sheer peach

Completely Mad

Member: S. Coups
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,409

You angrily groaned into your Chinese food as Seungcheol’s hand gently rubbed circles on your knee. Both of you laid in bed with the TV droning on in the background, however, you couldn’t seem to focus on that. With the stress from the upcoming wedding that seemed so close but so far away at the same time you hadn’t the slightest idea what to do. There were so many choices you had to make, most recently you tried to choose where you would hold the wedding, it seemed impossible to gather all of your friends and family together along with Seungcheol’s friends and family in the same place at the same time. With your mind running through conflict looking for a way to work everything out it was Seungcheol’s steady fingers that always subconsciously touched you, “I mean, all of our friends and family together at once, it feels impossible.” You vented to Seungcheol as you shoveled another bite into your mouth.

Seungcheol’s head tilted upwards to face you, his fingers never stopping, “It’s absolutely mad,” Seungcheol smiled sweetly and suddenly all your worries just like that washed away. That’s what he seemed to do, the world could be ending but as long as he told you everything would be alright you would believe him.

“Borderline insane.”

“I can’t wait.” He hummed before placing a tender kiss on your knee and holding up some noodles for you to try.

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Angels 1/3 (M)

Requested by @catching-the-galaxies

→ Reader x Kris/Yifan

→ Wu Yifan, the successful attorney and used to be unfaithful husband, always gets what he want - including his runaway wife and the custody of their daughter.

→ Warnings: Angst. Smut: slightly rough?

Word count: 2,1K

“We’ve found them, sir.”

Yifan sighs out, a cocky smirk growing on his lips, a finger rising to fix a little on his adorned sleek sunglasses. He ends the call as he steps out of his car, sun shining brightly and hotly down on his all black outfit.

Finally, the chase was done and over with. His angels were found. All he had to do now is bring them back home.

He walks slowly, taking his sweet time over to the motel where his men and his angels were inside in that exact moment. He had been seated nicely in his car for half an hour, waiting for his hired men to locate his wife and daughter inside the surprisingly big yet dingy motel.

He scoffs at the disgusting smell that he’s met with the second he steps inside, wondering how his wife could really downgrade from their luxurious home to this. What a stupid-


Speaking of, there you arrive, face scrunched up in pure rage as you point an accusing finger on your husband, screaming loudly;

“Leave us alone.”

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She [Undyne] had an interest in fashion and singing for a really long period of development, too. - Toby Fox’s comment on Undyne, excerpt from Undertale Art Book.

I doubt Undyne would be the type of person wear this kind of dress (if she is into dresses at all!). But she does look gorgeous in it. The inspiration is heavily based from Underkeep Undyne by @rotodisk​.

The mermaid dress is actually composed of two parts, a bodice and a skirt. The bodice of the dress came from a piece of scrap cloth [which I think was actually a fabric wallpaper sample] that I had been holding onto for years; the pattern reminded me of red goldfish scales, which is what prompted me to use it in this project. The skirt is made of stretchy red fabric, with a thin patterned fabric for the bottom “fins”. The shawl in the second pic is some peach-colored sheer fabric I had lying around.

The bracelets she has on were just some findings I had from jewelry-making. I was tempted to add earrings, but couldn’t find anything in my jewelry-making kit that would work.

Oh, and here’s Undyne without the dress.

Movie Night (J-Hope)

gif source

Movie Night (J-hope)

Summary: Your date with Hobi was supposed to be perfect, there was only one thing you didn’t expect for…

Rated: M (Smut)

You looked around the dimly lit room, actually satisfied with what you had accomplished all by yourself. It’s been awhile since you and Hoseok were able to have a proper date night, with how BTS’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. Which means, the two of you had to settle with staying inside for most of your dates. Which you didn’t mind too much, but you had to admit that it had gotten stale pretty quickly. Yesterday night, you were looking up some date night ideas online and stumbled across a few things you thought would be fun. It took you almost the entire morning and most of the afternoon to set everything up, but it was all worth it you thought. From rearranging all your furniture in the living room to create a small blanket fort in front of the television with small lights dangling around to set the mood, buying a bunch of snacks and even a new lingerie set, you wanted tonight to be absolutely perfect.

You were getting ready in the bathroom, unsure if you wanted your hair done up or down when you heard a small knock from your front door. You mentally cursed at yourself, Hoseok was rarely this early. 

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Worth the Wait, from Essie’s 2015 bridal collection. I received this and a couple others from an Instagram giveaway. I have to say, this isn’t a polish I would see and go “oh my god must have,” but I ended up loving it. It’s a very delicate coral-pink sheer (very sheer, this is three coats and you can see it’s not opaque), with a tiny bit of pearlescent shimmer.

As I said, this polish doesn’t fit my personality, but I feel so perfectly feminine right now, like, I can’t stop looking at my hands, they look so delicate. I don’t usually feel delicate. I don’t look delicate, I don’t dress delicate. But that’s one of the things I love about nail polish; it can transform you.



Hello Lovelies!

This polish has been in my to-swatch pile for eons, I got it ages ago during one of Ulta’s buy two get two sales in November. This is Ulta Oh!, it’s a sheer pastel peach with a golden shimmer finish, and it took four coats to get it opaque enough for my taste. It has a pretty quick drytime though, so those four coats didn’t bother me.
These swatches are with shiny topcoat. The formula’s sheerness is the only downer, otherwise it’s a stellar polish!

Worst Behavior.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Language, drug mention, alcohol, sexual situations, Fratboy!Calum 

Greek Village was a hub of illicit activity.

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so-cal-belle  asked:

What is a great corally pink lipstick that isn't too intense but still will still stand out?

Try shades like

Revlon Pink In The Afternoon (warm pink)

MAC Coral Bliss (semi sheer coral, new to the cremesheen family!)

MAC Please Me (semi matte, warm pink)

Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach (sheer pinky peach)

anonymous asked:

Tfln: sexting between harry and the missus... 😃

(Harry. The missus)



Why were a pair of your knickers in the back pocket of my jeans? 

I don’t know…;) 

Which ones? 

Peach. Sheer lace, little bow at the front. 

Hmm. That’s funny. I’m not wearing any right now. 

Or anything else. ;) 

You’re mean. 

Your sheets smell so good. Like you. 

Babe, no…

I can almost hear you whining, mister. 

Dammit. I’m at breakfast with Niall. He’s starting to ask questions I can’t just leave. You’re teasing me now. I almost spilled my coffee. Look like I’m losing it

Not the only thing I’d like you to lose

All over me. ;) 

Christ, baby. I need you so bad.

I used that lotion you like. The peach and jasmine one…on all of your favorite spots. 

I’ll just keep the bed warm until you get back. I don’t have class til 2. 

Okay. Okay. Give me 20 minutes. Don’t move. 



dear fashion-squirrels !

this is another “How To Combine…” outfit from today :) as usual 3 different looks and this time I chose this wonderful peach-striped sheer blouse by ZIZZI-fashion to be my basic item <3

Blouse: ZIZZI | BoyfriendJeans: Junarose | Laced BikerJacket/ Rings/ Green Earrings: H&M | BallerinaShoe/ HighwaistJeans: Asos | Skirt/Belt: Primark | Sneaks: New Yorker | OxfordShoe: Tamaris | Bowtie/Suspenders: Clare´s | Earrings: thrifted