dude: [motions to tarp covering where sheetrock used to be] so, what’s happening back there?

me: we’re expanding the space for when we have our liquor license to sell pints [instead of just free samples & growler fills]

dude: heh, so it’ll be like a hooters? heh [very proud of himself over this]

me: uh, that’s a ridiculous statement

dude: [defensively] WHAT? it’s a JOKE!

…i move on, it’s busy, i’m helping tons of other people…he comes back up

dude: uh, yeah, i was ONLY KIDDING

me: yeah, i can tell, but it doesn’t mean i have to like it, or laugh

dude: it was A JOKE [smirking, bummed i’m not playing along, refusing to let it drop]

me: ALL RIGHT let me break it down for you. as a woman in the brewing industry, it has been a near daily struggle to get to where i am, & after a decade doing this, i still face challenges specifically because of my gender, despite being incredible at what i do. so, no, i don’t appreciate a joke that i find hugely diminishing, & i can tell you are intending this to be some sort of apology but i also don’t have to accept it if i don’t think you’ve actually apologized, so let’s move on

dude: fine, yeah, it wasn’t meant to be…like…a 

[taking up far too much time when we are CLEARLY SLAMMED]

me: i’m gonna move on now to someone less breast obsessed, honestly

me: [in my head BOY THE FUCK BYE]

Much needed help

Day 28  - Wednesday 9/21

My dad arrived from Florida to help us out. Picked him up at the airport, took him to the house so he could assess the situation and then got some lunch and a quick trip to Home Depot. Got started right away on touching up the walls with drywall mud. The downstairs ones we had in pretty good shape but they still needed a little work. Turns out this guy is a pro with a putty knife. :-) Just what we needed. Work for a few hours and then head home.

Day 29 - Thursday 9/22

I drop my dad off at the house around noon time and leave him to work. I head back to the house around 5 pm after work and see what he’s done, downstairs walls are primed! Nice! He’s moving along quite nicely. Do some more sanding/floating with him. Hubby arrives and works on a few things. We stay until about 9:30 pm and head home.

Day 30 - Friday 9/22

Stop by Sherwin Williams to get paint. So excited to see they are having a 40% off sale. We were able to get really good paint at REALLY good prices. The Sherwin Williams Super Paint for $25/gallon. I’m happy with that! We buy a 5 gallon of the finish color and then head to the house. Drop the father off around 1 and let him do his thing. I arrive back around four and all the walls and ceiling are painted our finish color, Greek Villa. Everything is very white but I like it! Feeling good about our choice of white walls and black trim. Finish painting the walls and then head for a margarita and some dinner. Hubs meets us there and then we all go back to the house. Dad and I start on more floating and sanding of the entry way and upstairs walls. Seems like it’s going to take forever, but I know we’re making progress. Work pretty late and head home.

Day 31 - Saturday 9/23

Up early with Hubs to look at tile. We find a few that we like for the fireplace (yes it changed AGAIN) and powder room. Grab the tile samples and then I head back to the apartment to get my old man. Arrive at the house around 10:45. Hubs and father in law are there assessing the vent situation in the kitchen. They head back to Home Depot and Dad and I get to work with more floating/sanding. I’m so sick of sanding I could just die at this point. The toilet in the powder room is cracked and just generally a piece of crap. I’d been bugging hubby to take it out but he kept blowing me off. So I have Dad help me. Which involves scooping the water out of the tank and bowl. SICK. I have nothing to “scoop” with so I find an empty beer can (yes dad has been working for beer and food), saw the top of it off with a razor blade and get to scooping. 15 minutes later and the toilet is out! Yay! Makes it easier for us to work in that powder room. Once we get the toilet out we notice that there is a nail in one of the pipes in the wall which has been there since who knows when. Gotta figure out how to fix that thing. Mother in law arrives and we discuss paint colors, tile, etc. Then she’s off to look at more tile for us. Hubs and FIL arrive back. FIL gets to work putting the concrete backer board around the fire place opening. Looks great when he’s done, we’re getting more of a feel how things are going to look and I must say, taking the brick fireplace hearth out was one of the best decisions yet. FIL and hubby start working on the dryer vent, since it was a mess also and we need to replace part of it. It takes them about an hour to empty it out, there was so much old nasty lint stuck in it. Total fire hazard. How did this lady live in this dump? UGH. I’m just glad that we’re finding all this and fixing it correctly so we have some peace of mind. MIL arrives back with MORE tile samples to confuse us further, lol. More mudding and sanding with dad. We make a final decision on the fireplace and powder room tile (under budget even!) and are still deciding on tile for the two upstairs baths. I start talking about a kitchen light fixture when my father in law informs us that Hubby has a new idea about the kitchen light. He is hesitant to tell us so I know it can’t be good. Hubby then informs us that they have to take down part of the ceiling in the kitchen to mess with the electrical, so they’re going to go ahead and raise the inset where the light is, about 6". I’m not a fan of putting more giant holes in things but this means I can get the chandelier I want (for 40% off) for the kitchen since now there is enough room to hang it. I’m ok with this, for once. We keep working until about 8:45 and then head home.

Day 40 - Sunday 9/25

Meeting, then brunch with a few friends then back over to the house about 1pm. MORE sanding/mudding. I’m tired, cranky, irritable and pms-ing. NOT a good combo for these three guys. I’ve had all I can take of sanding these damn walls. I literally do not care if they are smooth or not anymore. I honestly don’t. I just don’t want to do this anymore. A few arguments, freak outs and hours down the road and I get an invite from a neighbor to come have a glass of wine and I jump on it. Just the little break I need. I come back and the guys are ready to go. Things accomplished today: Whole in ceiling, electrical for light replaced, whole in ceiling is closed back up, mudding, sanding, mudding, sanding, mudding, sanding. We head to the in laws for dinner. Get to sit in the hot tub again, have two glasses of champagne and by 9:30 I am so tired I can’t keep my eyes open.

Very successfull week/weekend. We got a lot done that would have taken us a few more weeks if my dad hadn’t been here so kudos to him. He really helped out A LOT. Feel like we are making progress but there is still just so much to do. Gotta keep going, we only have two more months to finish this place and it’s going to be tight!


Your talent for being a good listener is becoming a super pain in the ass. Sometimes you hear more than you should such as the neighbors next door trying like mad to break concrete or something using only their mouths it sounds, and also friends and acquaintances calling at all hours to confess their sins, both venial and mortal, told with all sorts of heart breaking detail. Larceny, adultery, nunnery and philandery all occupy your cell phone like some kind of plague. My advice to you? Adding another layer of 5/8ths sheetrock to your walls can dampen ambient sound. Also you might try turning off your heart’s breaking function in order to listen to the grisly confessions with more disinterest. However should you do so, some of the deeper registers of the worlds wonderful sound may be lost forever. In other words, having a broken heart makes you hear better.  


Not as rock ‘n roll as the name might imply but I’m excited about it! Today we will begin adding sheetrock to the outside walls. It will really make the house warmer, protect it from intruding rodents (hopefully) and make it look even closer to being a real home. Can’t wait to see the progress after work today.

Also, I wanted to share this cool diagram Ry’s grandpa made of our new kitchen ceiling. He is really quite an architect:) Also, I love that my crazy pink zebra tape has been put to so many good uses.


Plaster is so old-school. I mean, who lays up a solid pattern of wood lath across every wall stud and slathers 3+ coats of plaster on it in varying consistencies like they’re Michelangelo any more?

Oh yeah, we do.

Or rather, Jim’s crew. And though the wood lath has gone the way of the dodo and we are now using a metal lath, the process is just as intense. It’s not like sheetrock where you can nail boards and do some mudding and sanding and call it a day. No it’s like pouring concrete on a wall…you have to float it out level and smooth and when it’s dry, do it all over again.  Even on existing plaster, you actually have to cut out the cracks to repair it.  Because there are multiple layers of consistency (the uppermost being the finest and therefore the smoothest), a crack may only occur in the uppermost layer and cannot be fixed by simply filling it in.  The plaster wall acts as a unit, so the crack must be cut out down to the lath and then re-plastered in layers, just like the rest of the wall.

Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it!

So you gotta love this guy, who simply plugs in his earphones and gets it done. It’s a lot of wax on, wax off, but with a heck of a lot more dust. And he made that gnarly joint where plaster meets sheetrock go completely smooth. Hero.

Days 36 & 37: Replacing Replacement & Smoothing Things Out

In the past few days the drywall guys have been in and out, mudding, scraping, sanding. It’s hard to see progress but it’s happening!

Eddie’s been hard at work, too. He put in the new replacement window in the kitchen, put some new trim around it and also installed two new vents in the gables.

And here we have some nice, new trim around it. Ooh-la-la!

Here’s a place on the ceiling you can see as you come down the stairs that I was worried about them correcting.

Now they’ve fixed it!

They’ve also started laying down Durock in the kitchen. Can’t wait til they actually start laying the tile!

And here’s a new shot of the upstairs. You can see that the white “mud” parts are larger now. That means progress! :)