My Mum and Ed Sheeran
  • Mum:why didn't you tell me?
  • Me:tell you what?
  • Mum:that my red little cupcake is married
  • Me:WTF? since when is sven (my brother) married?
  • Mum:not sven, I'm talking about ed. ed is married ..and not with you.
  • Me:and whose fault is that? if you had lived in England, who knows what would have happened.
  • Mum:that's true. Do you want to come over ? Make sure to bring Ed's dvd.
  • Me:Sure. And Mum? Ed is not married
  • Mum:then you know what you have to do, find ed, marry him and get sweet little ginger babies with him. but first, let's see, how Ed rocks the wembley stadium.

“Thank you for braving the traffic. Thank you for buying the tickets. Thank you for singing. Thank you for spending your Saturday night with me in this summer.”