Dive // Ed Sheeran
Requested by anon

Hey Friends! So I know I don’t post personal stuff onto this page, but I have been doing a lot of thinking, and feel like it’s time for me to post something like this. This community is a place where I feel surrounded by so much support and love from everyone. With all the encouragement I see on this platform, whether it be from Thomas or others in the community, I feel like this is a place where I feel comfortable. So, thank you so much to everyone for all the love and support here, and giving me the confidence to finally post something like this!  So here’s me, singing and playing a part of Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect.

miscgays  asked:

i have been stalking your blog for the past 20 minutes and i'm in love. is there any way you'd be able to draw nurseydex as girls??? i would sob tbh

idk?? I? love girls????????

(maybe they’re also mer! here, idk idk)

(prompts are good and friendly things!)

Star Trek Ed Sheeran Challenge                  Masterlist

A/N:- I received everyones today so I’m releasing this early (for those of you in the US anyway and are sill on the 29/4 I believe, correct me if I’m wrong). Thanks for taking part. 

Shape of you by @auduna-druitt

Eraser by @southernbellestatues

We’re in love, aren’t we by @outside-the-government

Unimaginable by @kaitymccoy123