so I found some sheet music for DAI’s main theme a while back and since I’ve enjoyed playing it so much I thought I’d share for anyone else who wants to play it! An arrangement by Dusk you can watch here and find the sheet music for piano here, along with many other things they’ve arranged. It’s FREE and I find that hard to believe since it’s so amazing.

Enjoy, and please give credit to this amazing musician!!

Sheet Music Masterpost

I’ve been finding a lot of sheet music online lately, so I thought I would share my resources to all my lovely followers!

Please keep in mind that some of this is copyrighted and should be for educational, innocent purposes only… so don’t do anything too illegal or make money off any of this! 

If you have any suggestions or links to pdfs or anything like that, you should definitely tell me! If you need any help finding a certain song’s sheet music, you can ask and I’ll see what I can do! But I’m not making any promises! 

Musical Theatre and Disney:

Duets ( x, x )
Mezzo ( x )
Soprano ( x, x
Tenor ( x )
A bunch of songs by show ( x )  
Disney fake book ( x )
50 female musical theatre and Disney songs ( x
50 more female musical theatre and Disney songs ( x )
50 male musical theatre and Disney songs ( x )
65 more musical theatre and Disney ( x )
*For the above four links, select the song you want, then select PDF

Popular music: (I know, I know pop music?! But it can be a lot of fun, you know!)

I use ( x ) a lot. But it’s in Russian, and you’re limited with how much you can download a day. It seems a tiny bit sketchy, but nothing bad has happened to my computer yet and I’ve been downloading from the website for a long time. Use with caution! If you want a way to get to certain songs without translating the site, I would use ( x ), but again– with caution!

These are all safe sites with a wide assortment of pop music. ( x, xx, x ) Select the song you want, then select PDF

Classical music: 

It is much easier to find classical sheet music compared to showtunes or pop music since there are much much fewer copyright boundaries. So I suggest googling the songs title and composer along with “pdf.” You might find something right away! But here are some more options!

Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias for Medium High Voice ( x )
This site ( x ) is also pretty fucking amazing for classical music!

Methods of finding sheet music: 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for using those resources. I suggest just googling the song with the musical or artist along with “pdf.” I wouldn’t put the word “free” because there are so many sites full of viruses advertising free sheet music. So be careful! If the link leads to a pdf, it’s probably pretty safe! 

You can also use sites like ( x ) along with tumblr blogs devoted to sheet music masterposts (just one tumblr search away!) to find the sheet music you need!