinely smiled. “Her name was Galina. Man, you would’ve loved her,” he said happily. “She would’ve loved you,” he spoke with wide eyes.

“Really?” Ian said. He was so intrigued to be hearing his husband talk about his family, especially involving him.

Mickey nodded. “Fuck yes. She’s just like fucking Nadia, through and through, and Nadia loves you— it’s a fucking spitting image,” he said matter-of-factly as he spoke of their daughter. “I loved her so much, Ian,” he smiled. Mickey didn’t really understand why he wanted to talk about his mother after all these years, but he figured he might as well be opened about it.

“I can tell,” Ian’s heart fluttered.

“She’d used to talk to us in Ukrainian all the time. I can speak that, you know?”

“What? Are fucking serious?” Ian’s jaw dropped. How didn’t he know this?

Mickey smirked. “Yeah, man. Never told you because I never had any reason to use it,” he shrugged. “She’d always be playin’ this Ukrainian folk song, so Igs, Mands, and I caught on pretty quick.” He genuinely giggled. “It was like we had our own little secret language that the evil fuck Terry couldn’t understand,” Mickey said proudly.

Though he desperately wanted to hear Mickey speak Ukrainian, Ian also wanted to hear more about the Milkovich mother, so he decided to take the latter. “What else did you used to do with your mom?”

“Hop scotch,” Mickey admitted.

“What?” Ian chuckled. “Hopscotch?” He giggled. That was definitely not the answer that he was expecting.

The dark haired man nodded. “Yeah, she always bought chalk and we’d play hopscotch on the sidewalk. When it was cold or rainy, we’d build forts— used to do that in my room too whenever Terry would come home drunk. She’d tell us to hide in there til she could come get us. Fuck, I loved her so much.” He was speaking of his mother like she was an angel, and in all honesty, that’s exactly what she was. “I miss her,” he said quietly.

Ian brought his hand up to Mickey’s cheek and started stroking down his face. This man made him breathless. “I know—”

Suddenly the emotional and intimate moment was cut off by two kids. “Good morning!” Yevgeny shouted as he and his sister jumped on their fathers bed.

“Ahh,” Ian pulled Yevgeny into a hug as Mickey did the same with Nadia. “Morning, babies,” Ian said as he and Mickey switched kids.

Yevgeny sat up. “I’m not a fucking baby,” he moaned. “I’m ten.” He was just like his father— and his mother as a matter of fact. The image between Mickey and Yevgeny was impeccable though.

“Yevgeny! You are not allowed to use that language,” Ian scolded, but Mickey laughed and gave him a fist bump. Ian slapped his husband in the arm.

Nadia disapproving shook his her head. “Daddy, I told him not to do that. He never freaking listens to me though,” the five year old said with a lot of sassiness that came directly from Ian.

Nadia and Yevgeny started to bicker in the most loving way, like usual. Ian and Mickey looked at each other with a face of love and then turned to separate the kids. They were both so little so it was easy to play with them and tickle them. Once the children’s argument turned into a fit of laughter, the family cuddled up on the bed.

Yevgeny suddenly got excited. “Hey! It’s a Sunday,” he said. They’ve had Sunday as either their ‘lazy’ day or their ‘adventure’ day since Yev was four years old. “What are we gonna do today?”

Not giving Mickey a chance to answer, Ian spoke. “You guys ever do hopscotch?” He looked at his children intently as he waited for an answer. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mickey staring at him in admiration.

As Yevgeny was shaking his head and about to ask what hopscotch was, Nadia perked herself up. “I have! Aunt Mandy taught me how to.”

Mickey’s chest tightened and he felt like his heart stopped beating when he heard that. He didn’t know Mandy thought about it enough to eve try and relive it. He saw Ian looking at him and gave his hand a tight squeeze. “We’re gonna do that today,” Mickey said.

“Okay,” Yevgeny responded with confusion. “I don’t know what that is. Don’t forget to teach me,” he said seriously, making Ian and Mickey chuckle.

“Anything else?” Nadia asked with a smile.

“Forts!” Ian called out. He and the kids started bouncing on the bed, Ian definitely knew how to act like a child. “We’re gonna build forts!”

This got the children’s attention, for sure. They were giggling and jumping for joy. “Yay!” Nadia called out over and over again.

Mickey grabbed Ian by the back of his neck and pulled him in for a thank you kiss. His mother deserved to be remembered and if it came from using sidewalk chalk to play hopscotch and sheets to build forts, than so be it.

I want to be tangled up in sheets
with the touch of your hands upon my skin
like diving into the folds of warm laundry on 
a weekend afternoon;
yet the sheets are merely a fort,
yet your hands are merely tickles.
I want to be submerged in a life with you,
submerged in innocence,
and the purest form of the word love.
I just want to dive into a love so deep,
tears so raw,
heartbreaks so uncanny,
that we resemble picture films.
Because that’s what we would be.
Unreal in the sense of pure,
unreal in the sense of innocent,
unreal in the sense of love.
We’d be ethereal, darling,
you and me;
tangled in sheets that smelled
like love
and coffee
and innocence.
—  S. Renea
Snowflake Whispers

Hey! So this is the oneshot I promised you all! It’s the second part to my ‘‘As The Snowflakes Fall’‘ fic, I will put the link below so you can read it if you want. As always, thank you for supporting my writing and any feedback is welcome!

summary: Dan and Phil end up at Phil’s flat after Dan fell on ice at the start of their second date.

A movie marathon, popcorn and slip ups happen.

You could say it’s a complete second date.

words: 2.6k

no trigger warnings


Phil opened the front door of his flat, letting Dan go through it first as they took their shoes off, hanging their coats and beanies on the wooden hangers that were in the hallway, the warm instantly making them both feel better in contrast to the cold that was outside.

“Do you think your wrist will be okay without any bandage?” was the first thing Phil asked. After his fall in the ice he was worried and wanted to make sure he was okay.

Dan looked at his wrist and moved it a bit apparently it wasn’t that bad, it didn’t hurt so it should be fine. He could survive without any bandage or anything now. “I think I will be okay, I will tell you if it hurts again, okay?”

Phil nodded before speaking again. “Let me get you some sweatpants so you can change, okay? The bathroom is right there. You can leave your jeans in the towel rack, they are next to the heating so they will dry, don’t worry” Phil smiled at him, leading him through the hallway, pointing at a white door that was a bit open, “there is a hairdryer just in the cabinet if you want to dry your boxers. I guessed you wouldn’t want to wear one of mine… it would be a bit awkward, right?” Phil chuckled.

Dan just nodded as a blush extended on his cheeks. Who would have thought he would have to blow dry his boxers on his second date? Not him, that for sure. So he decided on muttering a short “thanks” as Phil ran through the flat to what Dan supposed it was his bedroom, where he heard some opening of drawers, only to see him come back a minute later with a pair fo black sweatpants that he handed to Dan.

“I will wait for you in the lounge, it’s the second door to the left, okay? I expect you to have already a movie in mind by the time you come!” Phil happily said, offering Dan a wide smile and turning around to go to the lounge.

Dan waited till Phil was out of sight to close the bathroom door and leaning his back against it, sighing before a small smile appeared on his face.

By far this was the strangest date he had ever had. He had fallen down in the ice in the middle of a park and wet his pants, but it didn’t matter because it happened with Phil. In less than two hours he had showed him what a caring and attentive man he was, and also the sweetest. He couldn’t ask for more to be honest.

Dan shook his head, messing his curls a bit as he got out of the daze he was in, putting getting out of his jeans and boxers before searching the hairdryer and starting to dry the later…

Okay, this was going to take a while. Was he in mood for action or comedy? Cartoons maybe? Yeah, it wasn’t going to be easy to choose…


Dan walked into the lounge only to be surprised, his mouth widening instantly as he looked around to see what the blue eyed had done. Phil had arranged the sofa with some cushions and blankets so it was like a fort, a sheet covering it all so it was all like a cocoon. There were even some fairy lights and candles lighting up the room, a nice smell of popcorn reaching his nostrils instantly.

Phil was putting one last pillow on the floor when he spotted Dan, “so, did you decide on a movie yet?” walking closer to him as the brown eyed just kept staring at everything.

“Phil… what…?” he ignored Phil’s question, he was still to impressed to articulate more than that.

“I wanted to do something nice for you after the day you have had… hope it’s enough, I couldn’t think of more with such short time.” Phil said as he scratched the back of his neck and touched Dan’s left hand, finally grabbing his attention and making their eyes met.

Dan stared at him, mouth opening and closing before finally having thought of something “Phil, I don’t know what to even say I… This is amazing, believe me. Thank you, really. Thnak you.”

Phil let out a little sigh and smiled at him, “you’re welcome, Dan.”

He laced their hands together, taking a few steps closer to the fort, drawing back one fo the blankets so they could climb inside it, sitting down next to each other on the comfy couch, sinking down into many of the cushions surrounding them now and grabbing the only blanket that was probably left in Phil’s flat right now to cover their legs.

“Do you mind sharing a blanket? I think I have some other left in my bedroom if you want.” Phil went to stand up but Dan was faster and grabbed his forearm, tugging him down into the sofa again, making him sit closer than they were before.

“No, I think after all you have done I can bare to share a blanket with you, don’t you think?” Dan said, making both of them laugh a bit as he arranged the blanked better around them.

Dan spotted some food bowls by the coffee table and  Phil’s laptop that was connected to the tv. “So, you didn’t answer me earlier… which movie do you want to watch?”

“I have been thinking and you may find this weird but I haven’t seen the Back To The Future movies yet. I have been wanti…” but Dan couldn’t finish his sentence as he heard Phil take a sharp intake of breath.

“You are telling me you haven’t seen the Back To The Future triology?” he cautiously said, as if measuring every word, looking at him as if he was mad.

Dan shook his head ‘no’ as he sheepishly smiled at him. He had never seen them because his parents never really showed them to him, and even though he had heard of them he never got the opportunity to see them.

“Okay, that’s it. You are in for a Back To The Future marathon. They are going to blow your mind, I’m sure.” Phil said as he grabbed his laptop and easily put the first movie on, setting it down on the floor so the light didn’t bother them as the film proyected on the tv.

Dan leaned back further into the cushions as he blindly searched for Phil’s hand under the blanket, making Phil look at him, instantly offering him a small simle that dan mirrored. Phil leaned back too, after picking the bowl of popcorn and settling it on their thighs, shoulders touching as he let Dan trace random patterns at the back of his hand, sometimes making it’s way under the sleeve of Phil’s jumper so he could caress his arm too.

Dan didn’t know what was better, the adventure Marty and Doc were having or seeing Phil mouth almost every dialogue of the movie, sometimes muttering the words of the sentences. He could only smile at it. It was endearing to be honest.

A loud noise startled him and focused his gaze on the movie again, glad to know he hadn’t missed much of the plot and could still follow it fine.

Dan had to admit this second date had really improved and he couldn’t think of anything more to make it better.


The had finished the first movie, Dan commented a few points of it after they had decided on doing a short bathroom break and now the second one was over too.

“I cannot believe they made 2015 look like that. It was never that cool!” Dan complained as the credits from the second movie of the triology rolled.

“Yeah, all fans were waiting for this to happen but I guess reality didn’t get to achieve that level of awesomeness” Phil said, looking down at the bowl of popcorn where only a few were left. “You want those?”

Dan looked at the bowl and shook his head, remembering thow Phil had told him on their first date that popcorn was one of his favourite foods. “Nah, you eat those. It’s your favourite, right?”

“You remembered?” Phil surprisedly asked, wide eyed.

Dan frowned, “Why wouldn’t I? You told me on our first date…”

Phil shrugged and looked into the bowl, bringing some popcorn into his mouth, “No, it’s nothing…”

But Dan sensed there was more into it. He kind of guessed it was related to someone not remembering this kind of details of Phil. Like his favourite food or movies… Little things that made you know someone better.

“I’m not going to ask you or pressure you to tell me but, you can tell me if you want to.” Dan laced their fingers together and squeezed, making Phil look back at him, who offered him a small smile. Dan continued speaking, not really having seen the blue eyed’s gesture, “Not now or today of course, or if you want you can now but I…”

Phil smiled and leaned in, cutting Dan’s ramble with a peck on the cheek. “I don’t think I’m ready to tell you now but, thank you.”

Dan blushed as he stared at Phil for a moment, enjoying the soft smile on his face. He was sure he had a dumb face on right now, embarrassing himself. Trying not to look more stupid than he already believed he was, he tried to pick some popcorn to distract himself but Phil quickly moved the bowl out of his reach.

“Hey! You said you didn’t want any!” Phil fake-complained as he tried not to laugh.

“Well, I want some now.” Dan put as an excuse, trying to sound credible.

Phil sighed, smiling, bringing the bowl back to his lap, “Okay, you can have some but…”

“But what?” Dan inquired him, frowing. What was Phil playing at?

“But…” Phil picked some popcorn from the bowl and slowly lifted his hand, bringing it closer to Dan who suddenly caught up with Phil’s intentions and gladly opened his mouth, letting Phil feed him the salty snack, “I’m feeding it to you.” Phil finished his sentence at the same time Dan chewed, both instantly smiling at the cheesiness of the actions that made them burst out laughing.

Once the both of them had stopped laughing Dan spoke again, “Is this too cheesy for someone who who doesn’t like cheese?” letting Phil know that he remembered more of him. That he still wanted to know more of him, hoping Phil would notice he remembered this little detail he had also mentioned last time.

Phil beamed at him, letting the brown eyed know he was thankfull he had rememebred again. Dan was also glad he had managed to keep in mind that detail. Just seeing Phil smile like that was worth it.

“Well, it’s suposed to be cheesy right?” Phil answered, both of them laughing softly till Dan talked.  

“C'mon, but the last movie on, I’m quite excited how this one goes… I hope it has more flying skates.”

“You are not even ready for this one…” the blue eyed said mysteriously before grabbing his laptop and putting the last movie on, sushing Dan as he tried to ask about why he had said that. Was this more futuristic? Did they go back to the prehistoric era?  

“Shut up and enjoy the movie!” Phil almost shouted, leaning his head on Dan’s shoulder, making himself comfortable, putting his right arm over Dan’s stomach.

Dan instantly tensed, not really knowing why. The movement had been really sudden and took him by surprise, but it was nice to have Phil’s weight against his body. It was comforting,

“Is this okay?” Phil asked, his voice sounded shy and almost quiet. Dan really didn’t know if it was because he didn’t want to disturb the movie or because he felt really shy about this gesture.  

Dan realaxed and lifted his arm and put it around Phil’s shoulders, caressing it a bit, “Yeah, of course it is.”

And it really was okay. More than okay.


By the time the credits of the last movie were rolling neither of them moved, still in the position they had adapted by the start.

“Did you enjoy the movies?” Phil suddenly asked, lifting his head from Dan’s shoulder, looking at his profile, admiring the few moles that he could find on his cheek.

Dan hummed as he nodded, turning his head around and looking into Phil’s eyes, not really minding he was that close.

“I’m impressed. I think they could be one of my favourites.”

“Yes! Mission achieved! They are one of mine, I watch these movies at least once a year!” Phil excitedly told him, making Dan softly laugh at how enthusiatic he was about the films.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed you mutter the dialogues sometimes.” Dan commented, making the blue eyed blush as he ducked his head as if he was ashamed, “It’s cute, really. I need to thank you for agreeing to watch them, I really enjoyed them.”

“Well, I’m glad. At least I will have a boyfriend that will like them, I mean, they are awesome, what more could…” Phil stopped speaking as he noticed what he had said. Boyfriend. Wait. Had he really said the word 'boyfriend’ out loud? His mind was racing. He was thinking as Dan as his boyfriend but what of Dan had other idea? This could not be happening.

“Boyfriend?” he heard Dan ask. Phil stared at him open mouthed but quickly averted his gaze down to his hand that was playing with the hem of the blanket. Phil couldn’t look at him now. Not after this. Phil was sure he had already screwed up his chances, so he better explain it. He took a deep breath and began speaking.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking what I was saying. I don’t know why but in my head I had you as a potential boyfriend I think, but I assumed and I’m sorry. I understand if you don’t really want to be with me, I mean…”

Phil didn’t have time to finish as soft lips touched his, a hand caressing his cheek, bringing him even  closer, lips moving against his. Dan was kissing him. Dan. Was. Kissing. Him. This was one of teh best dates of his life, he was sure. If not the best.

The blue eyed finally reacted by moving his lips, lifting his arm to latch a hand around Dan’s nape so he could have a better grip on him.

They both separated for a bit before diving in for another kiss, this one with open mouths, letting their tongues discover each other, a few little moans making tehir way out of their throats.

“After all of this do you think I wouldn’t want to be your boyfriend?” Dan inquired teasingly, once the kiss was over, smiling at Phil’s reddened face.

“You really want to be my boyfriend?” Phil asked to assure himself. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Dan, because he did, but after all they had only gone on one date. Two if you counted this one…

Dan nodded, “Of course I want to. Didn’t those kisses give you a hint?” he said smiling.

Phil mirrored his smile and pulled a thinking face, “I think maybe I need a few more clues…”

The brown eyed rolled his eyes but still leaned in, giving Phil a peck on the lips, followed by a few more that were not that innocent anymore.

Neither of them expected their second date to end like this, but it was a better scenario than anything that they had imagined before, that for sure.

At least it had stopped snowing the next morning so Dan could return home.

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Alana and Zoe's first date headcanons??? I just want them gorls to be happy

•Alana plans the date, she has it all set up and it’s great…
•But it fucking rains
•Zoe turns up at her house, drenched like “we still have a date” they settle on a movie and things are pretty stagnant
•Zoe makes an off handed comment how it sucks it’s raining to night, it would have been a nice night to star gaze (hobby they share)
•Alana gets up and takes the sheet off her bed, she disappears for a few minutes then calls for Zoe in the next room.
•Alana has pinned up the sheet, made a small fort on her bed and is using her phone as a projector, casting the starry image on the sheet
•Girls cuddle up in the fort and talk, kiss, it’s not the perfect date, but for a first one it’s still a success

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sope for the ship thing!!

  • who hogs the duvet: Yoongi. Poor Hobi wakes up at least once a week in the middle of the night because he’s cold, only to look over and see that Yoongi has made himself a blanket cocoon (it’s too cute for him to ever complain about it tbh)
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Both of them!! They’re always texting throughout the day, even if it’s just small “did you eat lunch?” “when was the last time you took a break to nap/relax/stretch?”
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Hoseok! He’s always picking up on the smallest things that Yoongi mentions and will turn it into a silly gag gift that will make both of them laugh, while Yoongi still keeps it in Genius Labs or on the kitchen counter for Laughs (it’s how the ended up with a Domo themed toaster and why there’s this poster in Genius Labs)
  • who gets up first in the morning: They’re both horrible about getting out of bed unless it’s absolutely necessary. Sometime it’s Yoongi because he’s hungry, other time it’s Hoseok because he wanted to brush his teeth before the Morning Smooches started
  • who suggests new things in bed: Probably Hoseok. Yoongi knows what they both like and what works for both of them and is pretty content with that, so it’s usually Hobi who will come up to him and be like “
  • who cries at movies: Yoongi denies crying, but they both know that he 100% does. (Hoseok does too sometimes)
  • who gives unprompted massages: Both!! Hoseok’ll come up behind Yoongi while Yoongi is working on his laptop doing music stuff, and he’ll just start massaging over his shoulders, and sometimes they’re lounging on the couch, Yoongi sitting and Hobi laying down, and Yoongi will start massaging Hoseok’s feet for him.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick: I definietely feel like Yoongi is the Big Worrier whenever Hoseok gets sick, especially since he knows that sometimes Hoseok will overwork himself just because he doesn’t want to let the others down.
  • who gets jealous easiest: Yoongs lmao. But he’s lowkey about it, as in always standing a little closer to Hoseok or maybe holding his hand a little tighter.
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: J-HOOOOPPPEEE. Too many times has Yoongi walked into the practice room to where Hobi is dancing to like american 80′s synth/90′s boyband music and having the time of his life
  • who collects something unusual: It’s not really “unusual” per se, but they both like to collect cassette tapes, even if they never listen to them or have a player to listen to them on. It’s the #aesthetic and they like that they all have a unique story behind them (esp mixtape ones). Yoongi personally has a little collection of kumamon figurines, and Hoseok collects light house figurines since he loves the ocean.
  • who takes the longest to get ready: Surprisingly, Yoongi. He’s always picky about things like which belt to wear or if it’s a “beanie or baseball cap kind of day”. 
  • who is the most tidy and organised: They’re both pretty organised, but Hobi is probably just a little bit more tidy than Yoongs is.
  • who gets most excited about the holidays: Both!! They love the holidays, regardless of what it is (And they always take those silly couple selfies together in matching sweaters/holiday themed outfits
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: I will fight anyone who says that Yoongi isn’t a little spoon. Have you seen the way that he naturally sleeps??
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: YOONGI. Game nights are always a disaster because they always end with Yoongi claiming that he really won or there was a draft that messed up his dice roll or that he “really did sneeze” after knocking over half of the board.
  • who starts the most arguments: Admittedly Hoseok. Yoongi claims that he’s making a deal out of nothing, and it’ll be taken care of when it needs to be. Hoseok claims that Yoongi just doesn’t care and should save them both time and admit it.
  • who suggests that they buy a pet: It’s a mutual decision, really. They figure that Holly and Mickey both need another friend, so why not make it a mutual adoption?
  • what couple traditions they have: Every free Saturday that they have together, they make up a sheet fort in the dining room and watch movies together, all cuddled up. Every anniversary, they sit down that day together and write a lil letter to the other one for the NEXT anniversary that they have together before opening up the letters from last year.
  • what tv shows they watch together: most of the time they end up watching the animal planet channel together
  • what other couple they hang out with: Minjoon mostly, but sometimes Namjin or Jikook.
  • how they spend time together as a couple: a lot of mutual naps and cuddling, and sitting there side by side on their respective laptops and just making music. Hobi likes to get Yoongi in the practice room and doing some sort of choreo with him
  • who made the first move: Hobi!!! It was a very Not Smooth gay move of asking Yoongi out with a cheesy as fuck pickup line one night
  • who brings flowers home: Yoongi because he’s a giant sap and is always comparing Hoseok to being a flower “Well my flower deserves flowers” and also he likes seeing the way that Hobi lights up and does That Smile
  • who is the best cook: Yoongi~ Even though Hoseok isn’t a Bad cook, Yoongs still wins this title simply because he enjoys cooking the most out of the two of them.

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fierce-katzchen  asked:

Hiya! I told you i already followed your tumblr 😚 can i make a request? How the 2p would react to moving in with their lover? Also i love 2p china so much *nervous sweat*

((you got it~ also, what’chu nervous for? any 2p!china fan is an automatic friend of mine orz))

Moving in with a 2P

2p!america: would do a half-assed job of packing such as labeling a box ‘kitchen shit’ and would get sidetracked easily, like playfully throwing cellophane or newspaper balls at you

2p!china: would totally have sex with you on an air mattress, and/or run around the house’s empty halls like a kid while you’re unpacking and enjoy the open space (because he’s using to living with all his siblings where it gets cramped)

2p!england: would be really uptight and picky about choosing what to place in which cabinets, making sure everything’s organized, but by the end of the day, he’d still somehow have the kitchen ready enough to prepare you a ‘first night in the house’ dinner for you… and probably have to sit on the floor

2p!france: would unpack his stuff in a messy and disorganized way, but he literally wouldn’t touch your stuff in fear of breaking or losing something, his subtle way of showing he cares

2p!russia: would get all the important stuff handled first, like putting together the bed and tables, hoping to go at a fast pace to please you and make you feel comfortable there

2p!italy: would do you both a favor–he’d set up the wifi before doing anything else.

2p!germany: would totally build a couch and sheet fort on the first night and use a shadeless lamp to toast marshmallows with you

2p!japan: would use flashlights on the first night to tell you scary stories and then fall asleep to the sound of your breathing

2p!canada: would find a secret attic, show it to you, and then deem it your lair

2p!romano: would be ecstatic to decorate and always ask for your opinion on which decorations to buy (but would usually go with what he chose tbh))

2p!austria: would gossip about the neighbors with you

2p!prussia: would ask you for about the 100th time if you’re sure about moving in with him, even once you’re in the door, and after you’re done unpacking he’d probably get emotional and hug you tight as you two began the rest of your lives with each other.

anonymous asked:

It's definitely a dream for me. I know none of it will ever happen but it's fun to dream. Like today for instance. Today would be a great day to build a pillow and sheet fort to watch movies in. Popcorn and candy and stuff to make ice cream sundaes, shakes, or floats. Minimal clothes of course and even less worries or insecurities. Just two people vegging, laughing, and laying close together in various positions. Preferably with my head resting on your still warm pelvis as you play with my hair.

This is so cute wtf

Fort DayQuil

A Mckspirk comission for @tricksterangelgabriel.

Honestly, they should know better by now than to leave Jim alone in the apartment when he’s sick. He’s a grown man and should be perfectly capable of looking after himself. But heaven forbid he actually rest like he’s supposed to. Still, this is a new low, even for Jim.

“Spock,” Leonard said carefully, taking in the state of their living room. “Are you seeing this?”

“Indeed, Leonard. It appears as though Jim taken the contents of our linen closet, as well as every pillow in the house, and erected some sort of architecturally questionable monument.”

“Yeah, a blanket fort. All right, just wanted to make sure we were seeing the same thing here,” Leonard responded, his voice a little distant, but somehow fondly exasperated at the same time.

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Beautiful Stranger - Home

Rating: T
Disclaimer: Do not own Carmilla.  Am in no way affiliated with it.  All that jazz.
Chapter Summary: Laura moves in to the Karnstein House.

Read on AO3: Home
Less Than Three,  Mommie Dearest, Invisible Robots ,Sunnyside Up

Beautiful Stranger on AO3: Part 1, Part 2

Laura moves in on a Sunday.

Carmilla had tried to convince her to rent the U-Haul for the day before.  To allow them the whole weekend to unpack.  But Laura had insisted that it be a Sunday.

To start the week off fresh and new, Carm.  She had said.  Rambling something about good ju-ju and a healthy way to start something or other.

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