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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 3.13.17

amalthea // simple silk + lace wedding dress by mywonybridal

mywonybridal’s ethereal dress confections are delicate, airy, feminine and unique. they combine flowy fabrics and super-special textures that would make any woman feel like the princess bride. amalthea here has a low v style and a sheer lacy back that is to-die-for gorg.

Beautiful In White (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Adorned in an exquisite ivory A-line dress, you’re the most beautiful Jungkook has ever seen you. After all, it is your wedding day.

Word Count: 7,182

Genre: Angst (?), smut

A/N: I originally planned this to be just angst but then my thirsty ass ended up incorporating some smut into this. Everything in italics are flashbacks.


The only word that could come close to describing your mere presence as he watches you weave your way through the round tables. You’re being pulled into an awkward hug every second by guests as they try to figure out how to overcome the barrier that is your dress without ruining your hair and makeup. He watches as you converse animatedly with the guests, some of whom he does and does not recognize.

You tuck the strands of hair that frame your face behind your ear, only to have them fall back to where they were just seconds ago, but he gets a brief view of your face. Your cheeks are stained with a light pink tint, your lashes expertly curled in a way that showcased the eyes Jungkook fell in love with, face properly contoured – a term which Jungkook unwillingly learned after having to watch too-many-to-count make up tutorials with you – and your lips, smothered in god knows how many different brands of lipsticks. The end result of four hours of makeup was nothing short of perfection. Jungkook mentally curses the stupid rules and superstitions that forbid him from seeing the bride before the wedding day.

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Plus a flowered maxi dress with a sheer panel, plus a dress blazer, plus a green satin handbag, plus oval glasses, plus that dude from the “Scully has Jodie Foster murderous date tattoo adventures” episode.

This has been a really good week.

it’s only fair


// after a few unfortunate events, harry and y/n find themselves at the fair and have some much needed fun


It was a hot day. Like a really hot day.

It’s times like these when Harry appreciates his short hair and doesn’t miss his heavy curls one bit. Sweat glistens on his face from the bright fair lights surrounding him and y/n. She’s sweating too but somehow the sheer layer of sweat coating her skin makes her look like a goddess. He thinks y/n looks like a goddess in all states– even in her frazzled and annoyed state, like this morning and afternoon.

The day did not start off the way Harry and y/n would’ve liked it to. For starters, the power died in the middle of the night which left the two of them in a puddle of sweat in the morning due to the lack of air conditioning. This did not leave y/n in a good mood. Her hair was frizzy and the shine on her face made her feel disgusting. She walked around the house in nothing but her bra and panties, trying to prevent sweat marks from appearing under her arms and around her thighs, which left Harry quite frustrated with her but did nothing about it, deeming it too hot for sex. Harry later decided that if he wasn’t going to get any sex, he was going to get food. He looked inside the fridge at least 6 times, which made y/n yell at him because she was sure that all of the food would spoil if Harry continued to open and close the fridge. So instead of boiling in their sauna, Harry suggested the two go out to grab lunch and maybe see a movie in an air conditioned theater.

All y/n wanted to do was to stay inside her air conditioned home with Harry and turn it down so much, they’d have to wrap themselves in blankets because it got too cold in the house. This was not the case. Instead, Harry and y/n found themselves on the shoulder of the freeway with two flat tires. It was nearly 100 degrees in the area and y/n, being the smart one, refused to leave the air on in the car because she didn’t want to overheat the Range Rover. The two had gotten out of the car and called a towing company, who said help wouldn’t get to them until 4:00, which was three hours away. They had no choice but to sit at the side of the freeway and complain. Harry wasn’t one to express his frustrations but y/n on the other hand was very vocal. The only words spewing from her mouth were “It’s so hot,” or “I’m literally dying.” To which Harry would say, “I know, love, I know it’s hot,” or “Yes, baby I know you’re dying.”

Harry was a very good boyfriend to say the least, and tried making the three hours go by quickly for him and y/n. He’d sing and tell her stupid jokes and then sing some more. Eventually the towing truck arrived, put on the two new tires and told Harry that they were good to go. Harry thanked the man, gave him a generous tip and opened the car door for y/n. She grimaced getting in, fearing the hot leather seat would burn her skin as much as the sun did. Y/n apologized profusely for complaining so much and asked Harry if he wanted to go to the fair instead of the movies. None of their day went as planned so she figured why not do what Harry has been begging to do. He always thought the fair was a romantic first date idea– one that he never got around to doing.

Now, here they are standing by the funnel cake and fried twinkies stands, debating which one they’d rather eat. “I’d prefer funnel cake,” y/n says softly, wrapping both of her arms around one of Harry’s and leaning her head against his shoulder. Harry nods as they walk up to the front and politely asks for one funnel cake with powdered sugar. He only got one cake because knowing y/n, she would never finish one on her own and Harry certainly does not want to eat his and finish y/n’s.

“Thank you,” Harry smiles to the kind lady who hands him his treat. Y/n finds a nice place for them to sit, right near the prize games. The bench was built around a big tree trunk so the leaves provide shade from the little sun that was left in the sky. Unfortunately, this meant Harry wasn’t going to get his moment looking at the sunset with y/n in the ferris wheel when it “breaks” on them when they’re at the top. He laughs to himself, thinking how cheesy he’s gotten since being in a relationship. Once swallowing her bite of funnel cake y/n asks, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Harry chuckles. “Just thinkin’ about how I was gonna ask the guy at the ferris wheel to stop it when we’re at the top.”

Y/n laughs too. “That only happens in movies.”

“Our life is kinda like a movie. I mean, we woke up with no air conditioning, we got two flat tires and my girlfriend complained the whole day. Yet, here I am sharing a funnel cake with her.” Harry concludes by shoving the fork into his mouth, savoring the sweet powdered sugar coating his lips.

“I’m sorry for complaining so much today,” y/n apologizes. “You know the heat just drives me crazy and I know I can be a bitch about it and-”

Harry cuts her off with a peck to the lips and he smiles when he notices the powdered sugar on his lips transferred onto hers.

“You still love me?” y/n jokingly asks him.

Harry purses his lips and shakes his head. “Nope, can’t stand you. We’re breaking up,” he laughs.

Y/n gasps and smacks his arm playfully. “Shut up, you love me,” she says, getting up and walking to the nearest garbage can to throw away their plate. Harry follows her and quickly grabs her hand as he notices some teenage boys looking in her direction. Harry can be quite possessive at times, always fearing that y/n will find someone better, someone who’s around more. The boys continue to look at y/n though, no doubt because of what she’s wearing. The weather, of course, influenced y/n to wear a cute sundress that might be a little too short if she raised her arms to the air— which is exactly what she’s doing as she points to the giant bears mounted to the walls at one of the carnival games. “Harry, let’s get that bear!” she exclaims. She runs over to the very bored looking worker and asks if she can play. He rolls his eyes and tells her it’s two dollars. Y/n pays with her own money and receives the three rings to throw around the bottles.

“Let me do it,” Harry says, reaching his hand out to get the rings from y/n. However, she shakes her head.

“No, I wanna do it,” she states childishly. She tosses the first ring and much to Harry’s surprise, it lands around the neck of one of the milk bottles. “Yes!” y/n whispers under her breath.

Harry stands behind her, admiring her little happy dance she made when the rings didn’t end up on the floor or between the bottles. Y/n successfully got all three rings around a bottle and the poor worker had to get up from his chair to ask y/n which prize she wanted. She very happily said the giant brown bear. The man trudged over to get it for her and Harry laughed. “What on earth are yeh going to do with that thing?”

Y/n grabs the bear from the man, spins around and holds it out to Harry. “Give it to you!” she replies. Harry looks at her like she’s joking. “C'mon, take the bear H, my arms are getting tired!”

He groans and takes the bear from her hands. “This isn’t right, poppet. I’m the one supposed to be giving you the bear.”

“Well you said so yourself, what the hell am I gonna do with a giant bear? I gave it to you for you to give to some little girl or something,” y/n shrugs.

“Okay,” he agrees. “But I’m going to win yeh something, so yeh can give a kid a bear too. iI mean, it’s only fair.” Harry looks at his girlfriend with wide eyes and a ridiculous grin, waiting to see if she got his pun. “G-get it? Because, like, we’re at the fair and it would be fair if I won yeh something and like-”

“Yes Harry, I get it you dork,” y/n giggles. “Alright well which game are you going to do?”

“Maybe the one you did?” Harry answers. “That can’t be too hard, right?”

Y/n doesn’t say anything. She just gestures her hand forward, as if it’s an invitation for Harry to proceed with the ring toss. He does so, repeating y/n’s previous actions by giving the guy, whose name tag says Dave, two dollars. Harry tosses his first ring and misses completely. Y/n snickers at his failed attempted and Harry shushes her. He says, “Quiet, love. I’m trying to concentrate.”

Harry misses again.

And again.

Harry gives Dave another two dollars.

He misses again.

And again.

And again.

“You know what man,” Dave begins, getting up from his chair. “You’re gonna be here,” he reaches for another bear, “all night so i’m just gonna give this to you. Dave hands Harry a white bear and says, “Now get out of here and have your girlfriend teach you how to throw.”

Y/n laughs and thanks the man with a smile. While y/n pulls Harry away from the game he yells, “I played football growing up, not football! Wait no, I mean soccer, not football!” Y/n laughs some more at Harry’s explanation for having a crappy throw, completely stumbling through his words.

“Wow, you’re really bad at that,” y/n chirps while swinging their joined hands front and back through the air. Harry stays quiet and lets y/n lead the way. She skips towards the ferris wheel so Harry can finally experience what it would be like to go on one with his girlfriend. “Sorry this couldn’t have been part of our first date,” she says as they get on. Their first date was in Milan, the day before the band filmed the Where We Are Tour at the San Siro Stadium so there’s not much for y/n to complain about. Harry nods and squeezes in next to her, each of their bears sitting on their laps. Neither of them speak but the silence between them is comforting. They both hold onto their bears while looking around the fair from their new point of view. Everyone looks a little smaller and the illuminating lights make Harry think about y/n’s eyes when she talks about things she loves.

“You met a lot of fans today,” y/n speaks up.

“Yeah, and some even wanted yeh in the pictures,” Harry remarks, dropping his arm over y/n’s shoulder, trying to bring her closer to him. He’s never been one for heights (despite the sign of the times music video), so he hopes keeping y/n close will comfort him.

Y/n scoffs. “Except for that one girl who made me take the picture!”

“Maybe she doesn’t like yeh! Also who else would’ve taken the picture?” Harry asks. His grip on y/n comes tighter as the ferris wheel makes a few bumpy movements.

“Uh, she could’ve just taken a selfie. Also, me? Not liked? How dare someone not like me?” She jokes. Y/n’s sarcasm has always been one of Harry’s favorite qualities about her. She has always been unapologetically herself and that didn’t change one bit when she and Harry started dating. She knew how to hold her own and take the hate thrown at her (which wasn’t much, everyone loves her).

I like you,” Harry cheers. “And that’s all that matters, right?”

“Yeah, never stop liking me. I don’t think many people appreciate my complaining when it’s hot.” y/n replies, along with leaving Harry a kiss on the cheek.

“Well that’s part of who yeh are, love. And yeh know, when it gets hot wherever we are, we can go somewhere that’s cold,” Harry explains. Y/n nods and their ride comes to an end. Harry is bummed that the ride didn’t break when they were at the top, but also a bit relieved because of the whole heights thing.

The two of them make their way to the exit of the fair, still holding both of the bears. While walking out, y/n spots a family of four in the parking lot: a brother and sister and their dads. Both of the kids are crying and y/n tells Harry she knows who she wants to give the bears to. Harry notices the family as well and agrees with his girlfriend. Y/n, feeling anxious about approaching the family, makes Harry speak first.

“Hi, um, I’m hHarry and this is my girlfriend y/n,” Harry introduces himself to the dad with the shaved head. “Well, um, we won each other these bears but um, we don’t really know what we’re going to do with them so would- would yeh like to take them off of our hands?” Harry asks, finally getting to his point.

“Oh, that’s very kind but-” the dad begins, but is abruptly interrupted by his son. His crying ceases and he runs for y/n’s bear, screaming with joy. He takes it in the tightest hug imaginable, while the little girl hides behind her other dad’s legs. Y/n gladly gives up her bear and introduces herself to the boy. She learns his name is Micah. Meanwhile, Harry crouches down in front of the little girl and gently extends the bear towards the girl.

“Hello, I’m Harry. My girlfriend over there,” he gestures to y/n who is still talking to Micah. “She won this for me but we both think that these bears will be a lot happier with you and your brother.” The girl comes away from her shield and steps out into perfect view for Harry to see her. She has on a pink dress with white flowers scattered around the fabric. Her hands remain behind her back while she wiggles around. She looks up to her dad, to see if she can accept Harry’s gift. He gives her a little nod and smile. This is all she needs because once she sees that nod, she snags the bear right out of Harry’s hand.

“What do you say, Lydia?” The dad asks his daughter.

Lydia whispers a small thank you and goes back to hiding behind her dad. “Thank you,” her dad repeats. Harry and y/n grin, happy that 1. they got rid of those bears and 2. they probably made those kids’ day. They bid the family a goodbye and struggle to find their car.

Uh-oh, not more car problems…

Harry raises his arm in the air, continuously pressing the buttons on the remote, while they look around the parking lot for their Range Rover. (Probably the nicest car in the parking lot of a fair). “Harrrryyyyy,” y/n drags his name out. “How do you not remember where you parked the car?”

“I do remember!” Harry exclaims. “But it’s dark and the car is black!” Harry continues to the press buttons. “Wait, aren’t yeh like, supposed to put the thing up to your chin and then you’ll find your car?”

Y/n furrows her eyebrows, though Harry can’t see. “I’m pretty sure that’s a myth, babe.”

Harry shrugs and tries it anyways.

Beep, beep.

Both of their eyebrows raise and they look at each other surprised. “I stand corrected,” y/n says, walking in the direction of the car. They both sigh once they reach the car and state their exhaustion. “What a day,” y/n says, getting into the vehicle.

Harry agrees and starts up the car without further conversation. Y/n is quick to fall asleep so her soft breathing is all Harry listens to. It’s too comforting to play music over. The drive home is brief as there’s not much traffic this late in the night. Getting y/n inside is a bit of a struggle as Harry doesn’t want to wake sleeping beauty up. He couldn’t figure out the best way to carry her; like, is he supposed to toss her over his shoulder? Is he supposed to carry her bridal style? He opts for the latter and somehow makes his way inside with out waking her. A heavy sleeper this one is.

Much to harry’s relief, the power came back sometime during the day which meant the air conditioning was on full blast. If only y/n was awake to appreciate the coolness. Harry settles y/n onto their bed and whispers to her that he’s going to take her clothes off to get her changed into her pajamas. All the movement leaves y/n stirring, but not fully awake. She mumbles incoherent things as Harry slides off her underwear. “Mmm, no Harry. Too tired for sex.”

“No, love,” Harry chuckles. “I’m just gettin’ yeh ready for bed, that’s all.” He pulls her dress over her head, unclasps her bra and somehow wiggles on her sleep shirt. “There we go,” he kisses y/n’s nose. “All ready fo’ bed.”

Y/n miraculously finds enough energy to shimmy her way under the comforter and tell Harry that she loves him. He tells her he loves her too and thanks her for the day they had. Harry places a kiss to y/n’s clothed shoulder and drifts himself off to sleep.


[authors note • i have lots of doubts about posting this but @helplesslyharry told me to bc she likes it so…. also, yes i named the girl lydia after the little girl at the OTRA concert. if u haven’t seen it or wanna watch it again, here’s the video lol. thank u for reading i love u lots and pls leave me talk to me!!]

Just Friends


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You’d been alone with Baekhyun many times before. On one occasion you two even slept in the same bed. Nothing happened of course, neither one of you were nervous or uncomfortable. That’s why it was so strange that you felt so weird now. 

You turn on the t.v trying to drown out the sound of the shower in the background. You press your thighs together and force yourself to focus on the images on the t.v. It wasn’t long before you heard familiar soft footsteps coming down the hall. You try to ignore him but you just can’t. Through the corner of your eye you see that he was only wearing loose black sweat pants. Your eyes trailed his pale skin as he reached for a water bottle on the top of the refrigerator. He flexes his back, making his muscles pop into view.

He walks towards you and plopped down on the couch across from you, “What are you watching?”

You swallow thickly. “River Monsters,”

Baekhyun took a drink of his water and stared at the television for a while. You were acting awkward, even you knew it. Your thigh jiggles nervously as you crossed them, and squeeze the remote so tightly your knucles turned white. Your breathing was shallow. It doesn’t take long for Baekhyun to notice. For a second, you look over just to see Baekhyun studying you with a dark brow raised. His eyes trailed your face then down to your legs which were firmly crossed. He took his bottom lip into his mouth and bit down.

You shift in your seat and try to pretend like you didn’t just see that. You lean forward and grab your tea from the coffee table. Baekhyun reaches for the same thing. His fingers wrap around your wrist and pull you up to your feet. You lose your footing and fall on top of him. He sat back on the couch and watched you intently. Your eyes widen when you process the position you’re in. You straddled his hips, your hands were on his bare chest which was still damp from his shower. You caught that little droplets of water were still clinging on to his shoulders. All you wanted to was kiss them off of him one by one. 

He looks deep into your eyes searching for any sign to continue. The way that your pupils have doubled in size and the way you shivered beneath his gaze, was response enough. He grabs your chin and directs your lips on to his. His lips were demanding yet soft and slow. Like two rose petals brushing against your lips making shivers run up and down your spine. A bit timidly now, your hands caressed his soft chest. His fingers grazed your skin as he pulled your t-shirt over your head and threw it on to the floor. Baekhyun grinned against your lips and hooked an arm around your waist, pressing you closer to his torso so that you two were skin to skin. 

“Baek,” you moan in his mouth. 

“Oh, y/n,” he breathes. “you don’t know how bad I want you.” You felt his hips buck up into you. The imprint of his erection pressed on to your aching chore making muscles inside of you tighten in response. 

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Lunae Lumen

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Summary: During a field trip to Nashville, [Y/n] gets trapped in an elevator and things go awry. 

The astronomy club had their eyes on this meteor shower for months. The field trip was planned ages in advanced and offered ten spots. Since you are the most enthusiastic star lover in Midtown’s Astronomy Club-which is saying something since it’s comprised of mostly star lovers- you grabbed the first slot with urgent excitement. And with a bit of persuasion, Peter got the second.

‘Persuasion’ sounds better than what actually happened-you putting his name down without even consulting him. Either way, he eventually agreed to keep his name up and you’re glad because if he hadn’t, then he wouldn’t be at your side now.

The late April air is warm and humid in Nashville, but it doesn’t stop any students from exploring.

Your friend’s hand is swinging close by yours, though never touching, while you each breathe in the sights. On every corner is a street preformer of some kind, and Ned insists that you four stop to watch every one. Michelle tries to act unexcited but in reality she is enjoying herself.

You can tell because she doesn’t have a book or her headphones in.

“How much longer do we have?” Ned asks.

Peter looks at his watch. “Fifteen minutes. We are supposed to meet up with the others at the hotel.”

“Maybe we should turn around then,” you suggest. “I don’t want to be late for the slideshow.”

Michelle rolls her eyes. “You know everything in that slideshow. I’m not entirely certain you didn’t put it together.”

You smile at her mysteriously. 

“Or we can ditch and go to that yummy looking sushi bar,” Ned points excitedly across the street. Peter pushes his friend’s arm down. “I’m not getting in trouble for ditching a field trip again.”

Michelle snickers at your side.

“Don’t be mean,” you chastise but your smile is contradictory.

“Sorry, I’m just recalling how hilarious Peter’s angry face was during all his detentions,” Michelle smiled, shoving her hands into her jean pockets. “I have the pictures.”

“You mean the creepy drawings,” Peter interjected.

“My drawings are not creepy,” Michelle told him, locking her eyes onto Peter’s. “If they are then it’s because you’re the muse.”


“I’m being serious. You look like you’re 12 and sound like you’re a chipmunk on crack,” Michelle said while you and Ned bit back laughs.

Peter frowned at Michelle with a furious intensity though not enough to be deemed a glare. “What does my voice have to do with it? You can’t hear a voice in a drawing. Hey, Michelle, answer me!”

You and MJ had already begun to walk away, and Ned pulled Peter behind him like a mother and her child.

“I don’t sound like a chipmunk,” Peter mumbles every now and then. “Do I, [Y/n]?”

You side eye him while walking into the foyer of the hotel your classmates are staying at. “No, of course not,” you assure him.

“Thank y-” he began.

“Yeah, you sound more like a pony.”

Peter pouts at you and you laugh, standing on your toes and patting the top of his head. “Whatever, whatever, let’s just go,” he sighed. You laugh and push him towards the elevator.

The gilded doors open up and you begin to walk in after your friends when a lady in a wheel chair wheels behind you.

There isn’t enough space for you and her, so you step aside and let her in.

“I’ll meet you guys up there. Tell them not to start the slideshow without me if I’m late!” you say. Your friends nod in confirmation.

The lady thanked you profusely over and over until the doors close.

You wait a few more minutes for the lift to take you up. When it arrives, you’re in there alone.

The hotel itself has twenty some floors and the meteor presentation is happening at the very top.

You lean against the railing and take a deep breath. The warm glow of the sun filters through the glass wall at your side; it allows you to look out at the bustling city and to the sky.

Ever since you were a small child, you loved the sky. The blueness of the day and especially the darkness of the night. It’s why you’re so excited for this meteor shower.

The stars and the moon felt like your closest companions in some weird way. In a different way than Ned or Michelle. And a different way than Peter.

For a long time now you’ve felt more than just friend feelings for Peter but there was a silent agreement with yourself that you’d never do anything about it. You know that you can’t unless you’re willing to lose someone and you know that you’re definitely not.

But the moon, the sun, the stars; you love them in a way you can’t love family, friends, or Peter. It’s hard to explain so usually you don’t. If you even tried then someone would surely make fun of you for being so ‘weird’ about it.

Weird. Are you weird? You ask yourself that question often. Of everyone you’ve ever known, you haven’t met someone who feels of the sky the way you do. Sure, there are sky enthusiasts but-

The floor beneath you lurches. There’s a sickening thud and then a squeak and then nothing.

The elevator has stopped.

Panic chokes your heart for a second but there is still the sun’s glow on your right cheek. You take a calming, deep breath. Obviously the elevator’s broken down. No reason to be so scared of that, right?

Red lights are flickering now. The power must be out. Twitching numbers on the floor display don’t help you figure which floors you’re trapped between.

You don’t notice that you’re gripping onto the hand railing while peering out the window with hopes of deducing the floor number.

All you know now is that you’re high up and you’re alone.

One step forward and you press the emergency button. There isn’t any sound and the buttons are glowing with little light bulbs. No way to know if it works.

And the red emergency light is getting brighter and brighter.

No. Outside is getting darker and darker.

“…What?” Your voice is the only sound. This shaking realization draws your attention to the city out below. No lights. No cars moving, no lively hum that all busy cities have.

City Wide Outage blares in your thoughts so loudly that you’re not entirely certain you hadn’t said it out loud. You dig into your back pocket for your phone. The screen does not come on despite your charge having been on 80% half an hour ago.

Apocalypse is then entertained by your thoughts. It makes you laugh to yourself because that’s utterly not possible.


And just what time is it? You know certainly it’s not late enough for the sun to have set.

Your fingertips graze over your cheek. You can still feel the leftover heat. The sun hadn’t set.

It disappeared.

Your phone has slipped out of your hand now. You are staring out the window, looking for something to ease your mind.

Suns don’t disappear. Thick clouds are glazing over the sky and you cup your hands around the glass to adjust your view.

Rippling clouds part away and a blasting white light shines into the elevator. It’s blinding and the emergency light as burst away. The glass of the lightbulb rains against your skin. You shield your face with your hands, wincing as the small pinpricks sheer the topmost layer of your skin.

This light is not warm at all. It’s almost cold. And shadows dance on the floor, like small crescent moons, covering your arms and legs and the walls. Though as cold as this light is, it’s refreshing.

Being engulfed in it feels like diving into a pool of soothingly cold water on a hot day. Like that first lick of ice cream at the beach. Like swallowing small cubes of ice and feeling them trickle down your body.

Every bit of you wants to breathe the light in, swallow it up, lock it in your heart and never let it go.

You stand there for feels like hours but has to have been seconds, unmoving and dazed. You put your palm against the glass, as if to be as close as possible, when the sunlight began to leak into the elevator.

The glass cracks as though rocks are being thrown at it, lines as intricate as veins creeping all across the window.

Nausea wells up in your belly as the light as pale as the moon itself shrunk away.

No! a part of you cries-no, screams, begs, wishes so loudly that Thor in Asgard might have heard it. You want that light back. That blinding, beautiful light. Being wrapped up in it felt the way you imagined kissing Peter would. Cool and comforting at the same time. Beautiful.

God, is is so beautiful.

And now it is gone.

You saw where the sun had been, mixed up behind a huge orb and pulled away. Rays of light slowly pull themselves from beyond the orb and against the window. Through the window, onto you, like they were taunting your loss.

Each bead of sun made the glass window crack.

You step back, your heel digging into your phone which omits a small but urgent snap noise. The joints of your legs creak as if they hadn’t moved in ages. You stumble back and raise your arms over your face to block out the harsh sunlight which makes the backs of your eyes ache terribly.

And suddenly the glass had blown out towards you. There was a screaming sound.

Maybe you’re the one screaming. Maybe it’s the elevator giving in. Maybe you are falling, down, down, down to the bottom of the hotel.

Maybe you will never feel that pale light again.

The hinting drawls of consciousness feels the way a hangover probably would. Your head hurts bad and your eyes feel sticky. When you finally open them, you see chaos above you. 

You’re laying on the ground surrounded by unfamiliar people in paramedic uniforms, lights and sirens ringing in the air along with the loud mix of voices.

“They’re awake!” a paramedic called over to someone.

“Oh, my God! Thank God! [Y/n]!”

You struggled to push yourself up and when you did, blood rushed over your body. You squeezed your eyes shut and shook away the headache.

You immediately remember everything. The elevator. The light. The sun and the moon, the glass-

“[Y/n! [Y/n]!” Suddenly all you can hear was your name, frantically being shouted by different voices, some familiar, others not so much. The person at your side, helping you to your feet, unfortunately isn’t Peter. Your teacher, the astronomy club’s sponsor, looks tired and relieved-

And injured.

Blood trickled down the side of her face, sticking to her hair. She touched it then shook a hand. “It’s nothing,” she assured. “Sit down, sit down.” You were ushered to an ambulance and crowded by so many faces you just didn’t know. They asked questions that you did your best to answer. No one believed you when you told them the sunlight broke the glass. Why would they?

It had occurred to you only right then just how insane that entire moment had been.

“Mrs. Laurens?” you ask softly.

She has been at your side this whole time, telling you it would be all right, wrapping shock blanket after shock blanket over your shivering shoulders.

“Yes, dear?” she replies in an all too soothing voice.

“What happened, exactly?”

In a shaky voice, she explained that the city experienced a power outage around the same time the moon passed over the sun. A solar eclipse, one that had happened without any explanation. These things are usually charted, tracked, and mapped out on places like NASA’s website.

And yet no one had expected this one.

Perhaps the power outage happened because of panic. Maybe it was a coincidence.

You nod, continuing even after she had stopped talking. Her pursed lips conveyed worry.

She probably thinks you’re crazy. Or at least in some type of shock. The paramedics had given you a watered down version of her expression now, unbelieving and worried.

She excused herself to speak with the other students and assure them that you’re safe.

You rub the inner corners of your eyes, recalling the memory over and over again. It had happened. You know it did. How could it not have?

Everything about that had been so terrifyingly real and vivid. You brush your fingers over your chin. Even now you could feel the cold light on you.

Yearning for the light welled up in your throat, thickening your words when you tried to say hello to Peter, who rushed over the minute he had been allowed to.

He must have mistaken the choke up for fear because he slowly enveloped his arms around you.

“Where is everyone? Is everyone else alright?” you ask after the long embrace ended. “We are waiting around a fire truck over there.” You see it the first time he points it out.

“[Y/n]…I’m so…I’m so happy and relieved that you’re not hurt.” Now Peter is the one choking up with fear. “Someone almost died tonight. Someone in a different elevator but when I heard my first thought was of you. And I just kept on picturing you trapped in this fire, hurt and scared. But when we all heard that you were safe I swear I just…” He trailed off. You could see him focusing his eyes on blinking lights in the distance, attempting to keep his tears at bay.

You fold your hand in his. “I am okay. Are you?”

“We weren’t hurt. Well, aside from Mrs. Laurens. She tripped and hurt the side of her head. She got checked out already.”

So that’s why she had blood on her face.

“What kind of eclipse knocks out the power?” you ask, sharply swerving to a new subject.

Peter looks at you like he’s surprised you even knew about the eclipse. “I don’t know. It came out of nowhere.”

“So much for the meteor shower show,” you sigh, popping your lips.

“[Y/n], are you sure you’re alright?” Peter asks. He looks just as worried as he sounds. “Yes,” you told him firmly. “I have to tell you something. I think something went on up there.”

He asks, “Up where? In the elevator?”

You nod quickly.

“Mrs. Laurens already told us…she says you think the sunlight shattered the window.”

From the look on his face, he doesn’t believe it.

You drew yourself away from Peter and he reached out for you. “It’s not that I don’t believe you. But this is all really, really fresh. Everyone will want to hear your story once you’re feeling better.”

“I feel fine now,” you say urgently.

“That’s the shock talking,” Peter points out.

“I’m not in shock!” you argue. Peter tugs the corners of your blanket. “Yes you are, hence the blanket.”

“But I’m alright!” 

You honestly are. Your headache faded away while you sat in the ambulance. Aside from the tiring night of being poked and prodded by paramedics, you feel normal. 

Well. Physically normal. 

Mentally, emotionally, not so much. You’re confused. And the loss of the light feels like losing a piece of your heart. 

The night ended with the conclusion you had fallen against the window, broke it, then passed out. You suppose it makes enough sense. 

And you’re phone is majorly broken from when you had stepped on it. 

Just your luck. 

You were cleared by the paramedics to sleep without any supervision. Michelle is your roommate, thank goodness. She is the only one who believed you when you said you were alright. 

Everyone else had to have countless assurances. You made about a dozen phone calls to your family in New York. 

Unfortunately, this fiasco meant the field trip would be cut short. Tomorrow you’ll all be driving back home first thing in the morning. The hotel had been cleared and deemed safe to reside in by officials so everyone shuffled in hours later, half asleep. 

Ned hugged you before excusing himself to call his mom and calm her down. 

Peter just held you for a long time outside your door, whispering good night in your ear, then walking back to his room. 

“You almost died tonight so I’m not going to make a boyfriend comment.”

Michelle was fluffing her pillows when you toed the door closed. 

You sigh. “Technically that’s a boyfriend comment,” you point out, rubbing your eyes. 

She chuckled half heartedly. “I guess so. Are you really okay? I don’t want to wake up and find you dead.”

She isn’t joking, you see, as she turns to you. You hug her tightly. “Michelle. I’m alright. Seriously. See?” You twirl around for emphasis. 

“Okay…” she says warily. “I laid out some of your pajamas in the bathroom while you were making out with your boyfriend.”

You gape at her. “I thought you weren’t going to make a joke about Peter,” you say with narrowed eyes. 

She held up her hands. “You said you’re okay. I’m just trying to normalize the situation. Go shower up and get ready for bed. We can watch Riverdale on my laptop and fall asleep while admiring all the pretty people. Or we can watch videos of meteor showers since I know you’re probably upset we’re missing the viewing.”

You laugh. “I don’t deserve my friends. I’ll be right out.”

The door clicked shut behind you. You took the first deep breath you had taken all night long.

What a crazy ass day, you think. You drift back into your thoughts while unbuttoning your top. You think of the light and how absolutely insane you must be for thinking all that had happened. 

It couldn’t have. 

You know that. 

Sunlight doesn’t destroy glass. 

And you believed that for a solid three seconds because you dropped your shirt to the bathroom floor, you saw in the mirror a glowing orb in the center of your chest. 

You batted it away to feel only your skin. You bit down on your tongue to hold back a shriek as you realized that the orb is your heart. 

Your heart is glowing as white as that light you saw in the elevator.

this outfit brought to you by my obsession with the ensemble’s costumes in Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with light purple hair that’s pulled up into twin buns.  I’m leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a bright orange tank top with a winking jack-o’-lantern printed on the front.  Under it, I have on a dress–only the skirt is showing.  The skirt is made of layers of sheer burgundy fabric (both lacy and plain) with a handkerchief hem.  Over the shirt, I’m wearing a black vest with gold buttons down the front.  I have on red, orange, yellow, black, grey, and burgundy socks under black boots with big platform soles and yellow laces down the front.  I’m wearing orange eyeshadow smudged on my face, dark red lipstick, a black choker, and a black watch.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]