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I wanna wear Harry's sheer white long sleeved shirt and nice lacy panties, and come behind him when he's in the kitchen making breakfast, in just his pyjama bottoms. Kiss his shoulders and run my hands down his arms and wrapping them around his tummy. "Breakfast is ready soon" he says in his raspy morning voice while chopping some fruits. I hook my fingers on the waist band of his pants and slide my hands down them, grabbing his cock and making him stutter. "It can wait for a while"

He stops immediately before he chops his own finger off, taking in a sharp breath.

“Need something different this morning?” He smirks and turns to face you, wrapping his hands around your waist.

“Yup” you say while popping the “P”.

“Go on, then…. get what you need” he runs his knuckles over your cheek and tucks your hair behind your ear, watching you with glassy eyes as you sink down to your knees.

(This would be a nice breakfast)

The signs + little girly things
  • Aries: losing all your favourite underwear to your period and then having to sit through a week of men telling you how disgusting periods are
  • Taurus: feeling proud of your body for about 2 seconds before some dickweed decides you need to be "put in your place" for feeling confident
  • Gemini: wearing those shoes even though they rub blisters and make your feet ache and bleed just because they're cute
  • Cancer: spending thousands of dollars buying pads and tampons in your lifetime and then having to hide said pads and tampons out of shame because "periods are just so dirty"
  • Leo: comparing yourself to every single beautiful girl you see even though you know it's unhealthy and wanting to stop but not being able to because it's so ingrained
  • Virgo: having opinions on political and social matters that are important to you and then being told by men that your opinions don't matter because you're just a woman and you don't know what you're talking about anyway
  • Libra: taking off your bra/underwear/jeans and having red, painful marks on your body from the way the fabric pinched into your skin all day
  • Scorpio: having your anxiety levels shoot through the roof when walking alone at night or in the dark or in any place that is isolated and secluded
  • Sagittarius: being made fun of for liking things that other girls like while simultaneously being mocked for liking things that other girls don't like because apparently you're just trying too hard to stand out
  • Capricorn: walking into a department store during winter to find warm clothes and only finding sheer long sleeved shirts and $200 sweaters that you can't afford and that wouldn't keep anyone warm anyway
  • Aquarius: asking people not to touch you and then being called a frigid bitch/prude for not wanting to be touched
  • Pisces: having to fit into one of the two categories girls are given (the bad girl who smokes cigarettes and doesn't take any shit and has no emotions and sleeps with anyone or the innocent good girl who is quiet and shy and blushes every time men look at her) and not feeling satisfied with either category but you're not allowed to be both because that would just be ridiculous

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Hi, I have a prompt, S19, Val & Z meeting up in his trailer after Val & Janel’s elimination, Val is in his feels about losin, Z comforting him, them headin over to a dinner held for the contestants by the DWTS show, Janel getting jealous/hurt over Val & Z relationship them never leavin eachother’s sides, though she’s very passive/aggressive in her actions w/ them. Would U or would U know another Fic writer who would B willin 2 write this?

Babe I hope this is what you were looking for I tried sticking to the prompt, but my mind just took over. :)

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2. read it and grimace | chapter one (M)

Demon Yoongi!AU


Although you wouldn’t like to admit it, you can be selfish, argumentative and more than a little insecure.

When you and the moody, tattooed and positively infuriating Min Yoongi are forcibly bound together as demon and human by contract, you think you’re living in your own personal hell.

But time changes more than just the seasons, and one year is a long time to work out not only each other, but yourself, too.

The problem with being a human starts here. You returned to the house four hours after the others; as it became apparent that your only purpose around here, is to clear up after them.

You winced as the wrought iron slammed shut behind you, hesitating for a moment with gritted teeth; having taken so long to complete a task that should have taken minutes in their book, you were cautious to avoid them noticing your late arrival. Your skin was slick with sweat and blood; the disposal of fresh human meat being a trying task. Feeling embarrassed and defeated in your own skills (or lack thereof), you kept your eyes trained on the ground ahead of you – kicking off your blood-soaked combat boots and peeling off your sodden socks before you reached the second set of doors. 

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Jessica, I don't know what it is, but when Narry are both dressed in all black I start feeling a little extra. Like, it's not at all out of the norm for Harry, but it's such a stark contrast with Niall's pale skin and bleached hair. AND THE MATCHING. I also get a little emotional when they swap and Niall's in black, but Harry's got on a white top. It's like they're each other's yin and yang and I'm feeling too much about most likely inconsequential wardrobe choices someone stop me


Remember Harry’s shirt in parts of This Is Us? Nicely fitted, all buttoned up with the sleeves rolled up? I want that back in my life.

And the slightly see-through jumper? That stretched one that’s too big that Niall wore that I stubbornly believe is Harry’s, because he’s worn one like it multiple times?

And Harry in this jumper??

And Niall that day he wore the black hoodie?


And this??

And the two of them… matching… in Dublin of all places???

I mean why don’t you stop me instead…

Meeting up for coffee with a friend I haven’t seen for ages, and shipping out a few orders. Sheer sleeve shirt and Lip Service dress was thrifted (apparently LS stuff older than ten years is strangely easy for me to find!), plastic boned corset painted by me was a gift from my mom, leggings and long necklace were Christmas gifts. 

Pockets that Pop

10 contrast pocket shirts to liven up any look

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CHRISTOPHER KANE sheer sleeve T-shirt

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Anniversary Capsule Cascading Pocket Button-Down Shirt

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Penfield Nylon Pocket Shirt Jacket

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I look like the quirky vampire secretary for some kind of job-finding agency for supernatural creatures.  “Look, sir, these days there just isn’t much demand for old-fashioned mansion hauntings.  I can put you on the waitlist, but I can’t make any guarantees.  Now how about I set you up in this nice suburban house with a family of three?”

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with wavy, dark red hair.  I am wearing a short, black dress made of several layers of fringed lace.  Over it I have on a sheer red long-sleeve shirt with brass embellishments near the shoulders.  I am barefoot and wearing black lipstick.  As always, I have on my round, silver glasses.]