Somehow I was following a W@rsatn blog? And i saw them reblog a popular post about how romantic the forgiveness scene in hlv between John and Mary was…. and i got sick to my stomach? There are thousands of people out there who think that scene was the ultimate romantic moment in the episode and they want a love like that? John hadn’t seen her in months. She is a murderer. She doesn’t say she’s sorry and neither does he, presumably because they’re not. He doesn’t use the words “i forgive you” in any way. John says his anger will come out now and again. He doesn’t say he loves her. She doesn’t say she loves him. He doesn’t smile. She passes out from drugs and John just… leaves?

Sherlock gives up his life for John’s happiness. Sherlock puts his hands in the air and awaits the spray of bullets, telling John to “stay well back”. John and Sherlock have both used the word “love” in front of each other to describe their feelings for one another (TSOT). John tells Sherlock “of course I forgive you”. Sherlock tells John “I’m sorry, sorry again”. When Sherlock is drugged in ASIB, John cancels his date and tucks Sherlock into bed, saying “I’ll be next door if you need me”. Sherlock does anything he can to save John’s life and happiness.

How can anyone prefer to have a love like John and Mary when an alternative like this one is clearly mirrored and presented to the audience?

Martin’s very funny, so there’s a lot of space for Martin, but he does it very tactfully, he won’t do it when there’s a big moment for someone else, but I mean he is one of the funniest men you’ll ever meet, so that happens.
—  “Everyone has said what a happy set it is to work on, is that a double edged sword? Does it mean that you’re so comfortable that you’re corpsing & playing pranks rather than getting on with things?” Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)

there’s a guy across the aisle from me on the train and he’s on the phone and he’s gushing about his boyfriend and how he wants whoever he’s talking to to meet him and how they all want to go to universal and disney together and I’m?? never before have I seen such pure happiness on public transport? blessed.


ONE MORE MIRACLE | Sherlock and John

‘I asked you for one more miracle. I asked you to stop being dead.’

‘I heard you.’

So now I know how to download music off YouTube and how to add voice overs and I had to vid my favourite scene in the entire series; this is the end result!

I’m terribly fond of the people on this job, and I’ve got some incredibly strong and close friendships from it, great loyal friendships and I think that does reflect in the work, in the ease with which we work with each other, definitely and it is like a family.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)

Imagine: Sherlock loving that you still manage to be so innocent and happy even with all that you’ve seen helping him on cases. [x]

Sherlock: You’re smiling? You’re smiling after all of that?
Y/N: The case is over, Sherlock. It’s finished- we solved the case and now our work is done.
Sherlock: Oh… Right.
Y/N: So smile, Sherlock! Separate yourself from the case- from work, because right now we don’t have any cases.

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