pleaseforgetiexist  asked:

I'm having my homecoming dance in a few weeks but I don't know how I want my nails done... My dress is black with silver detailing... I get my nails done with acrylics.. Any ideas?? Please help!!!

what about having your nails black with silver baroque patterns or a silver baroque accent nail? you can have the pattern be done in a sparkly silver or a metallic silver. baroque is very fancy and looks perfect for fall! 

here are some examples of baroque nails:

or you can do a sheer nail polish design:

or if you want simple nails you can just get a pretty black & silver gradient:

we hope this gives you some ideas for your nails! we’d love to see your nails when you get them done :)

p.s. sorry for posting this publicly. it never lets us send it privately when we add more than one photo.