New character: Papyrus

Name: The Great Papyrus

Race: Skeleton

Gender: Male

Before the royal children’s death: N/A

After the royal children’s death: Papyrus, as Undyne, always had a joyful and positive side - some could say naive but it’s not really the case. He is very popular in the Underground and has a lot of friends; he also is in the Royal Guard. A unit had be created to help monsters and prevent them to fall down - a much more common source of death since Asriel’s and Chara’s - and Papyrus was the ideal candidate to command it. He fulfilled his long-life dream, wears a real armour, is popular… and yet he has trouble being fully happy, even though he never shows it.

Relation with their reflection: Mirror Papyrus is much less popular than his original self, the mirror side not being in need of such a joyful personality like the Underground. Because of this, he eventually grew up very jealous of Papyrus, and the last straw was when the latter entered the Royal Guard, a shared dream that only one of them achieved. Mirror Papyrus is the one dragging Papyrus down, always repeating him than all of his friends are probably faking and just using him. He keeps saying that the fact he only has a couple of friends himself proves it. Papyrus would probably doing okay despite those poisonous words if the magic fueling the Underground didn’t tend to depress them all. Unfortunately, he can’t help himself but think that maybe his reflection is right. This is why he doesn’t open his mail anymore: the thankful letters sound wrong and forced out to him, though it’s not the case at all. Papyrus actually feels quite sad for his reflection; he knows Mirror Papyrus isn’t happy and he wished he could help him just like he helps the others.

Objective: Befriend his reflection


  • Mirror Papyrus wears the same old battle body we all know
  • Papyrus wears a real armour!
  • Mirror Papyrus doesn’t seem happy with this

Welp, it’s been 10 months since I last updated my commission info, but I’m happy to say that 2017 is being an amazing year of improvement for me as an artist, and it was about time I’d bring some of that goodness for you all!

(Please note that I can do more stuff that’s not listed here, such as monochrome lineart drawings, ref sheets and paintings, so if you’re interested in those, feel free to contact me for some additional info!)

  • As of now, there are five slots available!

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If you’re interested, feel free to contact me via IM or ask. Reblogs are very much appreciated!!

Thank you for your time! ♥

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(soulcollector27) flashback?

Distant Memories….

So young, so young.

Your hands tremble as you set the camera in the tripod. You aren’t really sure you can do this. And yet, as you remember the way she took your heart and destroyed it, laughing as it shattered on the ground, you can’t seem to resist. It was too perfect, too lovely, and she had played her part so beautifully. 

“Shhh…” You whisper, moving away from the camera. “It’s alright, my darling. You needn’t be afraid….” 

She whimpers as you move towards her, a small smirk coming to your face as tears trail down hers. You gently wipe them away and place a kiss to her cheek before moving behind her, your fingers running through her ebony hair. 

You already gave up so much for her, you would have given up everything for her. You could have given up all this. You could have been together. You could have been happy. She could have accepted your gift and your love. 

She could have lived. 

You place another kiss to her head, your hands going to her shoulders and then to the slowly tightening the thick, black, choker necklace you had placed upon her earlier.

“I’m sorry, love, it seems your necklace is too lose. Allow me to help you….it really does look lovely on you. I knew it would.” 

 She choked, her air supply being cut off more and more with every twist of the knot. A small smile came to your lips as her skin began to turn violet. 

“You truly are radiant, my darling Rose. I’m sorry you felt my script for you was a waste of your talent and time….you’re so beautiful….and you really ought to be in pictures….”