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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 3.13.17

amalthea // simple silk + lace wedding dress by mywonybridal

mywonybridal’s ethereal dress confections are delicate, airy, feminine and unique. they combine flowy fabrics and super-special textures that would make any woman feel like the princess bride. amalthea here has a low v style and a sheer lacy back that is to-die-for gorg.

Beautiful In White (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Adorned in an exquisite ivory A-line dress, you’re the most beautiful Jungkook has ever seen you. After all, it is your wedding day.

Word Count: 7,182

Genre: Angst (?), smut

A/N: I originally planned this to be an angst but then my thirsty ass ended up incorporating some smut into this. Please let me know what you think about the angst though, did I do it right? I would like to improve so any constructive criticism would help! Oh and everything in italics are flashbacks.


The only word that could come close to describing your mere presence as he watches you weave your way through the round tables. You’re being pulled into an awkward hug every second by guests as they try to figure out how to overcome the barrier that is your dress without ruining your hair and makeup. He watches as you converse animatedly with the guests, some of whom he does and does not recognize.

You tuck the strands of hair that frame your face behind your ear, only to have them fall back to where they were just seconds ago, but he gets a brief view of your face. Your cheeks are stained with a light pink tint, your lashes expertly curled in a way that showcased the eyes Jungkook fell in love with, face properly contoured – a term which Jungkook unwillingly learned after having to watch too-many-to-count make up tutorials with you – and your lips, smothered in god knows how many different brands of lipsticks. The end result of four hours of makeup was nothing short of perfection. Jungkook mentally curses the stupid rules and superstitions that forbid him from seeing the bride before the wedding day.

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Plus a flowered maxi dress with a sheer panel, plus a dress blazer, plus a green satin handbag, plus oval glasses, plus that dude from the “Scully has Jodie Foster murderous date tattoo adventures” episode.

This has been a really good week.

Just Friends


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You’d been alone with Baekhyun many times before. On one occasion you two even slept in the same bed. Nothing happened of course, neither one of you were nervous or uncomfortable. That’s why it was so strange that you felt so weird now. 

You turn on the t.v trying to drown out the sound of the shower in the background. You press your thighs together and force yourself to focus on the images on the t.v. It wasn’t long before you heard familiar soft footsteps coming down the hall. You try to ignore him but you just can’t. Through the corner of your eye you see that he was only wearing loose black sweat pants. Your eyes trailed his pale skin as he reached for a water bottle on the top of the refrigerator. He flexes his back, making his muscles pop into view.

He walks towards you and plopped down on the couch across from you, “What are you watching?”

You swallow thickly. “River Monsters,”

Baekhyun took a drink of his water and stared at the television for a while. You were acting awkward, even you knew it. Your thigh jiggles nervously as you crossed them, and squeeze the remote so tightly your knucles turned white. Your breathing was shallow. It doesn’t take long for Baekhyun to notice. For a second, you look over just to see Baekhyun studying you with a dark brow raised. His eyes trailed your face then down to your legs which were firmly crossed. He took his bottom lip into his mouth and bit down.

You shift in your seat and try to pretend like you didn’t just see that. You lean forward and grab your tea from the coffee table. Baekhyun reaches for the same thing. His fingers wrap around your wrist and pull you up to your feet. You lose your footing and fall on top of him. He sat back on the couch and watched you intently. Your eyes widen when you process the position you’re in. You straddled his hips, your hands were on his bare chest which was still damp from his shower. You caught that little droplets of water were still clinging on to his shoulders. All you wanted to was kiss them off of him one by one. 

He looks deep into your eyes searching for any sign to continue. The way that your pupils have doubled in size and the way you shivered beneath his gaze, was response enough. He grabs your chin and directs your lips on to his. His lips were demanding yet soft and slow. Like two rose petals brushing against your lips making shivers run up and down your spine. A bit timidly now, your hands caressed his soft chest. His fingers grazed your skin as he pulled your t-shirt over your head and threw it on to the floor. Baekhyun grinned against your lips and hooked an arm around your waist, pressing you closer to his torso so that you two were skin to skin. 

“Baek,” you moan in his mouth. 

“Oh, y/n,” he breathes. “you don’t know how bad I want you.” You felt his hips buck up into you. The imprint of his erection pressed on to your aching chore making muscles inside of you tighten in response. 

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Spies, Cries, and Lies (Part 1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Series summary: You’re on your first real mission, attending the annual winter gala hosted by the man you’re supposed to be taking down. Things don’t go exactly as planned, and you’re left dealing with the aftermath. Romances, betrayal, and super rich bad guys—this should be fun.

Warnings: swearing

Author’s note: Thank you so much to @the-modern-typewriter for the prompts that inspired this series and pulled me out of my (like, six-month-long) writer’s block, and thank you to the anon that requested the prompts! Xoxo

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      “Drop me off right here.” You looked out the window as the car slowed to a halt along the curb. The sky was clear, but the stars were dimmed by the New York City lights. The streets were almost empty as it was now cold and dark, but they were never quite bare in New York, even on the Upper East Side, and tonight was no exception.

      “Are you sure?” Fury was your driver tonight—it was your first real mission, and you needed the reassurance. You never expected him to throw you straight into the ring with a mission like this, but the man was generally unpredictable and you trusted that there was a method to his madness, even if it only made sense to him. Besides, if you ever wanted to become an Avenger, you’d need to prove yourself. “The mansion’s a block away and I highly doubt that you want to walk that far in those damn heels.”

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things that are no longer the same when you live apart from your parents

i. footsteps are a warning, but no longer a guarantee.
ii. you spend days on your own.
you feed yourself at random intervals, and
you feel very good and free about it.
iii. you will hear yelling in the other room and wonder
“am i next?” feeling silly,
you’ll remember you’ve never spoken to them.
iv. you will wonder, still
“are they coming for me?”

v. broke. broke. broke. good thing
cereal can be bought at dollar stores,
good thing dishes are $2 at walmart.
vi. one day you get sick of it,
ask for a small amount–$10, $20, before
hearing the rise in their voice and backpedaling
as fast as you can.
vii. no, i’m doing well,
actually, i have, a job interview,
or maybe an internship,
who knows.

ix. missing the cage is the oddest yet.
you return home at 4:26 AM undisturbed,
and you find yourself wishing desperately that
anybody, somebody, would ask.
x. adulthood is the period.
do i deserve happiness or pain?
do i relish in success or in punishment?
can i knock on a neighbor’s door
in the middle of the night
asking for company?

xi. you’ll wish to be held accountable.
in your mind a few fires, like bright red satin
cover everything in a sheer layer of Desire.
you both want to get out! out! and
yet you want to hide, and yet
explore and push and shove. 

xii. the knowledge that you can do anything
is as paralyzing as all hell.
xiii. who will neglect when i am sick?
xiv. who will yell when i’ve done nothing wrong?
xv. your parents never truly leave you.
xvi. they melt in your mind,
leaving voices in your head.

ruination (m.) | 01

This is not a love story. There is no happy ending. This is the ruination of Park Jimin and how his heart that was a case of fireworks, was teased by her matches.

pairing: jimin x oc

word count: 2.3k

genre: smut  |  angst  |  sub!jimin

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The sun is bashfully peeking from behind the thin curtains, its soft orange hue cascading over the two bodies that lay pressed together on a four poster bed ─ a bundle of messy sheets. Jimin is awake and he can feel her pressed against him firmly. His body is sore all over, his wrist especially, and he remembers the night before so vividly that he can almost taste his swollen lips and feel the remaining wetness between his thighs. What he’s actually tasting is expensive cigars and spilled red wine ─ raunchy and cheap. But he refuses to acknowledge that anything he does is considered cheap.

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In about a week Hollywood will give awards to a number of television programmes that have already received a bunch of awards in previous years, and our favourite stars get to wear a tonne of nighttime looks in the daytime.

So in order to kick off Emmy Week, here’s Gillian expressing not one, but two of her famous Fashion Rules (namely, sheer fabrics, and her predilection to not wear “supportive boob undergarments”). 

Props for the tiny square handbag which I will assume, based on this and this, is made of satin.