Does anybody else remember a time, long long ago, when you could just enjoy things?

You could watch a movie and just appreciate it instead of over analyzing every single scene to make sure there’s nothing remotely offensive about it.

You could have a favorite character and just like them and appreciate how great they were written and portrayed, without being told you’re terrible because they’re a villain. Even though they’re FICTIONAL and most likely were deliberately written to be likable. (Even if they were written as an evil character, I still think you have a right to like them, but maybe that’s just me)

You could love and be a fan of the actors without having to go full on FBI agent, looking into their backgrounds to make sure they are 100% perfect and had never made a mistake ever.

You could post about said actor without some busybody little fandom cop, slithering into your inbox to tell you(all too happily) that your fave is “problematic” (god, I fucking hate that word), and you’re disgusting if you still like them.

I’m in my 30’s so I remember those good ole days and it’s kind of sad to know, that most of you will never truly know how great that was. That’s a time long since forgotten. Bummer.



you’re the senpais so you should be setting an example for the underclassmen by wearing your proper uniforms!!


On this day in history: Troye walked in the Yves St. Laurent show for Paris Fashion week, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) fashion show in the world. As always, he alerted us to this fact after doing it, though smart FBI-protégés figured it out beforehand and we were therefore able to watch him walk live and freak out appropriately. This was the true start of his future in modeling, and really showed the world that he was more than a YouTuber or a singer or an actor. In the words of Nic Kelly, Troye could be told to “grow a uterus and give birth to a baby dragon cross lion and he could do it.” Troye Sivan Mellet is talented, versatile, and motivated – nothing, especially not any media perception of him, is going to stand in his way. <3

(gif credit to @lookingfortronler)

One Direction Needs a Time Out
  • Liam’s over there getting tattooed every other day.
  • Niall’s fractured his foot and doesn’t even know how.
  • Harry apparently belongs to the band again and plays ping pong with Niall.
  • Zayn has a PR agency that doesn’t suck finally.
  • Louis is walking around town in socks and I’m just waiting for the day I have to hear he’s stepped on glass by accident.