sheer robe

sheer dreaming

edita vilkeviciute by lachlan bailey for vogue japan, july 2016

slytherin aesthetics

overgrown greenery • blank stares • heirloom rings • victorian architecture • crackled marble • dark winged eyeliner • dark nails • perfect hair • tea in the common room • ballet classes • mahogany • sarcasm • wet grass • thorns • thick eyebrows • grand staircases • morning mist • black silk • green velvet • summer rain storms • evergreens • the smell of new leather • mischievous smirks • cold nights • pebbles from a lake • crystals • grand fireplaces • drapery • expensive jewelry • large castles • rings passed down generations • scented candles • knee socks • sheer robes with fir trim • friendship that lasts forever

DA Characters in Pajamas
  • Cullen: Sweat pants (either plaid or some deep red), no shirt (ayy BBY 😍)
  • Leliana: Her uniform (CONSTANT VIGILANCE)
  • Cassandra: Some form of tank top and shorts combination, comfortable and versatile should danger come about
  • Josephine: Cute, modest long-sleeved nightgown with lace detailing at the top because she's a sweet cinnamon roll
  • Cole: Onesie with rabbits printed on it while holding a stuffed rabbit
  • Varric: Similar to Cullen - gotta show off that spectacular chest hair
  • Vivienne: Another modest nightgown, but made of the finest silks with a 50s-style sheer robe on top
  • Solas: Flannel robe while holding a cup of tea and a disgruntled expression
  • Dorian: Long sleeved pajama set made of the finest silks; face covered in a facial masque; eyes covered by a sleeping mask, also made of silk; hair in curlers
  • Iron Bull: Naked. Pixelated dick. No shame.
  • Sera: Cute shorts and oversized, ratty tshirt combo adorned with cartoon bees
  • Blackwall: Long-sleeved plaid pajama set, but stuffed griffons everywhere
  • Morrigan: Lingerie. Black, slinky lingerie.
  • Scout Harding: something sensible, I.e. cute cotton pajama set
  • Roderick: Pajamas a la Jim Carrey's Scrooge in A Christmas Carol
  • Dagna: some rune-covered pajama set that she enchanted that helps her sleep better or something
Unexpected Mutant (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Chapter 1 / 2 / 3

I accidentally reposted three, so here’s the real chapter four, thank you to the Anon who pointed this out to me.

That night you laid awake, staring at the ceiling of your room in the Stark Tower. It was a sleepless night, the events of the past 24 hours running wildly through your mind. It was about 6 am when you had finally decided to move around the Tower and explore your new surroundings; it looks like you were going to be here for awhile. You threw a sheer robe on over your shorts and tank before walking out of your room. It wasn’t hard to find your way to the living area, JARVIS was a big help with navigating you to the most important things you needed.

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