“A figure skating battle, with the NEET princes on ice! Is it coming?! It’s their quadruple axel attack!”

The Worldwide Figure Skating Battle Championship

Holy shit, you guys, it looks like Yuri on Ice is infiltrating Hesokuri Wars now, because the next event has been announced and it’s figure skating themed. It’ll be officially launched on Friday, March 10th at 18:00 JST after maintenance!

Now if you’ll excuse me…

They’re all… so sparkly… Ichi’s in a purple frilly outfit… and not that I can tell from the image but it’s safe to assume that it’s form-fitting… being a skating outfit and all…


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We're the Ones Who Live: Richonne One Shots Chapter 4: Mobster and Money (Richonne AU), a Walking Dead fanfic | FanFiction
A/N: This one is a little out of the norm, an AU Fic for enjoi16 on Tumblr who asked, "If you can I'd like a story about Rick as a mob boss or henchman collecting from Michonne's sister." Please let me know what you think about this one! I hope you all enjoy.

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A sneak peek:

Rick was well-versed in club dresses, and until this point in his life, he suspected he had seen every style that spandex, glitter, and sequins could be fashioned into. The woman in front of him made him reconsider his stance. Her dress was black, the sheer sleeves clinging to her thin, sculpted arms like a second skin, dripping down her shoulders and darkening as it went, the ebon fabric clutching at her curves as though she had painted it on. It was held together by a gold zipper, running from her breasts to the tops of her thighs, daring him to expose the flesh beneath it. Her legs were on full display from below that zipper, and her breasts bouncing just above. Her hair, dark brown and twisted artfully into locs, completed the picture, framing a face with wide mahogany eyes and full, parted lips. She stepped inside the backroom, her expression calm but the slight shaking of her hands betraying her.

Rick remembered what he was there for. He needed to get this over quickly. There was work to do tonight.

“Well?” he asked expectantly. She was staring at him, her large mahogany irises taking him in. He wondered how she saw him, what he looked like through her eyes.

“I have it all,” she opened her purse, extracting a rubber banded wad of cash.

He eyed it for a second. “It’s not enough,” his announcement was matter-of-fact, almost cold.

“It’s what she borrowed,” The woman’s tone suggested disbelief. Her fingers tightened around the money.

“Looks like it,” Rick nodded, glancing back down at the bills. “That’s the problem. You don’t get a loan without interest.”

She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, contemplating some course of action. “Fine,” she bit out, exasperated. “I’ll get you interest.”

“You will,” he nodded, his lips quirking into the hint of a smirk. It wasn’t too many people who got openly irritated with him these days.

“Just take this, and I promise—”

“It’s all or nothing,” Rick cut her off again. He kept his hands in his pockets, refusing to touch the money.

“That’s not fair,” she protested.

“Who said anything about fair?” Rick laughed, hating how detached her sounded. “You should go home. Let Sasha handle herself.”

She extended the money out one more time, “I’m not leaving until you take this,” she asserted.

“Then I guess you’re not leaving,” he took a step forward but she did not relent. “What’s your name?” he asked her, staring her down.

“Michonne,” she titled her chin defiantly, meeting his eyes.

“Michonne,” he repeated, liking the way the syllables danced off his tongue. “Go home.”

The Old and The New: Everlasting Presence


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“Oh my god, Mini Hotch,” Garcia exclaimed, tears forming in her eyes as she grabbed Jack by the cheeks. Y/N stood behind her with the rest of the team, laughing as Garcia gathered Jack into a bear hug. “This is beautiful. What made you two pick here?”

As he looked around, his eyes fell on Y/N’s finger, where his mother’s engagement ring from his father now sat. “My mom and dad loved this beach,” he replied. 

“Still do,” Hotch said serenely. As he stared out at the ocean, he could feel Hayley there with each breeze. In just two weeks’ time, Jack and Y/N would be married on this beach, surrounded by her family, their BAU family, Hotch, Aunt Jessica and of course, his mother. 

JJ and Emily had been standing behind Y/N, but they came up to rest on either of her shoulders. “This is beautiful,” JJ said. She was starting to fan away tears, for which Y/N teased her relentlessly.

“Just cry it out, JJ,” she teased, poking her in the arm at Emily’s insistence. “That’s what I’ve been doing. I love it here.” Jack had brought her there numerous times before, but the most special memory the two of them shared here was their engagement.

As Luke and Spencer discussed with Jack what the dress code was going to be, Garcia turned to Y/N and begged to see a picture of the dress she’d picked out. “Well, this was my mom’s wedding dress,” she said, swiping against her phone. “And this was Hayley’s wedding dress.” Both were very delicate, and she wanted to honor two of the most important women in her life, the one the bore her and the one that convinced her she could fight to return to the man she loved. “So this is mine.”

Her dress was a light dove gray with long, sheer sleeves. It looked as if flower petals of a similar color had been sprinkled from above, speckling the delicate chiffon waves that floated down to the floor. “I also have a dark gray band to go around my waist and I’m going to borrow a pin from Jack’s late grandmother and pin it on there.” Garcia took the phone from her grasp to take a closer look, considering she could barely see the beautiful gown through her own veil of tears. Once she got a closer look, she gasped, fanning her own tears away before gathering close to Y/N’s side.

“It’s beautiful,” Emily said with a hug. “It looks like it was made for you.”

It kind of had been. She’d been so set on having something that reminded her of her own mother, as well as her mother-in-law, that she’d taken a dress and had a few things added to make it her own. “It basically was,” she smiled. 

Considering how small a ceremony it was going to be, neither of them were going to have a wedding party. Besides Aaron, Jessica, Y/N’s family, and their BAU family, Henry and Michael LaMontagne would be coming, as well as Diana Alvez-Reid. Jack and Y/N would have to keep Diana and Michael’s little secret. Everyone they cared about most in the world would be there. 

Both of Y/N’s parents would be walking her down the aisle and Hotch would be standing at his son’s side as he made his vows. After what the three of them had been through, Hotch would be taking his own vows - to do everything within his power to keep his son and his daughter-in-law safe and happy. 

“I’m gonna go sit by the water for a few minutes,” Jack said. He always felt close to his mom when he was here. Sitting here and listening to the waves was one of her favorite things to do before she passed. The rest of the team went back to their own cars; they’d be meeting for dinner in about an hour, but until then Y/N would sit at Jack’s side and stare at the waves. “Hey,” he said, reaching up for her hand and bringing her down into his lap. 

“Hey back,” she laughed. She curled up into him as he leaned his hands back into the sand. “So how does it feel knowing you’re going to have your very own Mrs. Hotchner in a couple of weeks?” When she smiled up at him, his heart melted. When she’d been shot - when he’d heard her flatline in the ambulance - he was positive he’d never feel happy again. His mother had already been taken away too soon. If he had to deal with Y/N’s loss, he wasn’t sure how he would’ve handled it. 

Before responding, he placed his hand on the side of her face and caressed her cheek with his thumb. “I love you, soon-to-be Mrs. Hotchner.” With a giggle, she pulled him toward her by his shirt and grazed her lips against his.

“What’s this?” she asked. She looked over Jack’s shoulder and toward the hotels behind them. Floating through the air were delicate little dots. Neither of them could figure out what they were until they floated to where they were. Maybe a bouquet had been thrown into the sky nearby - they weren’t quite sure, but when Y/N realized what they were, she was pretty sure Hayley had sent them - to tell her she knew.

Jack took the flowers from her hands and stuck them in her hair. “Are these baby’s breath?” he asked.

“Yea,” she said with a smile. “I think your mom sent them.”

“What do they actually mean?” he asked. I see them in everything.

“Well, they mean a lot of things actually,” she started, swallowing hard. “They can mean everlasting and undying love in pretty much any capacity. They can also stand for innocence-”

Jack chuckled and smirked in her direction. “We know it’s not that.”

“Shut up,” she replied, punching him in the arm. “They can also mean reconnecting with lost loves of disconnected family members.”

Y/N turned around in his lap so they were both facing the cresting waves. “That could definitely be sent from my mom then,” he said as he kissed her hair.

“Could be,” she said looking down at her stomach and remembering her pregnancy test from the day before, “But I there’s one other meaning for them and I think that might be it.” She leaned her head back and placed the baby’s breath on her stomach. “There is an obvious meaning for them.”

His easy, carefree smile vanished, his eyes filling with tears as he caught your meaning. “Wait? You..? You’re…? We’re…?”


                                                       –The End–

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have! Thank you so much for reading!