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So I was listening to the lyrics of Take It Back and theres something about "I was Macy Gray" and I was wondering what do you think he means by that. I looked it up and she is a black singer but like how was Ed Macy Gray?

Hello! You’re right that Macy Gray is a singer, but in order to understand that lyric, you have to consider its entire context in Take It Back: 

  • At sixteen years old, I moved out of my home
  • I was Macy Gray – I tried to say goodbye and I choked

Ed is making a reference to Macy Gray’s song called I Try. “I try to say goodbye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble” is the beginning of the chorus of I Try. That song came out in 1999, was nominated for three Grammys in 2001 (Macy won one Grammy for the song), and has been stuck in my head off and on for the last 16 years or so. You can listen to it and watch the video right here: 

I remember hearing Ed rap part of Take It Back for the first time during a performance of YNMIDNY in 2013, and when he did the Macy Gray line, it took everyone by surprise and a bunch of us laughed. Isn’t it super clever?! Jump to about 5:26 in this video to hear it: 

I Try came out when Ed was only eight years old, but I think it’s an instantly recognizable reference for most people, and it’s so interesting to me that Ed can make this reference in a way that shows how easy it is to relate to good music even when it’s written and performed by someone who is very different from you. It’s also cool that he uses the line to refer to a different type of situation from the original song (leaving home at 16 vs. trying to move on from romantic feelings for another person) but he still manages to keep the words 100% relevant. That’s really smart writing. 

So, now that you get the song reference, the answer to your question is that Ed was Macy Gray because when he moved out he had a hard time saying goodbye, just like she did. :)


Devo svelare questo segreto al mondo che dimostra quanto io sia di mentalità aperta e scevra da pregiudizi di ogni sorta: l'altro giorno ho incrociato questa canzone alla radio, poi una cover beccata su instagram me ne ha ricordato l'esistenza. Ho cercato la canzone sull’ Internet digitando “love yourself ed sheeran” (perché è il suo stile inconfondibile), subito dopo l'internet mi ha detto che è di Giustino e che Eddino l'ha fabbricata per lui. Insomma per farla breve l'ho ascoltata e mi piace e me ne vergogno. Ma vi giuro che è bella, se siete uomini veri lo dovete ammettere.

not to start conspiracy theories but i think it’s awfully suspect that Ed Sheeran took this entire year out of the music industry and off of social media and the entire year went to shit…I’m not saying Ed Sheeran is the guy holding this all together, but

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what happened what did i miss

louis: freddie starts college in january he spendin time with his son

liam: cheryl aint told him she’s pregnant yet so pray for him

niall: literally absorbed ed sheeran

harry: grew a christmas crustache to ward off any december girlfriend rumors

zayn: had to sell his ariana grande la concert tickets bc he didn’t wanna see his ex open for her


“So I want to play a song that came out, I think actually came out last year and ended up being a hit this year… that I have never played before, probably never play again. I just want to play it once. Just once.” (Love Yourself, November 30, 2016.)