so until today i didn’t know what Ed sheerhan looked like and i just saw and i spent 10 minutes laughing because he’s so ugly? i was laughing to the point of tears he’s so ugly

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Can I ask for Law,Ace,Lyffy,Shanks,and Zoro reacting to hearing their s/o signing either Shut up and dance with me by walk on moon , ed sheerhan photograph, thinking out loud, or hoizer take me to church about them acciddently? Pls and thank you.

(I’m not very familiar with these songs, so I’m just going to do these characters reacting to their s/o singing, if it’s okay ^^;)

Trafalgar Law

He’d be kind of surprised hearing them singing, and if they hadn’t already known he was there would stay hidden and listen for a bit, smirking slightly. He’d leave when they were finished, making sure to go unnoticed and would bring it up later when they were alone together, causing his partner to blush with embarrassment. 

Monkey D. Luffy:

As soon as he heard them singing he’d sing with them, even if he didn’t know the words. He’d just make up his own lyrics and tune and would hug his partner the whole time, causing them to laugh at his silly antics. He’d keep asking them to sing with him after that, and would always seem to know when they were humming or singing.

Portgas D. Ace:

He’d be grinning, hearing his partner sing. Seeing his partner doing anything remotely cute always makes him grin like a dork. He’d politely listen, staying quiet and would compliment them after they were finished, no matter what their voice sound like. To him, it was great.

Red-haired Shanks:

If his lover was quietly humming words he would listen to what them were singing and would sing it out-loud, startling them. If they stopped singing he would continuously encourage them, telling them it didn’t matter what they sounded like so long as they were smiling and having fun.

Roronoa Zoro:

He’d be blushing slightly, since hearing his S/O singing would be a new thing for him, but he’d keep going with whatever task he was doing, happy to just listen on the side. He didn’t want to interrupt them, but would later tell them that he liked it when they sung. Sometimes when sitting near his partner he’ll fall asleep to their humming.

Does Ed Sheerhan write parodies? Like, is he making fun of pop music? Or is he some kind of robot who makes music by algorithm with no concept of human interaction?

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Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheerhan

Oh Anon! Did you know I did a gifset to this song?  it’s a great song, and a great one for Olicity.  So, this is a bit longer than I intended, but c'est la vie!  You’ll all still enjoy it, right?

Title: We Found Love Right Where We Are

Pairing: Olicity


He’d taken to writing lately.  Well, he had at least taken to closing himself off in a quiet corner with a pen and paper with every intention of writing.  But how could he express what he felt?  How could he ever put those emotions into words?


Words were never his strong suit anyway.  That was one of the things that drew him to Felicity in the beginning.  Her complete ability to make up for his lack of talking.  He grew to love listening to her babble when she was nervous or excited or any other reason for that matter.  He hadn’t realized just how much he enjoyed and needed the constant chatter from her until it was ripped away from him.


They were dark days to be certain, watching her go out on dates with Ray, spending less and less time with the Arrow Team, with him.  And even when she was there it was never quite like it had been before.  He knew it was because of what he had done to her, but even then, the words he had wanted to express refused to come.


It hadn’t been his idea, to speak in front of everyone like that.  Especially not with words that he had to make up himself.  But he knew it would make her happy.  


He sighed heavily, eliciting a look from Diggle from across the room.  “I just can’t do it,” Oliver said, rubbing his temples in frustration.


“It’s not easy,” Diggle answered.  “But you can do this. Just… you know everything want to say, don’t you?  I mean, I know you well enough to know that the thoughts run through your head all day.”


Oliver nodded, a ghost of a smile on his lips.


“Well, just…try thinking out loud.  Say it out loud first.  And then write it down.”  Diggle gave Oliver a pat on the shoulder and then turned, leaving him alone again.


Oliver turned his attention back to desk in front of him, where a coffee mug was very carefully placed in the corner.  It pulled his attention back to his first days at Queen Consolidated, when he’d made her his assistant.  A smile played on his lips, recalling their argument over her being his new assistant, and how she went to college for more than just to fetch him coffee.  He wondered if there was any part of him that knew back then, how things would end.

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Just by the thumbnail, we knew there was something special about this music video for Passenger’s “Scare Away”. An explosion of music and cinematography.

that cannot be science. a westallen fanmix.

i. iris the goo goo dolls (when everything’s made to be broken i just want you to know who i am) | ii. please don’t say you love me gabrielle aplin (heavy words are hard to take under pressure precious things can break) | iii. thinking out loud ed sheerhan (well, me, i fall in love with you every single day) | iv. the words christina perri (the scariest part is letting go ‘cause love is a ghost you can’t control) | v. (i just) died in your arms bastille (it was a long hot night she made it easy she made it feel right) | vi. superman taylor swift (you’ve got a busy day today go save the world i’ll be around) | vii. anywhere but here safetysuit (you are beautiful inside so lovely and i can’t see why i’d do anything without you) | viii. skinny love birdy (and now all your love is wasted and who the hell was i?) | ix. out of my league fitz and the tantrums (if i die don’t wake me ‘cause you are more than just a dream) | x. lucky jason mraz & colbie caillat (lucky i’m in love with my best friend)

5 Random Things

External image

You were over at your friend Connor’s new place enjoying his company. He was finishing editing one of his YouTube videos while you listened to Ed Sheerhan and wrote a paper.

“Did you know we’ve been friends for 6 months now?” Connor broke the silence.

“Really? That’s crazy. I feel like it’s been forever. You’re the best friend I could ever ask for.” You say giving him a cheesy smile.

“Posted. Go watch my video. Give it a thumbs up.” Connor says to you. You immediately start laughing.

“Subscribe. Thumbs Up. Follow me on twitter. Follow me on Instagram. Follow me on Tumblr. So demanding.” You joke while you open the video.

The video was simple, just Connor in his room.

“Hey guys! It’s Connor and I thought that this week I would tell you 5 things about myself. 1. I love Arizona Tea. 2. I love coffee. 3. I love cats. 4. I miss being in O2L more than I’ve ever missed anything. 5. I’m in love with my best friend Michelle.”

He takes time in between each item to explain it or show something with it. You are shocked when he says your name. Your jaw drops and you look up to see Connor looking at you  holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers.“

"Did you uh say that you love me?” You ask.

“I did say that.” Connor responds. You put your computer down and embrace him. He picks you up and twirls you around the room before placing you back down.

“So are you okay with that?” He asks.

“I’m more than okay with that.” You say right before his lips touch yours.