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You know what? It’s been years. I’ve seen so many sides of Himchan now. I must be used to him by now. I can’t possibly be stunned and shaken by him ever again. 

*sees a new pic of Himchan*

I have never before seen such beauty, grace and sheer polished perfection ever before in my entire life. This is the Best Picture of Himchan Ever. No other image can ever compare to this absolutely gorgeous shot of him. Beauty has never been captured so stunningly. I want this tattoed on my eyelids, printed on my ceiling and set as all my background and lockscreens. I will show this to everyone. I can die now having witnessed this.

*sees another new pic*

I have never before seen such beauty, grace and sheer polished perfection ever before in my entire life. This is the Be


Worth the Wait, from Essie’s 2015 bridal collection. I received this and a couple others from an Instagram giveaway. I have to say, this isn’t a polish I would see and go “oh my god must have,” but I ended up loving it. It’s a very delicate coral-pink sheer (very sheer, this is three coats and you can see it’s not opaque), with a tiny bit of pearlescent shimmer.

As I said, this polish doesn’t fit my personality, but I feel so perfectly feminine right now, like, I can’t stop looking at my hands, they look so delicate. I don’t usually feel delicate. I don’t look delicate, I don’t dress delicate. But that’s one of the things I love about nail polish; it can transform you.



To bring the richly pigmented formulas you love to the season’s hottest nude matte nail trend, OPI introduces the new SoftShades Collection. This of-the-moment collection of blushes, nudes, and matte shades delivers rich, true-to-bottle color with just a few coats, even in the lightest hues.

So be inspired to reinvent the French Manicure with new pink and white limited edition shades, create sophisticated nail art with exclusive Swarovski crystal kits, or create the ultimate bridal look in romantic springtime sheers.  And for those who love a SoftShades manicure and want it to last, OPI also features these new understated shades in their gel formula.

OPI’s SoftShades Collection includes the following shades:

  • Chiffon My Mind - sheer white
  • Petal Soft - pink and white flecked with white daisy decal
  • Put it in Neutral - pink-toned beige
  • Act Your Beige! - light beige
  • This Silver’s Mine! - pearlescent silver
  • Make Light of the Situation - iridescent glitter

The SoftShades Collection will be available beginning April 2015 at Professional Salons, including Chatters, Planet Beauty and ULTA. SoftShades nail lacquers will retail for $9.50 ($11.50 CAN) each; a mini 4-pack will retail for $13.95 ($17.50 CAN); SoftShades GelColors will retail for $14.95.

Batik inspired mani

this nail art technique has been trending last summer and has found a comeback recently in new year’s manis. 

thought I’d try it.

used white acrylic paint over black, and OPI sheer tints.

remember these sheer colors give a new color when they overlap, which gives a cool rainbow/gradient effect when aligned properly.

blue+yellow= green


check out the video tutorial on my instagram account @danahsnails

تصميم الباتيك

درج استخدام هذه الطريقة في الصيف الفائت و قد انتشرت مؤخرا بمناسبة تصاميم رأس السنة و فكرت أن اجربها

استخدمت اصباغ توب كوت الشفاف الملون من


و يمتاز هذا النوع بشفافية جميلة لألوانه بحيث تعطي الوان جديدة اذا ما تقاطعت المساحات بينها و يمكن الحصول على شكل تدرج طيفي اذا تم وضعها بترتيب مناسب

و كما تعرفون 

ازرق + اصفر = اخضر

اصفر + وردي = برتقالي

و لا تنسو مشاهدة الفيديو التعليمي على اكاونتي في الانستاجرام @danahsnails

GameDaze: This isn’t the Star Wars game I was looking for

Star Wars Battlefront is finally out and while I still have countless hours to devote to Fallout and Black Ops 3 I decided to give it a look. I mean after all it is Star Wars! 

DICE went all out on the visuals. Sure enough, it’s easily one of the prettiest looking video games I’ve perhaps ever seen in my life. Storm Troopers, Vader, Luke and the whole game looks superb; and don’t even get me started on how pretty Endor looks – Wow! Visually, there are few games that can touch Battlefront for its sheer polish and attention to detail. 

Sound design is also top notch as usual for DICE games. Voice acting on the other hand for some of the Star Wars heroes is hit or miss, but really what matters is how the damn thing plays right?

Originally posted by runningwithhelicopters

It’s fun but simple. In many ways it feels like a “My first FPS”. There isn’t much to differentiate between blasters and several of the modes in the game are throwaway at best. One of the modes I was most excited for –Hero battle is boring as it’s basically one guy running through a massive map trying to get to 100 points as fast as possible. Just, overall the game feels solid for what it is but it’s a very stripped down shooter. 

It all comes across as the most polished Star Wars game that was supposed to be a $40 PSN/XBL/Steam title that I’ve ever played. 

It’s a game that after about 10 hours of play pretty much has shown you all there is. It’s fun, totally fun but as the hours add up its novelty quickly wears off. It’s a title that if EA decides a year from now to release a GOTY edition with all DLC I’d perhaps it get for no more than $40.

That perhaps is my biggest issue with Battlefront. Its DLC structure used to ‘force push’ out more money from customers. I can deal with a lack of a campaign but the amount of content that’s here just seems stingy. They’re asking for $60 in a world where a few weeks ago I was able to purchase Black Ops 3 with various maps, 2 campaign modes, a zombie horde mode and a multiplayer loot system for the same price point. That’s a lot of game for your money.

If you’re a huge Star Wars fan and looking to fill that Force flavored void in your life I’d wait for a price drop or a Black Friday deal where you can pick up the game for $40. 

Star Wars Battlefront is a visual spectacle to behold. Full of fun and casual enough for anyone to pick up. It just doesn’t have the depth or breadth of content to keep you there after the ‘ooh’s and ahh’s’ have faded. At least not for me. Again, your mileage may vary. In the end Battlefront is a good game, even great at times, just one that feels bare bones.

I love pink underwear, nail polish, sheer shirt wearing Harry. Pirouetting and sashaying across the stage. He is embracing himself and comfortable in his skin and I couldn’t be more proud of him if I tried!