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So... About Trollhunters...

Spoilers. I guess..?? Sorta? Nah, Imma warn anyway

Soooo… I’m 13 episodes in and it is absolutely astounding.

But… Something that really cracks me up and at the same time, really kills me is…

All. The. Freaking. Eastereggs.

For not only did they have that very (not) subtle pic of toothless on Jim’s computer, BUT! At the first goblin fight at the museum, I think it’s Jim, tosses a Viking helmet much alike Alvins, AND at same said museum a couple of episodes later, a typical, classic HTTYD Viking ship is replacing the Bridge!! Like what?!

And the last thing I’ve noticed so far are at the dinner at Jim’s houser with Strickler. They eat freaking yak chops.

Wow Dreamworks.

Just… Wow

This is annoying.

When I’ve got tons of things to do, stuff to attend to, people to adhere to, all I want to do is scroll along Tumblr.

When I’ve got free time at hand, nothing to momentarily worry about, time to just chillax, time I can spend on Tumblr without feeling guilty, I’m not all in the mood to do so.

My desires are driving me insane.